Reincarnation of the goddess: a hairstyle for a wedding in greek style

wedding hairstyle photoWedding hairstyle is a must
an element of the image of the bride, which not only complements the overall style, but
and is able to attract the attention of others as a separate detail
image. Now the masters are ready to offer future brides huge
a choice of different choices for haircuts and wedding styling, but
wedding hairstyles are always popular and in demand
Greek style, capable of turning a girl into a real goddess.
A large number of variations of their implementation allows the master to create
something special and unique, but first the bride needs a haircut
pick up.

Classic style

Greek hairstyle photoHairstyles in the Greek style,
despite its external complexity, make the image simple and not
cluttered with details. They, first of all, emphasize
the natural beauty of the girl and the best use
natural data texture of her hair.

The main elements of any Greek hairstyle are slightly
curly hair, emphasizing naturalness and romance
image. But the real classics of Greek hairstyles are considered
all kinds of nodes that differ in shape, size and
laying technique. As an example, you can consider the option hairstyles
on the famous statue of Venus de Milo. Such masterpieces are created.
very simple, therefore, as an option of a luxurious and simple hairstyle
You can choose any node in this style.


The basis of all the styling of the Greek style is parted and
soft curls. It is from these elements that the creation begins.
various options for hairstyles for the wedding. Great styling
The famous Greek hairstyle, the Korimbos knot, will serve the bride.
When it is created, curls are lowered onto the forehead and then collected at the back of the head.
in a free knot. In some cases, the hairstyle is collected completely
all hair, making the bride’s shoulders, neck and area open

No wedding setting can be done without decorations and
accessories. Beads, pearls, fresh flowers, tiaras and original
hairpins will make hair more vivid and bright. Whatever you choose,
try not to overdo it. If you focus on
hairstyle, then jewelry should be a minimum. In the same time,
using bright, big and bright accessories, do your hair
strict and restrained.

Very impressive styling is obtained using
mesh hats Stefan. It also serves as an accessory and
foundation of the whole hairstyle. The cap is put on the head of the bride, after
which all strands are closely intertwined around her mesh, a little
closing the forehead. On the back of the hair can be collected in the form of a node
(braids, tow) or remain completely uncool.

Greek braid

Greek braids photoIt is impossible to imagine Greek
hairstyles without any weaving. Luxury braid will be for
brides are an excellent option for wedding styling. Using
various weaving techniques, doing experiment with parting, changing
The initial positions of the braid and their number from the usual hairstyle can be
create a true work of art. Head of the bride can
to decorate a wicker crown wreath, an intricate shell on the back of the head,
symmetrical braids on the temples, luxurious fishtail and many
other options.

As additional accessories now use
Popular interweaving bright strands of artificial hair. They
look not only beautiful, but also very unusual. And although braided
braid does not require any decorations, you can use
traditional veil or graceful delicate tiara.

Flagella and braids

Hair braids and small braided pigtails are sometimes used in
as a supplement to the main hairstyle, but can be used
to create a more complex woven design. So, dividing all
hair on several identical strands, you can twist simple strands
and fasten them on the back of the head in a knot or tail. A great addition
beads, pearls, laces or chains will become bundles with
which image of the bride will become more vivid and unusual.

Great opportunities also open up to the master small
pigtails. They can be used as a supplement for any
styling or hairstyle, and as the main element.
Several braids braided around the head perimeter can be combined
behind the tail or one large braid, decorating the whole structure of
hair with small fresh flowers or neat pearls.

Different types of weaving will allow to embody in the image of the bride
any conceived ideas. The great advantage of such hairstyles is
that they are securely fastened on the head. This means the bride does not
will need to worry about the fact that the gust of wind or sharp
turning hairstyle can break up.

Hair Style Jewelry

It is difficult to imagine a bride without any decorations. Everything
Greek wedding hairstyles are complemented by a variety of
accessories. This can be a traditional veil or elegant.
diadem. These two decorations are perfectly combined with any
hairstyles and styling, and also do not require any

Widespread use in wedding hairstyles have received various
hoops and ribbons. Greek style gives complete creative freedom
master, allowing you to use even 2-3 hoops in one hairstyle
or wrapping styling elegant ribbon in several rows. Highly
by the way there will be a white ribbon on her hair, but if the bride is not afraid
experiments, you can choose this accessory and other colors.

It is difficult to imagine a hairstyle for a wedding without decoration from
real flowers. The basis of the Greek style is the personification
naturalness, vitality and passion, which must be fully
embodied in the image of the bride. And turn it into a real Aphrodite
You can decorate her hair with beautiful flowers.

Greek style is both complex and simple. Looking at
great wedding hairstyles, just impossible to believe
how simple they are. If you want to become a real
goddess on your own holiday, choose one of the presented
options and create your own unique image!

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