Revitonika – manual system self modeling face and neck

Unfortunately, youth and beauty are far from eternal categories. WITH
Over the years, facial skin has undergone significant metamorphosis, causing
man has frustration and sadness. It becomes atonic,
flabby, dry, loses the elasticity, shape and contour of the face. but
there is no reason for sadness and despair, because to improve the quality and
skin structure can independently each woman. Exists
a magic tool that allows you to return youth and beauty. To that
it does not have to spend a lot of time, effort and money. it
magic remedy called Revitonika- complex facial
exercises that have been widely known for many
years old.


  • What is Revitonika?
  • Natalia Osminina technique
  • Why do we get old?
  • What skin defects can Revitonica eliminate?
  • Types of exercises from the program Revitonika
  • Are there any contraindications?
  • Basic exercises from the complex Revitonika

What is Revitonika?

Over the years, when the first signs of aging appear on the skin,
every woman resorts to different methods of eliminating them. Someone
accepts injection methods of rejuvenation, some resort to
radical surgical methods, and someone uses cosmetics
anti-age and hardware cosmetology.

However, few people know that there are effective and
completely safe methods of rejuvenation of the face and neck. To such methods
relates Revitonika.

Revitonika is a facial massage that suggests
conducting a set of special exercises that can eliminate
age defects of the skin.

However, it should be said that revitonics operates not just
exercises that improve skin condition, this is unique
rejuvenating program, besides healthful, built on
the principle of activating the internal reserves of the body. As a result
carrying out this program, improving metabolic
processes in the dermis, skin structures are regenerated, normal
skin nutrition. The program is designed to work with
facial muscles rendered rejuvenating and restoring

Natalia Osminina technique

Developed a technique Natalia Osminina. It is thanks to her.
innovative technology, the whole world learned about the safe and simple method

The author of this technique emphasizes the importance of muscle separation.
based on their purpose and objectives. For example, muscle hypertonus
can lead to sagging of the skin and fascial pain, and spasm
facial muscles entail the formation of wrinkles. In this case
wrinkles appear in the following places:

  • on the nose;
  • on the forehead;
  • around the mouth;
  • on the chin.

Changes in masticatory muscles leads to:

  • deformities of the jaw area;
  • deformation ptosis of soft tissues;
  • shortening of the maxillary arch;
  • changing facial proportions.

And the deformation of the facial bones of the skull leads to their decrease in
size and volume, and also plays a significant role in sagging

An important element of youth is the neck. Many mistaken
skin aging is believed to be just wrinkles. But this is far from
So. About age-related changes of the skin indicates above all
loss of skin volume and condition of the neck. Besides the aging of the neck
associated with improper planting of the neck, the so-called hyperlordosis
(excessive bending of the cervical spine). Such changes
lead to the appearance of a second chin and weakness of the muscles of the neck.

Also with the help of revitoniki, as the main cosmetically –
therapeutic tool, you can eliminate the important problem –
swelling due to excess fluid in the interstitial
space. Since edema impedes normal nutrition
skin, blood circulation and lymph outflow, the solution to this problem is
paramount importance.

However, according to the author of the methodology, the true cause of aging is not
skin problems, on the contrary, changes in the skin is a consequence
aging. The cause of aging are muscle spasms,
as a result, creases, cracks and flabbiness appear on the skin.

The basic course of Natalia Osminina includes ten
classical exercises, each of which is aimed at tightening and
facial skin rejuvenation, wrinkle smoothing and even improvement
facial contours, in other words, to eliminate a specific

Why do we get old?

Above the problem of aging are struggling many of the greatest minds.
humanity, despite the fact that the mechanism of aging has long been known.
Aging is a process that is driven by a combination
many factors. What exactly?

  1. Stasis fluid in the body. Excess fluid in the body can
    cause a disease called lymphostasis. When happens
    lymphatic stasis, blood circulation and blood circulation are disturbed
    skin. This leads to atony and laxity of the skin. Also in the cells
    all metabolic processes slow down, and the muscles begin to experience
  2. Stress. As a result of the constant tension of the muscles, their
    spasm. When spasm muscles increase in volume and experience
    stress. This condition of the muscles leads to stretching of the skin, flabbiness.
    and atony.
  3. Fascial traction. Fascia are the shell of the muscles. AT
    In humans, all muscles are interconnected. When arise
    muscle pain, fascia spasms in this area. From point of view
    physiology fascial system is defined as a holistic
    communication system. Fascia envelop our whole body,
    connecting close and distant sites among themselves. Understanding the processes
    based on the schemes of fascial chains, it is possible to understand not only
    causes of aging, but also to simulate their
    face, change its shape and features, consciously take part in
    the process of rejuvenation.

What skin defects can Revitonica eliminate?

Revitoniki’s goal is to rejuvenate the face by balancing between
management of relaxation and tension of the facial muscles.

Thus, the complex exercise of this program

  • restoration of posture;
  • improve blood circulation;
  • removal of muscle statics of the neck;
  • improve the functioning of the masticatory and facial muscles;
  • activation of lymphatic drainage;

Thanks to the above vector directions occur
following improvements and changes:

  • restores the clarity of the oval face and the clarity of the line
  • stagnant processes are eliminated;
  • skin structure improves;
  • smooth skin returns;
  • wrinkles are eliminated;
  • double chin is eliminated;
  • soft tissue lifting is provided.

