Red hair color with highlights – photo before and after what looks like on short, medium and long hair

Sometimes red beauty also wants to change their image to
look fresh and well maintained. Someone wants a dramatic change and
paint in bright shades or opposite to the native color, and
Someone just wants to slightly change his hairstyle and refresh the image.
Coloring by highlighting comes to the rescue.

As you already know, highlighting is
coloring some strands on the hair. Sometimes color
colored strands pick up close to the native color, and sometimes
on the contrary bright. There is a huge number of types of highlighting.
Next, we will understand what kind of technology will suit red-haired
to girls.

Types of highlighting on red hair, interesting and fashionable
options, photo before and after

The content of the article:

  • Types of highlighting on red hair, interesting and fashionable
    options, photo before and after
  • Haircuts with highlight on red hair
  • Highlighting red hair at home
  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Highlighting red hair helps to make a haircut
more voluminous, and facial features – more expressive.

What shades and techniques to use for highlighting red
hair? With the help of copper, gold and wheat shades you can
create truly royal hair color. Brown and
brown tones will look natural and natural, and if you
add bright red or maroon to your fiery hair
shades, you will look juicy and bold.

Attention! To give volume to your hair, you need
Use as many colors as possible for highlighting. Where you want to
to highlight? In salononema

California highlights on red hair

The most popular highlight among girls is
Californian. Your hair looks like it “touched
sun “. Ginger – this type of highlighting will suit one hundred percent
percent! After this procedure you will get rich and luxurious.
hair color that will blend harmoniously. Hairstyle will be
look multifaceted and as natural as possible will be acquired
perfect volume.

California highlighting is considered one of the most

Californian highlighting is also considered one of
gentle staining. For its implementation are used
ammonia free paints with safe dyes. In classic
California colors are blond, but in red
hair is better to use nut and chestnut shades. So
way, you will look neat and luxurious.

Attention! Paint color is necessary to choose such
so that it is not very different from the natural color, otherwise it will disappear
the whole essence of californian highlighting.


Easy highlighting will suit those beauties who are not
ready for dramatic changes. Redheaded girls
It is recommended to paint the strands closer to your native hair color,
to give your hair a lively look.

Easy highlighting is suitable for those who are not ready for
cardinal changes.

Small and rare

If from a rare red-haired girl you want
turn into a blonde, the small highlights – this is the most
suitable for you option. After three stains you
You can safely say goodbye to your hair color, but we recommend
think over your actions several times, since the bright strands on
red hair also looks very interesting and aesthetically pleasing.

Fine highlights will help for multiple stains.
change hair color gradually.


For a dynamic and vibrant look, choose
large highlighting. On red hair is highlighting
you need to paint over half of the head and lighten the curls by five
tones. If you fulfill these requirements, the result will be
just stunning.

Large highlights will create a bright and dynamic


One of the popular types of staining today, on
red-haired beauties will look just superb. When
red color smoothly turns into another shade, such hair
It will be difficult not to notice among others. And if you like creative, then
It is possible not only to lighten hair, but also to darken. Ombre will
Look lively, unusual and amazing.

Ombre technique – a smooth transition of one hair color to


This type of highlighting implies coloring in 2 shades. how
you already understand, then this procedure is most welcome at the redhead
hair. Double highlighting will give your hairstyle freshness and
rejuvenate face.

Double highlighting will bring fresh notes and rejuvenate

Highlighting red hair with light strands

If you’re the same girl who follows fashion trends.
and are the owner of the fiery hair, it is for you
White highlighting will do. This type of coloring will refresh
your image will rejuvenate your face and create a visual volume of your
haircut. We still recommend doing this procedure for
professional master, as lightening dyes can
very nice to hurt your hair.

Light highlighting of red hair visually increases

Black highlighting on red hair

Black and red are just made for each other! All red
women fashioned hair with black strands. But it should be remembered that
that this combination, although it looks on your hair advantageously, but
for this it is necessary to lighten the hair greatly, and this spoils very much
hair. Therefore, choose the coloring matter of the highest

Black strands on red hair look very


In copper shades on red hair, experts recommend
to paint swarthy girls. But be careful with very
bright colors.

Copper highlighting will suit girls with dark skin


Soft and iridescent shades of “burnt sugar” on the red
hair look just great! Caramel shades
also suitable for dark-skinned beauties.

Caramel highlights of red hair.


Golden color is considered universal. He fits
many girls and gives your hair bright notes.

Golden highlights gives bright notes


If you have a dark complexion and dark eyes, but at the same time
the time you wear red-haired headgear, then you are perfect
chocolate range of colors. Especially made in the technique of shatush.

Chocolate shades fit dark-eyed


Wheat palette suitable bright red-haired
behestyam Such colors will make the hair brighter, and the image
more expressive. But do not forget to take into account
features of your appearance.

Wheat strands fit bright red

Color highlighting on red hair

Down with boring and the same type of color in highlighting. Bright colored
strands on red-haired girls – this is a powerful and bold challenge to this
gray world!

Color highlighting adds brightness


Refrain from this combination of colors. Blue colour
categorically not recommended to mix with ginger

Blue highlighting is not recommended for red


Trendy purple highlights can be different.
intensity. An experienced master can do on red hair
a real masterpiece If you still thought purple and red
absolutely do not fit together, then look at the photo.

How to dye your hair purple
Purple and red should not be combined in


This combination will look very inappropriate. Not worth it
spoil hair and waste time on such an experiment.

