Roman hairstyle: possible variations and ways styling

roman hairstyle photoNot everyone knows
what a hairstyle with the name “fountain” or “babette” looks like, but
Roman hairstyle is so popular now that you can meet her
not only at fashion shows and theme parties, but just
the girls on the street or in a cafe. Such styling is so popular that
done effortlessly and fits like a long, medium, so
and short hair. Hairstyles are completely different
some of them can be considered universal, while others are made by
to some specific reason. You can do, of course, any
hairstyle, but in that case there is a risk of looking stupid.

When should I do a roman hairstyle?

Roman hairstyle is a hairstyle not for every day, but more
Still suitable for events in the evening.
The only true clothing option for this hairstyle will be
dress, but for jeans and breeches, you can think of something

It is important to understand that you can not do a Roman hairstyle for any
occasion and in combination with any outfit because of the ease of its creation.
Greek hairstyle with forehead bandage emphasize
the elegance of the image, its sophistication. Go to the store for bread
either go rollerblading in the park and do it before
roman hairstyle is tantamount to wearing an evening dress
instead of a swimsuit on the beach – it can be as much as you like,
but not the topic.

What are the variations of Roman hairstyles?

Despite the complexity and large amount of baroque hairstyles,
she is as specific as the roman hairstyle, only roman
make it much easier, and it is more acceptable in our time. Beautiful
Hair can be laid in a hairstyle in three ways.

The easiest option is to collect the hair on the sides and fix it
with a hairpin, then hair from the tail should be held higher, almost at
top of the head itself. After this simple procedure should be worn

Option number 2 assumes the presence of vertical parting and thin
braided dressings. When the hair is separated and wearing a bandage,
strands are twisted and hooked to the bandage. Fix this
hairstyle in the Greek style, you can use stealth.

Another type of roman hairstyle is wrapped on
the side and the hair collected in the tail around the face. After
tail assembled, you need to wear a bandage. Important feature namely
this type of roman hairstyle, unlike the hairstyle in the eastern
style, for example, is that it is better if the hair will

Features of the Roman hairstyle for different hair lengths

roman hairstyle featuresTo make such
beauty, like a roman hairstyle, is better on short hair
use bandages in the form of a rim or gum, maybe even
use tape or hoop. If you do hair in the Greek
style, often used double or triple hoop. Important factor
when choosing a bandage or rim is a combination with other
accessories that are planned to be used.

In order for the hair to be more docile and not knocked out of
hairstyles due to their small length, better than their pre
lightly screw on curlers or curling. For owners of hair
medium length can be separated part of the hair on one side and
dress them up under the bandage. It must be done carefully to
The hairstyle has not broken up. The same should be done with the remaining
part of the hair, then it turns out that the bandage is entangled in two waves.
Such hairstyles as Roman are versatile, as they fit
for any length of hair.

Medium hair is perfect for hairstyles in the Greek style,
as the length is not too short, but not too long.

Long hair, as well as medium, can be wrapped, and you can wear
wide bandage and put your hair back. For long hair there is a mass
ways to diversify your roman hairstyle.

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