Types of exercises from the program Revitonika

This method of therapeutic treatment can be divided into two.

  • sculptural fitness;
  • vacuum fitness.

The sculptural method is a complex of gymnastic exercises,
which affects the muscles of the face and neck. Such a set of exercises
allows you to work out every muscle, bringing it into tone, and
then relax. As a result, spasms, swelling,
swelling. These exercises stimulate blood circulation, improve
blood flow and cellular metabolic processes.

Vacuum type is a hardware method of revitonics, since for
its implementation requires vacuum-generating devices.
Using this method can improve blood circulation and nutrition.
cells. The peculiarity of these methods is that they allow
stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis. Using
vacuum method using jars of different sizes, which allows
apply them in different parts of the face. For example, small jars
used on delicate areas of the face: the area around the eyes and lips.
Medium-sized jars are designed to affect the circular
muscle of mouth and cheekbones. Large jars are used for smoothing
wrinkles and stimulation of large facial muscles.

Are there any contraindications?

Despite the fact that this gymnastic complex can not
cause no harm to the body, there are some
contraindications that should be considered:

  • inflammation of the skin in the form of acne and purulent
  • dermatological diseases;
  • autoimmune and oncological diseases;
  • viral diseases (herpes) on the face;
  • diseases of the nervous system;
  • age limit up to 18 years.

Basic exercises from the complex Revitonika

Before you begin a set of exercises you must
consult with a specialist who will help you choose
necessary set of exercises to eliminate a specific problem.
Since there is a special solution for each problem.
set of exercises that allows you to eliminate it and achieve
required result.

Impact on the skin is performed for no more than 30 seconds, exactly
the amount of time needed to relieve the spasm

Exercise number 1

Purpose: study of trapezius muscles to improve
circulation of the face.

The exercise is performed as follows:

  • lift one shoulder up;
  • take the raised shoulder back, trying to direct the spatula to
    the spine;
  • turn your head in the opposite direction;
  • tilt your head and press it to your shoulder;
  • stay in this position for 30 seconds;
  • slowly return to the starting position.

Next you need to stretch the muscles. Do it next
in the following way:

  • put your hand behind your head to the growth of the base of the hair, wherever
    starts trapezius muscle;
  • put your second hand on your shoulder;
  • keeping your head straight, stretch your muscles in opposite

Exercise number 2

Purpose: study of the occipital muscle group, spasm and overstrain
which affects the blood supply to the face and head.

The exercise is performed as follows:

  • take your shoulders back;
  • hands to link behind the back in the lock;
  • shoulder blades as much as possible to the spine;
  • head put in the crease that formed between
  • stay in this position for 30 seconds;
  • to avoid overstressing the front of the neck, you need to open
  • gently return to the starting position.

Stretching the muscles:

  • to interlock the hands in the lock under the nape;
  • accurately fixing the hands in the right position, pull them

Exercise number 3

Purpose: smoothing transverse neck wrinkles

The exercise is performed as follows:

  • hands put on the chest;
  • pressing your arms tightly to your chest, pull the fabric up;
  • press the chin to the neck for 30 seconds;
  • pull your chin and hands towards each other;
  • return to the starting position.

Stretching the muscles:

  • put one hand on the sternum;
  • put the second hand under the chin with the palm down;
  • the other hand remains still;
  • hand that is under the chin, you must pull
    head up.

Exercise number 4

Objective: to improve the color and fullness of lips.

The exercise is performed as follows:

  • index fingers pressed to the center above the upper lip;
  • stretch the skin aside;
  • linger in this position;
  • then slowly move your fingers from the center to the corners
  • do the same manipulations with the lower lip.

Exercise number 5

Objective: to eliminate inter-brow wrinkles

The exercise is performed as follows:

  • set your thumbs under the brow;
  • index fingers put 2 cm above the large;
  • squeeze your fingers and hold them in that position for 30 seconds.

Stretching the muscles:

  • hold your index fingers from the point between the eyebrows up and
    down at the same time.

Exercise number 6

Purpose: elimination of the second chin

The exercise is performed as follows:

  • press your thumbs to the chin;
  • index fingers pressed against the nasolabial folds;
  • inhale the air with your nose and puff up the belly;
  • exhale sharply and hold the pointer along the cheekbones
  • thumb to hold along the facial contour;
  • gently lower the fingers and connect them to the lymph

Currently, Revitonika is one of the facial techniques.
fitness, which was developed for a long time on the scientific
basis. Mechanisms that describe age-related changes of the skin of the face,
based on a deep understanding of biomechanical processes
deformations. The principle of this gymnastics is manual
self-modeling of the face and neck, which due to its uniqueness
has no analogues in the world. Reviews of this gymnastic complex
only positive. However, when exercising, you must
strictly adhere to a clear pattern.

The complex of exercises of the Revitonika system makes the skin more
elastic, restores its tone and elasticity, eliminates wrinkles and
double chin. In addition, the general condition of the person improves and
his health Thus, skin sagging is far from
only aesthetic problem. Swelling under the eyes, sagging and
puffiness of the skin can signal pathological processes
in the body.

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