Redhead balayazh: photos for short, medium and long hair, technique, cost and care

Today, the colorfulness and color on the hair has come into fashion. If a
the girl is by nature red-haired, and even with a bright appearance,
for sure it always attracts the eye of passersby. For
updating and reviving the image
effectively emphasize natural beauty. Redhead balayazh

Features balayazha on red hair

The content of the article:

  • Features balayazha on red hair
  • Balayazh red color – options for shades and hairstyles
  • Ginger balayazh depending on the length and type of hair – photo before and
  • Appliances and how to do at home
  • Cost in beauty salons
  • How to care for hair after the procedure

Balayazh staining technique has the main feature – it
creates natural emollient highlights on the strands. At the root of the name
There is a French origin of the word “sweep.”
Coloring effect in the form of light sweeping strokes in
warm gamut. Features balayazha on red hair

With the help of the balayazh technique, the master can conduct experiments
for example, put together a few tones, at this time on the hair
load will be the most minimal. Strands look healthy and
well maintained. Bored image can always be changed
updated strokes of paints. Where are you going to do
balayazh? DomaV salon

The main advantages and disadvantages of technology

Advantages of hair dyeing style

  • Any everyday hairstyle can become stylish and fashionable;
  • The technique will suit a woman of any age category;
  • With this kind of painting gray hair will not be visible;
  • A winning option that looks great on any length and
    texture of red curls;
  • Due to the perfectly selected game of shades, visually visible
    additional hair volume;
  • Gentle staining technique;
  • Balayazh on strands looks natural and organic.

advantages and disadvantages of technology

Cons technique balayazh:

  • The result of staining does not last long on the hair. Special
    This moment concerns blond base and dark shades. Color
    gamma in a short time loses the intensity of color, so
    there is a need to often adjust the color;
  • Sometimes it is required to use tonal balm or
  • Shades difficult to pick up.

Balayazh red color – options for shades and hairstyles

Every woman is different in her personality, therefore
shade of reddish hair will look different from them. AT
the classic version of this type of application of paint colors is similar to
extended stretching of colors, ranging from dark
hair follicles and ending with lightened ends. options

From the side it may seem that the hair is burned out after
long stay in the sun. This color rejuvenates
female representative of any age. Classical
balayazha version will suit girls with long and medium length

Chocolate redhead

If a girl has a natural auburn-colored hair,
then for the ballad we can safely choose her chocolate shade. He will
look natural and beautiful. Strands, as if slightly burned out
due to ultraviolet exposure. Chocolate redhead balayazh

It does not matter what type of hair: straight, wavy
or very curly. In any case, balayaz only add paint and
splendor. A sharp contrast will not be between chocolate and
redness of hair, as the method of dyeing is similar to easy
sketched artistic brush.

Chestnut redhead

Colorists can apply chestnut to dye red hair
shades. If a girl with a light skin, then balayazh
significantly help soften the color. Swarthy
women need to add more chestnut
shade. Red-chestnut balajaz

Auburn with black

It will be interesting to look at the combination of black strands with
golden shades. For the brightness of the image, you can add
reddish or crimson shades with black colors. Such
color mix well emphasizes the purity of the woman’s skin
gives it youthfulness. Red with black


Balayazh strands with dark-red color adds liveliness and fire.
For the most part, red-skinned charmer women are related to autumn
color type, as they have light eyes and skin. Face
may be covered with freckles. Dark shades on red
Your hair will be a little smoothed over by these skin imperfections. Auburn


The warrant of balayazh is beautiful, where light brown hair roots are slightly
diluted in shade of red. This combination of color schemes
It will look great in the technique of balayazh in combination with the blond people
hair The color scheme is simply hypnotizing, it’s good here.
the depth of shades and volume of hair is shown. Brown-red

Dark hair

The most advantageous technique will look on your hair
dark color, for example, on brown strands. Working with
brown-haired, before the colorist opens a number of opportunities for
applications of various shades which are harmoniously combined with
dark curls. On dark hair

To emphasize the virtues of a girl, you can, using her
natural color skin type. In paints are selected or
warm, or cold shades. Charming with summer and winter type
suitable chocolate, eggplant, brandy or purple hues.
With autumn type – cinnamon, milk chocolate or cocoa.

On light brown hair

Girls with light brown hair is preferable to choose chocolate
shades or with a red non contrasting transition with natural
staining. If the curls are light brown in color, the colorist may
recommend the color of gold, copper, wheat or nut tones.
On blond hair

On auburn hair

Performing any kind of balajazh stains on auburn
curls, colorists prefer to use additionally
dark brown interweaving. Fair-skinned girls have such a color
softens the contrast. In the form of shocking can be advised
lighten strands that are closer to the face. Bleached
The ends of the hair will give a fashionable look. On auburn hair

On blonde hair

For blondes balayazh technique is just a salvation.
You can use it to figure out the effect of sun-streaked curls.
This will save on the process of tinting the roots. Such a girl will
always keep up with the fashionable flow. On blonde hair

According to tips from professionals, girls with bright
hair most suitable copper, bronze, golden hue
or caramel color. Relevant will be balayazh using
pinkish shade.