Red and green should not be combined.


Red highlighting on red hair looks very cool! Such
staining will attract even more attention. By the way this
The emphasis emphasizes all inaccuracies on the skin of the face, so the view should
to be impeccable.

Red highlighting
Red highlighting looks very bold.

Highlighting on red hair cool shades

It would seem that the red color and cold shades can not be near.
But when mixing red with other colors, you can get beautiful
cool shades. This combination will suit the “winter” appearance, it
perfectly emphasizes your skin whiteness.

Cold shades will suit owners of light


Most often red-haired girls belong to the autumn and spring
color type. Ash shades in their hair will not give
there is no harmony in the image. Especially such highlighting is not
suitable for owners of freckles.

Ash highlighting is not recommended to do on red

On gray hair

Highlighting gray hair should be done as much as possible
Caution. Many choose this type of staining to hide their
age errors. But it works in the event that gray
hair covers less than half of the head. When the roots grow, then
the effect of staining can spoil the overall picture. Therefore for
redhead girls are encouraged to choose chestnut, golden and
copper shades to paint over gray hair.

It is possible to highlight gray hair with red hair if they are not yet
too much.

Highlights on short red hair

Highlights and short red hair – this is a great mix!
Painting by this method will help to emphasize the unusual hair,
for example, asymmetrical car. Short cut girls are better off
to highlight hair with narrow strands.

Highlighting short hair is best done narrow

Medium length hair

There is no particular restriction on such length of hair, as it
is standard for many girls and is suitable for all types
staining. Follow all the above recommendations for red.
your hair and your hairstyle will look fresh, voluminous and
aesthetically pleasing.

Medium hair length is suitable for any kind.

Long hair

Long hair just designed for experiments. Give away
preference to those shades of colors that will effectively emphasize your
individual beauty. It is necessary to consider the type of person, shape
haircuts and skin color on the face.

When highlighting you need to take into account the features of the appearance and
skin type.

Haircuts with highlight on red hair

There are huge variations of haircuts with melirovanny hair
lots of. For example, asymmetrical haircuts are excellent.
partial highlighting is appropriate: you can safely on red hair
lighten strands near the face. On graded haircuts
highlighting is suitable with thick strands, such strands will perfectly give
volume of your hairstyle.

Highlights on red hair with bangs

For red-haired girls who wear bangs, you can lighten
only her. Distinguished bangs with light strands will look
interesting and fashionable. For light-skinned fit gold and wheat
shades, and for girls with a cold color type, ashy and
milky shades.

Highlights on the hair with bangs.


For cutting a bob on red hair, these types of suits
highlighting: French, diagonal, American. But
Californian highlighting will look more advantageous. Such
the dyeing method will allow your red hair to give more
shades that will shimmer in the light.

On the haircuts, the best car looks Californian

Highlighting red hair at home

Method of coloring with a cap for highlighting

You will need the following tools:

  • Gloves;
  • Thin comb;
  • Coloring matter in which aggressive coloring pigments do not
    must exceed 12%;
  • Towel;
  • Cap for highlighting;
  • Brush for painting hair;
  • Capacity for dilution of paint.

    Cap for highlighting.

Algorithm staining:

  1. A special cap should be worn on the hair;
  2. Pull the strands through the holes on the cap with a comb
  3. We paint these strands with previously prepared paint;
  4. We are waiting for a certain time, which is necessary to paint
    had an effect on the hair (strictly according to the instructions);
  5. We wash off dyed hair in warm water, after removing
  6. Be sure to apply a nourishing mask and wrap your hair in

Method of dyeing with foil

We will need:

  • Gloves;
  • Thin comb;
  • Hairpins;
  • Coloring matter in which aggressive coloring pigments do not
    must exceed 12%;
  • Towel;
  • Foil;
  • Brush for painting hair;
  • Capacity for dilution of paint.

A method of coloring hair with foil.

Dyeing process:

  1. We divide the hair into several parts and fix
  2. It is necessary to start from the back, separate the strands of that thickness,
    which you need;
  3. Paint over each strand and wrap in foil in the form of
    envelope so as not to fall;
  4. The previous two steps are repeated with the rest of the hair on
  5. We are waiting for a certain time;
  6. Remove the foil from the hair and wash them under warm water with
  7. Apply a nourishing mask and wrap the hair in

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Expert opinionEustilist hairdresserAsk a question

Is it possible to make highlights on red colored hair?

Of course you can, but you only need to do this procedure.
at the professional master. Sometimes girls get bored
your image and they are repainted in a fiery-red hue. With
time monotonous staining can get bored, then to the rescue as
time comes highlighting. This coloring will give freshness and
the novelty of your hairstyle.

Highlighting will help to bring newness to the image. [/ Caption]

Is frequent highlighting harmful to red hair?

Highlighting on red hair can be repeated as well as on
other hair colors. Once the roots have grown, you can
Feel free to go to a beauty salon. But there are such types
melirovaniya where the regrown roots look not so critical, and
a return visit to your hairdresser can only be made
in half a year.

How to paint highlights on red hair?

Wait for at least a few weeks after
highlighting procedures. Hair immediately after bleaching
thinner, become brittle and brittle. In addition, paint
falls on strands more intensely, which ultimately leads not to
selected hue color. Choose paint colors or
tonics that dye your hair is not particularly intense.
They hold on to hair for six to eight weeks and do not bring them
no harm Plus these dyes – you can experiment,
without fear for the result.

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