Rhapsody: technology and cutting scheme

Rapsody haircutHaircut always rhapsody
fashionable and relevant. It is suitable for any type of hair and for any
length This haircut for medium hair is the best way.
make a hairstyle. She willingly choose and owners of long
hair wanting to look stylish and modern. Haircut rhapsody
ideal for fine hair, because they acquire
extra volume and easy to stack. It is suitable for
curly curls that due to different lengths lie neatly and not
are confused. Rhapsody looks great even without thorough
styling thanks to its neat shape and proper

You can diversify your hairstyle by coloring individual
strands in different colors, or highlighting them in a shade different from
primary color. It will look very nice on this haircut
highlighting or coloring that will create a color play and
will give hair extra volume. Add charm and lightness to
Hairstyle can be with stylish bangs.

Oblique bangs fit for a round face, making it visually
already. An elongated face will be decorated with thick and straight bangs, and the owners
oval faces can safely experiment with asymmetric
bangs. Two-layer bangs are relevant, where the bottom layer forms
short hair, and the top – long, laid on one side.

The haircut scheme (photo) includes several basic steps and is similar.
on the famous cascade. It is performed by imposing strands, then
tips milled around the contour. In this case, the hair of the face
form a ladder, and at the top they can be of different lengths.

Features of haircuts and styling on hair of different lengths

Rhapsody for long hair refreshes hair and allows you to create
fashionable image, keeping the length. Laying can be done by giving volume
at the crown or leaving the hair straight and pulling the iron. With
This individual strands will be beautifully framed face. For the evening
styling options can curl curls, using curlers
or forceps. This haircut also allows you to collect hair in horse
tail, bundle or braid braids.

Rhapsody for long hairHaircut for medium hair enjoys
very popular. This length is perfect in styling hair.
You can dry the strands from the roots with a large round brush, while
In this case, the bottom layers curl in or out, or leave
straight. Various hairs are always appropriate for medium hair:
large smooth waves, small curls, voluminous curls. They will create
romantic and feminine image. Rhapsody haircut allows
use different decorations in hair: bows, hairpins, ribbons,
combs, clamps, tiaras that will look appropriate and

Rhapsody on short hair allows you to place accents.
Pointed strands, ladder, framing face, interesting bangs –
All this enlivens the image and looks very modern. Hairstyle
easy to install and it takes a minimum of effort and time to
look perfect. For this you will need a hairdryer and tools for
styling. Haircut is well suited for growing hair, allowing
look stylish and beautiful. It is only necessary to regularly prune
split ends, thereby maintaining a well-groomed look.

How to Rapsody Haircut

There are 2 ways to perform a rhapsody: classic and
modern. In the latter case, the hair is the same length and thin
fillet strands gradually descend from the face to the shoulders. In
The second case is more complex technology and consists of the following
main stages:

  • At the first stage wet clean hair should be divided into zones:
    occipital, temporal and parietal. For this is done first
    vertical parting from the middle of the forehead to the middle of the nape through
    crown of the head, and then – horizontal, which will allow to separate
    strand adjacent to the forehead. It must be brushed down on the face;
  • in the next stage, haircut begins in the region of the crown and
    temples. First stands a strand on the top, which is combed out
    perpendicular to the head and shorn at the desired length. it
    the control strand, being equal on it, is cut all hair on both
    side of the vertical parting. At the same time the head should be
    tilted down. Each subsequent strand should be done a little
    longer than the previous one. They should be separated by an arched parting,
    parallel to the hairline on the forehead, and overlap.
    In the face, the hair is cut along the concave line;
  • To perform the last stage is edging.
    The elongated lower strands on the back of the head must be shaped as a trapezoid, and
    fillet the tips around the contour.

Rhapsody for long curly hair should be done
especially carefully and only by an experienced master. Professionals not
recommend curly hair to cut off the top of your head too short,
because it will gain extra volume, and the hair will begin to push.

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