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  • Highlight retro hairstyles
  • Barber fashion after the war
  • Some specific elements

Retro hairstyles have recently gained widespread popularity.
These are wedding hairstyles in retro style, children’s hairstyles, especially
if you plan to graduation in the garden, laying for all occasions.
Appeal to this style and stimulate movie stars. The question is about
how to make a retro hairstyle becomes topical. Hairstyle in
retro style, made with your own hands, can decorate any
girl, it is important to choose the right option, taking into account the features

Highlight retro hairstyles

retro hairstylesFashion on
hairstyles changed all the time, and the concept of “retro hairstyle” includes
a large number of types of styling, which were considered
fashionable in different decades of the 20th century. In addition, fashion in different
periods were long, then short hair, and sometimes
was meant for medium hair. You can highlight the main features
haircuts, popular at different times.

The beginning of the XX century showed the immutability of hairdressing
flavors – the standard of beauty recognized long tight curls.
The curls of the fashionistas were perfectly twisted. To increase the density
Hairstyles used hairpieces and patch curls. Classical
retro version for long hair – curls are wound on the middle
curlers and fixed in the temporal zone.

The style of the 20s. symbolized the thirst for emancipation and
was characterized by a strong rejection of long hair. In fashion
short hair, and hairstyles such as Page and Garson appear.
Traction to femininity won by creating the so-called
cold wave. Make a hairstyle in retro style of the 20s. for girls
simple enough. The main feature – laying beautiful parallel
bends. Waves are formed by fingers and stealth. Final
fixing is made with varnish. You can add to the composition
original hairpin.

Fashion 30s. inspired by gangster adventures. Curls of steel
A little longer and still perfectly stacked. Left “cold
wave “and soft curls, but added bangs and oblique partings.
Mandatory attribute – bandage with imitation of precious stones or

How to make a retro hairstyle in the style of the 40s? During this period, the length
increased significantly. High beams, rollers,
curls. It is important haircut emphasize the elegance and sexuality.
The color should be bright and saturated, without semitones. Curls need
wind on large curlers, and when laying varnish is usually not
is used.

Barber fashion after the war

In the 50-60 years. The emphasis is on high curvaceous haircuts. For
creating volume hair rather nagging enough. One of
The most popular hairstyles of the time – Babette. For her
hair formations were gathered at the top of the head and carefully combed out.
Nowadays, to fix such a hairstyle, a “bagel” is used.
Babette is good for girls with medium to long hair and
can be done with bangs and without it.

In the 70s. the last century, fashion was free and
natural haircuts, no frills. Played for such
natural fashion 80s. When shaping hairstyles fashionistas
only one rule was recognized – no rules! Question how
do hair, completely left on the conscience of a stylist or
the client itself. Popularity gained such elements:
unnatural volumes, disheveled hair, torn hairstyles.

Some specific elements

Retro hairstyles take time to create them and
maintenance, so they are rarely used as everyday, but widely
For example, retro wedding hairstyles, styling for
ceremonial events or to go to the disco.

What can be recognized for the characteristic elements that unite
retro styling of different periods? We can distinguish the following elements:
hair curls, waves, hair rollers, voluminous bangs, tails,
short haircuts with sharp lines, bright colors.

The characteristic retro element is the tail. Used a lot
options, but the most common are 2 types. Hair tied
on top of the tail. It then rises slightly, providing volume
6-8 cm below the gum. The rest of the tail is curled up and
fixed with varnish. Another variety is made on the basis of a pile.
Loose hair is shaped like a tail on the side and wrapped around it.
rubber band, masking it.

One of the most common elements is
combing.Hair are separated at the top of the head, rolled into
flagellum form, displayed on the forehead and stabbed. At the temples is separated
2 strands, combed, treated with varnish and stretched,
connecting in the occipital zone. The strand combed slightly and
fits in so as to mask the hairpins or gum from
temporal locks.

Retro waves on hair take a long time to create.
Hair is moistened and covered with mousse. Then strands of hair
neatly packed with waves, fixed invisible and clothespin
in the directions to the face and top. Most often fit one strand
from the face, and the other hair is collected in a bun. If you have time and
desire, then all the hair can be laid in waves. Laying fixed
fixing varnish.

In order to get a retro hairstyle with rollers, you need
do the following. First, hair is separated by small strands,
processed varnish and curling curling. Curls fit and
fixed with clamps separately. First, the front rollers are formed,
and then the same is held in the back of the head. Lower hair on the back of the head
wound, combed and fit into the bulk roller
base of the neck. Strands of curled hair down in waves
head and treated with varnish.

Hairstyles in retro style occupy the attention of many fashionistas. Choosing
the most suitable option for your hair, you can create a real
a masterpiece on his head. Retro hairstyle can be done in
hairdresser, and create and do it yourself.

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