Romantic curls using the ironing – this simply!

how to make curls ironingThe dream of many girls – elastic curls,
quite the same as in the films about the fatal beauties. In order to
To achieve this effect, many adaptations were invented:
papilotki, curlers, curling iron, chemistry and … hair straightener. If with
the first four positions everything is clear, then how to make curls
ironing? After all, it is not intended for this at all! But with his help
You can achieve an amazing result, and your hair will look
no worse than using curling or curlers.

To create a Hollywood diva hairstyle you need to have in your

  • hair straightener;
  • combs (massage and comb);
  • mousse or hair foam;
  • hair spray;
  • balm or styling cream.

Before you start creating hairstyles, remember that the temperature
the ironing is much higher than that of the curling, so there is no need to overdo it
strands, otherwise they can simply burn. To avoid this you need
Choose the right temperature for each hair type. If hair
weakened and clarified, the temperature should not exceed 150 ° C,
for normal hair – no more than 160 ° С, and for thick and hard
hair, you can choose a temperature up to 220 ° C.

If there is no thermostat, you need to consider that the iron has
maximum heating force, which ones can be found in the instructions for
him Before laying it is always applied with thermal protection.
When laying is done the first time, it is better to lower the temperature.
heating and do not hold for too long. If the result is not
that, you need to let the curl cool and then re-start it

Curly Technology

Curls with the help of the ironing are created simply and quickly, even the curling is not
compared with him for simplicity and convenience.

So, the hair is ready for treatment. In the first case, you need to grab
strand and clamp it with a straightener at a distance of 10-15 cm from the roots,
then wrap the strand around it once and slowly guide the iron
down (the device at this time is rotated 180 °). Tip curl across
If desired, you can twist it in or out, but with a smooth movement.
To get a free falling wave, irons need to lead
down faster. This way you can get elastic or free

Zigzag curls

These curls came into vogue recently, but use
very popular. They look like an original medium
so on long hair. To create zigzag curls
ironing, you need a regular foil, which should be the same
length, like hair, and its width should be twice the size
strands. Hair is good to comb, and one strand is wrapped in foil,
how to do when highlighting, thus, it will turn out flat
an envelope from which no hair is visible. After this envelope
folds harmonica, starting from the tips, and clamped
the rectifier for 5 seconds, the temperature must be no higher
120 ° C. Then you need to pull the harmonica down, and, waiting for when
foil cool, take it off. Ready curls need to shake hands, but not


There is another way to make beautiful curls with an iron. He is not
will take a lot of time, and your hair will look elegant and beautiful.
It is necessary to apply protection, separate one strand and twist it with a cord,
after that, go through the rectifier along the entire length of the harness from different
sides to make it hot. So curls are made quickly and easily.

Short curls

How to make curls ironing on short hair? Girls with
small hair length can create a beautiful and voluminous hairstyle
without any difficulties.

Strands of hair need to lift at the roots and stretch between
the rectifier, slightly rotating it and bending the ends in the right direction.
The size and intensity of curls depends only on the wishes
the owner

There is a small secret that all girls need to take into account: what
thinner strand, the more elastic and springy will be curls in

Do not forget that to resort to such advances in technology,
as a rectifier, should not be too often, since this is undoubtedly
will affect the quality of hair. Better for daily curling
use something more harmless – curlers or papilotki.

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