Rejuvenating spanish facial massage

There are many ways to keep your skin young, one of
these are spanish facial massages. The hemolympathic drainage technique was
developed at the end of the twentieth century by the Spanish scientists Enrique Garcia, she
aims to restore skin elasticity, reduce swelling and
improved blood supply.

Technique of spanish massage

Spanish facial massage does not start with warming up like this
occurs in other types of massage, and with relaxation, full
relaxation. Movement is active, but very careful, their
the amount during the procedure exceeds one hundred. Spanish technique
massage is unique in that for the entire session no manipulation
repeated twice, the client does not have time to adapt, therefore
experiencing more and more new sensations. When the masseur lets in
the course of feathers or stones, there is no limit to bliss. It happens that people
fall asleep from such a pleasant impact on their skin.

Special technique of Spanish massage

The work of a massage therapist reminds of a skillful ritual dance.
hands on the face of the client. Light stroking movements with pads
fingers alternate with pinch kneading of superficial and deep
facial muscles.

Another feature that the creator of hemolymphatic drainage
endowed his invention, is an individual selection of technology
for each patient: one is important that the impact be on
muscles, others – on the lymphatic and circulatory systems. Need this
all so that the massage was not only pleasant, but also

As for facial massage, its great popularity in our
days are not at all surprising. The most famous is spanish
modeling facial massage. His technique involves performing those
same movements as hemolymphodrainage of the body, but more gently and
delicately, because the skin of the face is softer and more sensitive.

Before the procedure, the face is thoroughly cleaned from any traces.
cosmetics and dirt. The movements of the massage therapist are performed
surface of the palm, then just fingertips. This technique
reminds dance when plastic hand movements go to
brushes, and then sharply accelerated and turned into
tingling then getting neat again and

This technique has a huge advantage – pain
completely absent. And thanks to a special aromatic
oils, candles and hypnotic music that accompanies the session,
This procedure is superior to other types of massage.

Impact on the skin and body

Reviews of Spanish massage are extremely positive. This
the technique acts on every skin cell, improves its color and
relief, reduces puffiness, smoothes wrinkles. Change abrupt and
slow movements perfectly accelerates blood, improves
blood supply. Many patients praise this procedure for reducing
double chin smoothing nasolabial folds, tightening
upper eyelid and even eyebrow shape correction.

how does spanish massage work on face

Massage improves the blood supply to the tissues, promotes
elimination of toxic metabolic products, improves lymph drainage and
outflow of venous blood.

Massage is especially indicated for people who have obvious signs.
fading skin. And for those who need rejuvenation of the neckline and
neck, he just needed. Sometimes this procedure is even compared to
the work of an experienced plastic surgeon, because its effects on the skin
gives a stunning result. To achieve a visible effect
It is advisable to attend at least 3-5 sessions, but not more often than 3 times per
a week

Spanish facial massage has almost no contraindications. is he
allowed even in cases where other types of massage
undesirable. The exceptions are malignant tumors,
aggravated diseases and skin diseases. Technique is safe
even for pregnant women.

The modeling facial massage is useful not only for women who
want to get a rejuvenating effect, but also men who want to remove
stress and get rid of puffiness of the skin.

There is one caveat that applies to hemolymph drainage:
Before the session you need to make sure that the masseur has
certificate and passed the desired course of study. Modeling massage can
do only true masters of their craft, because the procedure requires
considerable skills from the masseur. If you get to the person
who has learned everything on the Internet, there will be no result at all.
Without special training and high qualifications not worth it
even try to do this massage at home.

It is also not allowed to use two different massage techniques,
because one can compensate for the other, which will reduce

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