Romance and carelessness: hairstyles on the side

asymmetryNegligent effect or smooth wave in style
Hollywood – these trends show the stars on the carpet.
Today, they are increasingly choosing styling their hair on the side.

Perfectly laid curls or simple, like sloppy bunches –
Such stacking fails without special training. Consider
what are the features of laying on its side and
trace what types of such hairstyles are.

  • 1 Laying on the side with curls
    • 1.1 Curls with a pile and without
    • 1.2 Curls with braids
  • 2 Side beam
  • 3 Wedding hairstyles with asymmetry
    • 3.1 How to make a fishtail braid with curls
    • 3.2 Aerial side beam
    • 3.3 Horse tail
  • 4 Evening laying on the side
    • 4.1 Romantic with curls
    • 4.2 Youth
  • 5 piling with braids
    • 5.1 Greek weaving
    • 5.2 Four-spit braid
    • 5.3 French braid
  • 6 Conclusion

Laying on the side with curls

Create an elegant curl on the head that will fall without problems and
hold on the head the whole evening is not so easy. Exists
the basis that will help curl hold and not stray. There are two
types of known styling: curls with a pile and curls with braids.

Curls with velvet and without

The effect of negligence and simple elegance can be achieved
creating a hairstyle on the head on the basis of curls and fleece. To start
apply mousse, foam or powder on the hair roots. Then gently
with a fine comb, separate your hair and carefully comb it

Curls with a pile

Only when the necessary volume is obtained proceed to
creating curls. Take the middle curler and gently
go through the hair, carefully tearing the hair apart. At first
curl the lower strands, taking the upper ones with the help of crabs, and then
proceed to the top and front strands, as in the photo:

master class curls and velvet

Curls should not be too tight, because you do
careless styling. After all the strands are subjected
heat treat, take hairspray and walk thoroughly
hairstyle Do not forget that you are laying on a side parting,
therefore evenly distribute the product and stab the side strand into
area brows invisible.

Curls can be beautifully laid and without a fleece in the event that they
you are naturally thick as in this video:

Curls with braids

For this hairstyle you will need mousse or foam. Apply on
hair means over the entire length, slightly receding from the roots.

Then make a side parting and take a small strand in the area.
temple, start weaving pigtails, leaving the area of ​​the crown.

Curls with braids

Also do with the second side. Sliver both side braids
invisible, hiding the tips. Then take the middle curler and
walk the entire length of the hair, carefully curling each curl.
After that, take the hairspray and fix the hair.

This video details a slightly different creation technique.
this spectacular hairstyle:

Side beam

Bundles – this is relevant and trendy. This hairstyle will take
just a couple of minutes, and it will look spectacular and fresh.
Side beam easy to do on slightly dirty
hair, apply dry shampoo on them and scrub

Side beam

Then take a curling iron and curl large curls. Thereafter
pick up your hair in a tight tail and scroll in several times,
creating a bundle. Got out loose hairs

Kill the bundle itself with the help of these barrettes, its base can be
also create with a special rubber band for the beams. For
fixing the result, apply hairspray on your hair.

Wedding hairstyles with asymmetry

Wedding hairstyles with asymmetryThe bride always wants to create
unique image.

A fresh and trendy look at wedding hairstyles can create
laying on the basis of braids and beams on the side.

Now asymmetry in fashion, more than ever.

Consider the popular options.

How to make a fishtail braid with curls

Use a pigtail weave on the side parting using
“fish tail” techniques are when strands are not woven
outside and inside.

Then slaughter the braid, and curl the loose strands. Secure
hairstyle varnish. This image is suitable for light and airy clothes, and
also romantic images.

Spit fish tail with curls

Air side beam

The bundle on its side is made on the basis of a special elastic band, which
will hold the hair. But you can use the good old
invisible. To keep the hair in the hairstyle, apply on
them easy styling mousse, and then curl strands of large
curling iron

Aerial side beam

You can also use accessories – a large hairpin or
secure veil elegantly. It is important that the hair at the roots does not
knocked out and were perfectly smooth.


To hairstyle looked spectacular and was appropriate at the wedding,
used perm on large curling. Hair same
at the roots laid with the help of the gel – they should be perfect


The tail itself is better to do with an invisible eraser and good
curl the tips. This style looks good with bangs, she
suitable for cheeky ladies who want to show their
Individuality and show authority and passion.

Evening laying on the side

Impress guests with the perfect look and feel.
modern, but not too elaborate, you can, if you use
items laying on the side.

Romantic with curls

This styling is done quite easily, it is often used to
graduation party To begin, divide the hair into a side parting
apply foam on them.

After curl strands to the middle of the small curling. Curls gather
in the tail on the side, and on top make a little bouffant. No varnish for
the fact that the volume did not sleep, can not do.

Romantic styling with curls


This styling is done using colored barrettes, as in
nineties. Curl your hair and then stab a piece
rectangular colored hairpins, the second part is taken away in a bunch
on the side. Fill all with varnish with sparkles to have a styling effect in
style “Wild Angel”.

Youth styling


Laying on the side of the braids look spectacular and
romantic at the same time. They differ in that with such
laying can be safely held all day.

Greek weaving

The famous hairstyle based on the Greek braids will fit
owners of medium and long hair. First you need to comb
parted hair. Then the separated strands need to be braided in
braids, on the one hand, the braid will be shorter than on the other.

Greek weaving

The location of the spit begins from the nape. Then stretch
weaving as if it is a casual hairstyle, giving pigtails
volume, then connect them around the head in the form of a crown,
fastening studs.

After that, hide the tips of the invisible and add a little varnish
on the hair.

This video details the wedding styling for long
thin hair with a Greek braid:

Four-spit braid

Spit from the history of the Celts long conquered the fashionistas of all
of the world. It is not woven as usual. The basis are
four strands. First, comb the hair at the roots and pick it up high.

Four-Spit Spit Select the main strand, weave into it
main braid. Then all the woven strands lift up this
main strand and lower all strands down. If weaving goes on
the side parting, the strand must be taken from the side, and already weave into it
remaining hair

Learn more about how to braid a 4-strand braid with diagrams and video.
can be found here: Spit for every taste, 28 photos

French braid

This hairstyle will make you a princess out
fairy tales. To start curl your hair on a large curling iron.
Collect them on one side and leave the side strand near the ear, where
You will weave a braid.

French braid

Weave from three strands from the opposite ear, turning on
diagonal to the second ear. Leave a few careless strands.

Braid braid in the technique of “fish tail”, dividing the hair into two
parts. Then pin the tip or take it with a rubber band. Effect
negligence adds to the image of romanticism.


Hairstyles firmly settled on the side in the image of every fashionista. They
Look good on owners of long hair.

However, there are many variations of asymmetric styling for both medium and
short hair: Fashionable asymmetry: 28 options with a photo for hair
middle length; The shaven temple is the hairstyle of a fashionable girl; Creative
haircuts for short hair: not a modest option.

Please note that such styling is not possible without
application of styling products, stealth, curling. therefore
get ready before you do your hair.

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