Redhead bala car

Stylists advise balayazh combine with this type of hair, as
kare. It can be the usual length, but it can be elongated. In that
option ends are clarified. With bilateral framing of the face
bleached hair will highlight the skin of the face. Visually
this type of coloring increases the amount of hair. Red balayazh caret

With a bang

Technique balayazh colorists are actively used for dyeing
different lengths of bangs. The technique allows you to effectively hide
deficiencies in the shape of the front surface, as well as artfully emphasizes
all virtues. Image looks natural, hair volume
visually it seems more, thanks to the clarified tips of a bang.
With a bang

On the extended square

The classic version of women’s haircuts – fours up to
shoulders or shoulder blades. This hairstyle is always in trend. For giving
the expressiveness of the elongated car applies the technique of balajazh and
brightening bangs. This color will help withstand
natural color of curls in the case of natural
shade. On the elongated car

If the ends of the strands are also brightened, then between transitional tones
the edge should be shaded. Balayazh – an economical painting option
with a gentle effect on the hair.

Ginger balayazh depending on the length and type of hair – photo before and

Balayazh technique can be performed on any length of curls and type

On short

Short hair with such a painting look
refreshingly. Colorists with coloring mainly affect
the ends of the strands. Mainly brightened hairs that are near
faces, or a smooth gradient is applied. As a result, short
hairstyle looks radiant and expressive, playing with her
shades. On short

On average

Medium curls will look just gorgeous with
let’s go. If the hair to pick up hair, then bleached
strands will be closer to the face, which will help soften his features. With
this hair length staining may begin in the middle of the strands and
up to the tips. On average

For long

The longer the curls, the more work for the brave
experiments master with different shades. Long
hair looks perfect with imitated burnt strands and
unusual nature of color decisions. At this length colorist
much easier to perform smooth transitions between shades with
natural tones. For long

On straight

According to experts, working with straight hair is not so
It is difficult, as on wavy locks. Here you can successfully
perform a smooth transition when tinting between shades. On
In direct strands, the master can apply various techniques of balayazh, from
classic and until reverse option. On Straight

On curly

Strong curly and curly hair is not the best option.
for the application of such methods of staining as balazh. On such
curls difficult to perform graceful transitions between tint
paints. But on the other hand, this kind of staining on
curly curls looks natural. On Curly

Appliances and how to do at home

When confronted with homemade hair dye many, probably.
They already know that balayazh technique is difficult to perform independently, but
perhaps if you really want to bring beauty. Houses this
The procedure will be much cheaper than in the cabin.
Therefore, you can save.

For the dyeing process it is necessary to prepare such

  • Coloring components – several options;
  • Brush, which will be applied to the hair
  • Glass container for mixing paint;
  • Wooden comb and clamp;
  • Rubber gloves.


Preparatory process:

  1. Hair is combed, most of it is separated and fixed.
    clamp in the crown part. For initial work leave
    temporal and occipital part.
  2. Hair must be spread on strands up to 3-4cm
    wide. It is desirable to fix each of them separately.
    special lock.
  3. Before the staining process is recommended for
    two days do not wash hair.

how to do at home

The process of dyeing hair in the technique of balayazh.

  1. Paint the ends of each prepared strand.
    light tone.
  2. Dye needed short, similar
    strokes, movements to shade the paint. Go moves
    down up. At the ends of the hair paint put more, and rising
    upward, brush movements become lighter.
  3. Between the tips of the hair and their middle is applied
    intermediate shade.
  4. Hair dye should be kept until
    half an hour, the strands should not touch, and then
    wash off.
  5. Apply mask to hair for 10 minutes, after
    why rinse under water.

Cost in beauty salons

Although the principle of applying a dye composition method is close to
highlighting, the cost of performing balayazha many times more expensive. In this
the technique of rendering requires a clear execution of the stroke
paint application, adherence to time and the use of several types

In addition to the skill of a specialist, paints are applied here,
used for professional hair dyeing, and they themselves
themselves are more expensive than simple analogs. The price also includes
density hairs.

In salons, the initial cost of performing equipment
starts from 2 000 rub. for short hairstyles and from 4 000 rub. and
higher for long hair.

How to care for hair after the procedure

So that the durability of coloring using the balayaz technique and the beauty of the hairstyle
could persist for a long time, you must adhere
The most simple recommendations.

  1. Before the process of dyeing the strands, the hair is not washed for
    couple of days.
  2. An hour before the beginning of the application of the technique of balayazh hair along the entire length
    treated with an oil solution that will save them from
    overdrying. Well apply wrapping. From oils can be distinguished
    such means: burdock, castor, olive cold
  3. Warm air from a hairdryer or other heating devices
    it is desirable not to apply. Paint so better able to gain a foothold.
  4. In the subsequent, after each washing of hair it is necessary to apply
    masks or balms.
  5. It is not recommended to wash the hair with water with chlorinating additives.
    To reduce the concentration of chlorine in the water, you need to use filters.
    for the cleaning.
  6. Curls should be treated with cosmetics one
    brand. They are able to enhance the properties of each other.
  7. Dyed hair is desirable to protect from exposure to frost and
    the sun

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