Removal of unwanted hair in intimate places

Intimate hair removal can be done with
several methods. All hair removal methods have their own
Advantages and disadvantages. To understand which way is suitable
for you, it is necessary to get acquainted with each of them in more detail.
The skin in the bikini area is very sensitive, so the depilation in this
The area can cause severe irritation.

Lack of hair in the bikini area is considered a sign of grooming.
Moreover, it increases hygiene and aesthetics.
There are lots of ways to help get rid of
discomfort during hair removal and prevent
the appearance of irritation. Each means for depilation
they own


  • Hair removal with shaving razor
  • Hair removal with depilation cream
  • Hair removal with electric epilator
  • Hair removal with wax
  • Hair removal with shugaring

Hair removal with shaving razor

Removal is considered to be the simplest, most affordable and inexpensive way.
hair in the intimate area with a razor. This method uses
most girls and women. In order to carry out hair removal
just have a razor (now on sale
many models with several blades, specially designed
for women), shaving foam or soap and warm water. Main
The advantage of this method is accessibility. At any moment a woman
can remove excess body hair. It does not require any
a lot of time, no money.

Hair removal with a razor

The razor should be moistened with water;
exercise exclusively in the direction of hair growth. AT
Otherwise there will be cuts, irritation.

When using a razor, it is better to buy a razor,
which has a floating head. This will not only facilitate the task, but
and will not let you get hurt. During depilation, it is desirable to use
special means and gels for intimate areas. If they are under
no hand, just wet the cotton wool in the skin tonic and treat
shaved areas.

Never use someone else’s razors (even your spouse) and not
let anyone take your shaving accessories.

This can lead to serious infection. If the blade
blunt, then you need to buy a new one. Otherwise you can
it is easy to get hurt, and depilation will subsequently cause irritation.
This method is very good, but has a big drawback: hair after
shaving grows very quickly and after 2-3 days the procedure
have to repeat. For a longer lasting effect.
better to resort to other ways.

Hair removal with depilation cream

This method is also very popular, as it can
take advantage of everyone right at home. Depilatory cream worth
inexpensive, it is very convenient to use. With this hair removal
eliminates the possibility of injury. Cream is applied on the intimate
zone, and after some time removed from the skin with
special spatula or rinse with warm water. After
using cream hair grows not as coarse and prickly as
when using a razor.

Depilatory cream

Before using the depilatory cream
do a test for individual tolerance and lack
allergic reactions to the components of the drug.

For some, this method may not work: for someone
allergic to the active ingredients of the cream, others do not like
peculiar smell. To check for allergies,
a small amount of cream is applied to a small area of ​​skin,
Hold for 5 minutes, rinse with water and check. If redness and
there was no irritation, you can safely use the data
in a way. After applying the cream, wipe the skin with a tonic and
apply a nourishing cream. This will prevent dryness.
relieve irritation and slow down hair growth.

Hair removal with electric epilator

Some women only resort to this method of getting rid of
unwanted hair in the intimate area. There is a huge sale
the number of devices that get rid of hair for a long time. It is better
acquire the model that will help to minimize
painful sensations. Instruments dealt with this best of all.
which can be used in water. Hair after holding
procedures do not grow for a long time (about 2 weeks), and over time
thin and thin.

Depilation machines are very good for the legs and arms, however
intimate locations can cause extreme irritation. If you all
decide on this procedure, prepare in advance the means for
to soothe the skin. After the procedure, from time to time you need
cleanse the skin with a scrub to prevent ingrown hair, and
apply a nourishing cream.

Hair removal with wax

A very popular hair removal tool is wax. Depilation
waxing can be done both at home and in a specialized salon.
To remove unnecessary vegetation, the wax is heated to
required temperature and applied to the intimate area with
special spatula. After that, a special pressure is applied to the skin.
strip and sharply removed. This method has undeniable
advantages – availability and low cost.

Hair removal wax

It is possible to apply wax depilation on any sites
body, hands and feet, face, underarms and areas

Hair after the procedure grow after 2-3 weeks.
However, the procedure must be very careful not to get
burns Most often this occurs when the wax temperature is higher than
it is supposed to. This problem can be solved by purchasing a special device for
warming up wax. However, even with all the rules
This procedure is quite painful. Skin after waxing
requires careful maintenance.

Hair removal with shugaring

Intimate hair removal can be done with
Now popular means – shugaringa. It has many advantages:
hairs do not grow long after the procedure and do not grow into
into the skin. You can remove vegetation in this way at home, however
many women prefer shugaring at the beauty salon,
since it is considered that it is very difficult to cook pasta. But a little
practicing, you can get it at home.

To make shugaring paste, you will need 0.5 kg of sugar,
3.5 tbsp. l lemon juice and 4 tbsp. l clean water. All ingredients
need to mix and put in a saucepan on the fire. The mixture is cooked on
low heat. During cooking it must be constantly
stir until the grains of sugar are completely
dissolve and no foam appears. After that, the paste is poured into
special tank and wait for it to cool. When the mixture
will cease to burn hands, it is slightly kneaded and evenly
distributed in the area of ​​depilation. After that, sharply pulled against
hair growth. You should know that hair removal with this paste
unacceptable in diabetes.

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