Red lipstick – how to choose your perfect Colour?

Red lips – again at the peak of their popularity, although never
did not go out of fashion. This is Marilyn Monroe’s favorite color, Dith Von Teese and
Editors Beauty Diary. Of course, red lipstick will and
your favorite. But how to choose the red lipstick for you?
We will try to help with this!

How to choose your red lipstick


  • Three rules of red lipstick
  • Is your metal gold or silver?
  • What color are your veins?
  • What color is your skin?

Three rules of red lipstick

Important! Before you put on red lipstick, remember:

  • red color does not only emphasize the lips of a woman,
    but also highlights all the flaws of the skin. Therefore, skin tone should be
    perfect, and dark circles under the eyes and spots on the skin thoughtfully
    masked by corrector.
  • red lipstick should be in harmony with clothes. Red lips
    ideally combined with black, gray, white and pastel tones
    in clothes.
  • the wrong tone of red will not refresh, but rather age

And now consider the ways to choose red lipstick.

Is your metal gold or silver?

Probably, you already know well what products from precious
Metals are more suitable for you – gold or silver. If not,
Try on large jewelry around your neck. Gold suits you better
jewelry means you have a warm shade of skin with a yellowish tone,
brown or copper hair with a golden sheen. You
suitable: warm red shades of lipstick – coral,
carrot, chestnut, brick, terracotta.

Silver comes to you more, it means you have cold-tone skin,
light tone, with a slight blush. Dark brown hair
ashy, platinum or rich black. You
suitable: red lipstick with cold shades – fuchsia, cherry,
raspberry, purple and blood red tones.

There are times when gold and
silver metals. Congratulations, you are a happy owner
neutral skin color that suits all shades

What color are your veins?

Look at the color of the veins that shine through the thin
skin on wrists. Blue veins belong to women with
cool skin color. Therefore, lipstick you should choose the type
“silver”. Olive veins come in women with a warm color.
skin. In this case, you pick the lipstick on the type of “gold”.

What color is your skin?

This way of selecting lipstick is used by all leading makeup artists.
Pale skin will suit cold red shades, crimson
or bloody with a purple tinge. Bright skin
neutral shade – the classic red would be ideal for it
pomade. Olive skin – it will be the most advantageous
Look blood-red, carrot, tseglyasto-red lipstick.
Dark skin – your lipstick color is definitely beet or
burgundy. For a spectacular way out, experiment with
dark cherry hues, red wine, blueberry and blackberry
in tones.

Be bright, radiant and extremely appetizing!

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