Restoration of weak and brittle hair

restoration of weak hairIs it possible to recover
what is lost? For example, how to restore hair density, how
give them the strength and brilliance that can be taken to
increase hair growth? Especially often women are interested in the answer.
the question of how to restore hair after hair extensions. Each
A woman dreams to have beautiful and healthy hair. But sometimes beauty
and health are not combined together. The fair sex
try to change the native color, curly make straight and hold
many other treatments to achieve the desired beauty. But what
to do if beauty kills the general condition? Of course, it is necessary
conduct hair restoration. You can contact the salon, then
experts will solve the problem professionally. But what if
finances do not allow such procedures to be performed at the hairdresser’s.
There is a way out – you can restore your hair at home
conditions. Pharmacies sell ready-made oils and blends.

How to revive hair after dyeing?

To date, the television show a huge
the number of advertisements with hair dyes that do not harm them and
make them silky and healthy. Remember that any
Coloring always affects the overall condition of the hair is not the best
side, and there is no such paint that did not harm them.
Coloring can adversely affect the scalp.
Hair restoration in this case is carried out as follows.
in a way.

To improve the condition of the scalp, it is necessary to chop the onion and
garlic, observing an equal amount of ingredients. Then add to
a lot of lemon juice and vegetable oil, in equal quantities. This
mask should be applied to slightly damp hair along the entire length. Mask
keep on head for 30 minutes. Clear from the mixture with warm water
using vinegar or citric acid. This method can
restore hair at home.

The second sign of damage after staining is
intense fallout. The main question is how to restore hair growth?
This means that they are clearly not healthy, the roots are weakened. Vs
their loss will help tincture of red pepper. Pharmacies sell
ready tincture, but best of all, if you make it yourself in
home conditions. To do this you will need to take 1/4 pod.
red pepper (Dungan), pour 50 g of alcohol. This tincture
leave for 7 days so that the pepper gives all its best properties.

As soon as the tincture is ready for use, we dilute it with
cold water, the proportions are 1:10. Rub mixture worth 2-3
times a week to the scalp. More time you can
hold out the better. The blood flow to the scalp contributes
hair regrowth process. Hair regrowth
will be effective if you pay attention and tips. Permanent
staining also forms dry and brittle tips. Therefore it is necessary
Moisten with oil and tips.

How to improve the hair after using styling products and

Currently a popular styling device is
ironing Prolonged use of ironing can harm, make them
brittle and lifeless. How to restore hair growth after it
application? In this case, the process will be effective if
do the following:

  1. It is necessary for some period of time to completely abandon
    device. If you can’t, then stop using it.
  2. You need to go to the hairdresser and remove the tips that are very
    damaged. This can be done safely, as the tips after ironing
    do not recover.
  3. Use masks that are designed to restore
    after laying by the iron.

Excellent recovery masks are those that can
do it yourself. For example, honey mask. For this
You will need 1 tablespoon of milk to not heat much and add 1
tablespoon of honey. Mix everything thoroughly and add 4 drops.
essential oil (lavender, orange, sandalwood, ylang-ylang). Mass
put on the entire length and put on a shower cap. Mask worth
wear 2-3 hours. Then rinse with warm water.

If the hair is very weakened after ironing, you should use
oil mask. Take cocoa butter, coconut or shi and along the entire length
we put These oils are dense in structure, therefore
they will be able to implement an effective process of care and nutrition. Butter
do not wash off for 2 hours. If you are naturally fat
scalp, then do not apply oil to the roots.

How to restore hair after a chemical procedure

The fair sex is constantly trying to find
less time consuming hairstyle. Therefore, many resort
to the procedure of perm. With this hairstyle will not have to
for a long time to stand in front of the mirror and lay it. But pay
attention to the word “chemical”. It definitely means that
rather harmful procedure will be carried out. Therefore, those
beauties who decide on a perm should watch
for hair. It is necessary to make a recovery mask

Therefore, we must use masks that are intended
for hydration and nutrition. One of the remedies
is burdock oil. Oil must be heated and rubbed into the roots.
Then put on a plastic bag and wrap on top
a towel. Mask hold for 2-3 hours. Flush the oil with the help of
simple table salt. It is the salt that is dissolved in water and washed away.
butter. Do not try to wash off burdock oil with shampoos, only saline
the solution will completely clear his head of it.

Hair enhancement procedures after childbirth

The girls who gave birth definitely know that the curls are after
childbirth dull and brittle. How to quickly restore hair after
child birth? What tools and masks will help in this? AT
There are many masks that can be
cope with the tasks. Enough to use regularly
them, it will be possible to return the hair density and healthy
shine. Surprisingly, during pregnancy hairline
on the contrary it becomes thicker, hair growth is observed. It’s connected with
hormones that the child secretes. But after giving birth hair growth
ceases, the hair condition worsens.

Hair restoration after pregnancy is a must. They
fall heavily, so the question is how to recover
density Otherwise, you risk losing most of your beautiful
shag To restore lost hair, you need to apply
special tinctures that activate hair growth. Great
infusion is considered to be a decoction of such herbs as burdock, St. John’s wort,
sage, calendula, oregano and hop cones. 1 tablespoon of all herbs
mix and pour boiling water. Under the lid, the decoction should stand in
for 2 hours. Drink half or half a glass twice a day.
This collection of herbs consists of active special agents that
able to affect the rapid growth of hair.

How to restore hair after childbirth, so they bought their
living force. The following tips will help:

  1. You should not eat carbonated drinks, coffee. Exactly
    These products can slow down hair growth.
  2. Stop using your hair dryer for a while or
  3. Once a week it is worth doing a head massage. So the blood
    will surge to the skin of the head.
  4. Observe sleep, proper diet, daily routine.

To the question whether hair can be restored after pregnancy,
the answer is yes. One has only to constantly enrich the body
vitamins and minerals. The body will gradually
enrich, take important substances and minerals, therefore
hair restoration will be seen. But do not wait for instant
the result, since you have to work hard, requiring

Hair after extension

hair restoration after extensionQuickly restore hair after
building up is quite difficult. It takes time and
patience. How to restore hair after extension? This question
Quite often, women ask in search engines. Good reviews have
oil masks. Olive or burdock and peach oils
Will perfectly cope with problem hair after extension.
It is enough to apply the mixture to the hair and leave for 2 hours under
cellophane package.

If you are tormented by the question of how to restore the thickness of the hair, then you can
apply shock recovery. Of course, return lost hair
It will not work, but you can restore hair after falling out. Shock
restoration contributes to the treatment of hair at home.
Shock hair restoration will be carried out using data
substances with the presence of keratin.

If you want to have healthy and beautiful hair, then
worth doing their recovery. Only
proper and regular care can give them strength and
shine. Now you know the effective methods, how fast
restore hair after various cosmetic procedures. To
there was a terrific result, you need to do selected procedures
regularly, not occasionally. Do recovery
hair at home is possible. All procedures are simple,
no hairdressing required. Enough in
necessary quantities to mix products and start the process
hair restoration.

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