Romantic French braids for each

French braidNow increasingly
You can meet girls with braided French braid. There are even
five-minute hairdressers who specialize exclusively
on weaving of braids. French braid hairstyle is done quickly and
very romantic, because so quickly gained popularity in all
the world.

Interestingly, the French braid has nothing to do with
France itself. The first time she was seen on the rock drawings in
Algeria, there were depicted women with the first prototypes
french braid Later, this hairstyle was popular in Greece,
what can be observed in ancient Greek statues. In chinese
painting also found female portraits with this scythe on his head.
French braid called, because France is considered the capital
fashion, although now she has the palm trying to wrest

French braids can be woven the other way round, on the side, in a zigzag manner, as on
long and short hair. Fantasy hairdressers does not have

The braid, on the contrary, is woven as well as the usual one, with only one
feature – strands of hair are intertwined with each other not from above, but
below. The effect achieved is simply amazing. French pigtail
suitable for any type of face, and even thin and sparse hair with her
using look thick. The length for this hairstyle does not have
values, it is not suitable only for very short hair.

Weaving in French style

In order to braid the French braid yourself, do not
It takes a lot of skill, except a great desire. Initially
hair should be put in order, that is, washed and dried. Important,
so that the hair is not electrified, but with this can help lavender
oil: you need to put a drop or two on the comb.

The French braid starts right from the forehead. Upper hair
need to be divided into three sections, the thicker these sections are, the
more impressive and more beautiful will be the braid. To read weave braids should
from the right strand, it is shifted under the middle strand. Left should
lie under the right, which is currently in the middle.
Then on the left you need to separate part of the hair and connect it with the middle
strand, at that moment it will be on the left. After this strand need
move to the middle, and repeat the same actions from the right
by the side. Continue until desired.
spit length To give the hairstyle even more volume, you need
pull loops of hair, fasten it all with varnish so that the braid does not
disheveled, and you can safely go on a date.

Hairstyles with French braids are preferred by modern
brides decorating her braid with flowers, rhinestones, pearls and


Similar braids trudge on classical technology
weave strands. They create a relief pattern on the hair and
braided in the blink of an eye.

First of all, you need a vertical parting to divide the hair into
two sections. Any of them secure with a rubber band or barrette so as not to
interfered with. Separate one curl from the chin and twist it
several times, then press down with your hand. Second hand do those
manipulate and twist once with the first strand, after which
press again.

Separate the third strand and twist again. Harness consisting of
three strands, twist and secure with a rubber band.

Then you need to dissolve the remaining hair and do the same.
the most. After that, braids twine elastic.

Fishtail or spikelet

French braidHair need
comb back and separate the thin strand from the temples. Then cross
between them, the right is on top. From under the left you need
separate another strand, and twist the left and right strands. After
already from under the right grab a small lock and twist again. AND
continue until all hair is left
captured. Hairdo secure with gum or tape. Such
braids look very attractive when they are not tightened and
down on the shoulder, creating the effect of disheveled. When looking at
This hairstyle comes to mind associations with a mermaid, which
rose from the seabed.

You can weave a French braid in an unusual way, then
there is no top down, and bottom up. Weaving begins on the neck,
then it goes to the back of the head and upwards, this ends
beauty of the original beam on the head. The effect is very inspiring, with
This hairstyle can be visited and an important event, and go to

The French braid can not reach the tips, and
fasten on the neck, and the very ends screw the curling iron and lay.

In addition to the classic three-row braid there is also a four-row,
which looks very unusual. It is considered from right to left. 2 and 4
strands lay respectively on 1 and 3. To the side strands need
add new, as is done in the classic. 1 need to put
by 4, 3 by 1, 2 by 3. And so continue to the desired length of the braid.

Previously, every noble lady had a maid who made her
hairstyles, now this function is performed by friends and relatives, but if
there is no one who could build an evening hairstyle, independent
weaving braids will save from monotony. Teach weaving braids altogether
it is not difficult, especially since it can be “diluted” with various
decorations that are not suitable for other hairstyles.

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