Return gray hair natural color

Hair color depends on the pigment melanin, which every year
synthesized less. However, this happens for every person.
differently. Many become completely gray at 35, others
until old age have a natural color. therefore
restoration of gray hair is sometimes extremely
necessary. After all, people, especially young ones, have the appearance of the first
bleached hair causes many complexes.

White hair Mostly this contributes to genetic
predisposition, as well as factors that accompany people in
everyday life: stress, health problems, harmful
habits, long-term medication, constant
sun exposure All this leads to the loss of its hair
coloring pigment. Also provoke graying violations in the work
internal organs and monodiets, as a result of which the body
begins to lack many essential micronutrients, for example
copper, zinc. Read the full article on the causes and how
get rid of gray hair.

IMPORTANT! Some people, seeing a couple of gray hairs,
pull them out, hoping that in their place will not grow gray. This is not
will happen. In their place will appear the same gray, but more rigid
hair, so they start to stand out even stronger.

Methods for solving the problem of gray hair

Without melanin, hair becomes colorless, coarse. Exists
several ways to restore the color of gray hair, each of
which has its advantages and disadvantages. The easiest way is
start taking vitamins, as well as nicotinic, folic acids,
methionine and riboflavin. (Read more about the role of vitamins for hair.

nicatinic acid

With their help, you can suspend graying. However, if all the same
there were gray hairs and they spoil the appearance, it is worth
reflect on the restoration of natural color.

This will help:

  1. Cosmetics

Professional paints hide gray hair, but do not forget that
they all contain chemicals that weaken and
damage the hair structure. After every two weeks will have
tint the hair, as the roots become visible. Is it possible
to highlight gray hair? Of course, but first it is worth
try to return the hair color more careful way.


If you don’t have a lot of gray hair, you can use
tint balsam or shampoo, the color of which should be completely
match the natural shade of the hair.

Among the cosmetic products can be identified:

  • shampoos – toners to give natural color to hair,
  • conditioners – toners that enhance the effect of shampoo,
  • cream – toners that continuously restore gray hair
    from the tips to the roots, as they penetrate the structure of the hair,
    protecting from damage
  • sprays – toners for gray hair almost immediately give visible
    the result, transform even weak and thin hair. Pigments
    evenly dye hair along the entire length, giving to the graying strands
    saturated and bright color, feeding them.
  1. Diet

Trichologists (specialists in hair and scalp treatment) as
domestic and foreign believe that the body is graying
a person does not have enough vitamins of group B (B6, B2, B1, B12), zinc,
chromium, selenium, copper, iodine, pantothenic and para-aminobenzoic
acid. Some of these substances are flushed out of the body under
exposure to large doses of caffeine or when taking drugs with
diuretic effect.

What to do? At the moment, scientists have found that for
total health a person needs to receive 600 nutrients.
Many do not get even the fifth part. It is therefore necessary
to diversify the diet as much as possible.

The table presents the necessary elements that
Prevent gray hair and products that need to be included in

The most useful products
Required items Products
Manganese Oats, soy and soy products, cranberries, wild rose, chestnuts,
wheat bread. BUT! The high content of this element violates
absorption of copper and iron.
Copper seafood, fish, cattle liver, dogrose,
hawthorn, wholemeal flour, pulses, black currants, pumpkin,
Zinc wheat grains and wheat bran, pumpkin seeds and
sunflower, fish liver and cattle. AT
less contained in squid, brewer’s yeast, yolks
eggs, nuts, onions, garlic, beans, peas.
Cobalt cocoa, tea, milk, beef kidneys, liver, wild rose, beet,
black currant, eggs.
Tyrosine liver, cereals, bread, poultry, sesame, sunflower seeds.
Para-aminobenzoic acid Yeast, kidney and liver of animals, as well as birds. Lesser
the amount is contained in milk and practically not in vegetables.
  1. Help folk remedies

Hair color restoration from gray hair is possible with the help of
natural dyes. For the brunettes and brunettes well suitable decoction
acorns. The reddish shade will give broth of onion peel. Him
concentration should depend on what color you want
receive. Chestnut color gives nettle, and a golden hue
turns out from broth of a pharmaceutical chamomile.

Many argue whether gray hair fills up with henna or not, about this in our
special article with real recipes, reviews and polls.

girl with flowers in her hair

You can stop the started graying. For this fit infusion
from fennel seeds and burdock roots. It is necessary to mix two dining rooms.
spoons of ingredients, pour them with a liter of boiling water and close the lid.
Let it set for three hours, then strain.

The resulting infusion is daily rubbed into the roots of the hair, massaging
slightly scalp. It is better to do this in the morning and in the evening for
two months. If desired, the course can continue longer. Such
the tool will help stop for graying and make hair
shiny and strong.

You can apply a decoction of ginseng. It is necessary to chop the root
ginseng, pour a glass of boiling water over it and cook it on low heat for a minute
15. The broth is cooled, filtered and regularly rubbed into the skin.

Remove the yellow tint will help the next mask. Table spoon
coconut oil combine with half a glass of fresh juice
lemon. This mask must be rubbed into the area with massaging movements.
hair roots every other day. You can rub cabbage juice into your scalp,
raspberries or apricots. (More details about gray hair and the complete guide.
about “how to get rid of gray hair”, it is at the moment
updated and supplemented.)

Gray hair, especially the early one, is a signal that something is needed in life.
change. Revise your diet and habits. After graying hair
return them to the old color is very difficult. It’s much easier to do your own
hair at an earlier stage.

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