Rules for hair care. Return to your long hair healthy look and beauty very easy!

girl with a combPeople from old
of times they attached great importance to hair, as they saw in them
source of beauty or the reason for failures in life – depending on their
states. Values ​​such as strength, independence,
individuality and self-consciousness were associated with hair.
To this day, to give their appearance a unique style, people
constantly doing with their curls all sorts of manipulations,
such as haircut, dyeing, curling, straightening, coating
varnish and other cosmetics. But, only correct
hair care will provide them with a healthy look, shine, beauty and
elasticity. After all, curls are a vivid illustration of absolute
diversity of people living on our planet.

For example, on the top of a sumo wrestler, a bunch of hair causes associations
with his sporting activities. This bundle is solemnly cut off
at the end of his career as a wrestler. Or in Cambodia it is customary to do
special haircuts to the bride and groom for removal from marrying
the effects of evil forces. Men living in Malaysia, by law
It is forbidden to wear long hair, in the state of Punjab in India,
on the contrary, a man wearing a short neat haircut faces
the death penalty.

What are the types of hair?

Since the hairstyle is the dominant factor in appearance
man, he will always try to give her a perfect look. AND,
it means that proper hair care comes to the fore and their
health. To do this, you first need to determine your hair type,
otherwise you risk worsening their condition. Curls are divided into dry,
normal, mixed and fat.

Dry strands reflect light very poorly, resulting in
their look is dull, without gloss. They are easily confused and torn,
split at the tips, hard to comb. Often dry hair
is the result of improper care, and not lowering
sebaceous gland activity.

Normal hair reflects well and light.
shimmer in the sun. If your curls almost never split,
resilient, have a lively appearance, easy to comb and fit, then
you follow all the rules of hair care using the means
which suit you. But, unfortunately, rarely meet
trouble free strands.

Mixed hair is usually long curls that
the roots are fat, and on the tips are dry. This is due to the fact that
hair over the entire length of grease is not enough. Tips of such
strands are often split, because the necessary missing
amount of lubricant. For this type of hair you need an adjusted
diet and comprehensive care using all sorts of special
means. Long hair care should be regular, especially
in the winter.

As for greasy hair, they have a characteristic dull
shine, some time after washing, they stick together and
look untidy, dirty. The fatness of the hair is directly dependent
on how active the sebaceous glands of the scalp. This
activity is laid genetically and is purely
individual. The amount of sebum produced by the glands
depends to some extent on the amount of fat and carbohydrates,
consumed with food.

How to wash your hair?

girl washes her headSo what
does it mean proper hair care? The washing up
– the most important component of the list of care procedures
head of hair. And the reason for this cosmetic and hygienic
goals For healthy strands that are not depleted or damaged,
timely and proper washing – mandatory and sufficient
care procedure. The question of the frequency of washing the head is solved purely
individually. One will be enough once a week, and
others will need 2-3 washes. Professional care tips
hair will help to achieve the desired result. Now there is
very popular online community “Cosmetist” where
It is these tips, as well as feedback on the means of various
manufacturers of cosmetics. Also some recommendations can be
read below.

Those who use varnishes, mousses, gels and other things every day
hair care products, preferably daily
wash the hair because all these tools lead to weighting
curls, which is extremely unfavorable for their quality. For
everyday washing need to use soft shampoos,
designed specifically for this.

Water should not be too cold or too hot, 35-45
ºС – optimal temperature.

The drier the hair, the warmer the water should be. Besides this, not
It is recommended to apply shampoo on dry hair.

Lather hair must be at least 2 times. At the first soaping
with strands removed part of the sebum, dirt and dust, and only when
secondary application of shampoo comes its therapeutic effect. Need to
remember that after using hair cosmetics
rinse thoroughly with water and do not allow
elements of detergents remained on the surface. Main –
Proper selection of tools for washing hair. Soap does not fit
categorically because it destroys the protective emulsion
water-lipid film not only from the hair, but also from the head. After such
wash curls are damaged and become too dry, dull,
worse comb. In order not to harm the hair and at the same time rinse
with dirt, dust and accumulated fat, you need to use shampoo.
It has a naturally acidic acidic for hair and skin.
acts much softer than soap.

What is the best shampoo and other useful tips

shampooYou can choose the best shampoo for yourself
on a simple principle: read the text on the packaging and
buy one that suits your hair type as well,
Having tried the tool, analyze the results. Clean beautiful
shiny, easily combed hair suggests that
the result is positive. After washing the head, it is desirable to put on
a head of special rinse that performs several
functions: gives the strands elasticity, facilitates combing and
drying. Ideal option – use of a conditioner and
shampoo of the same brand, because the action of the shampoo will be
as effectively as possible supplemented with rinse action.

There are special tools for express treatment, they
Great for fall hair care. On the hair
follicle they have a nourishing and regenerating effect.
So that the healing effect is deeper, fuller and longer
use folk remedies, for example, masks that are sufficient
apply on curls twice a week for 20-25 minutes. For no one
the secret that traditional medicine is one of the most
effective, and numerous reviews and videos – to that
the confirmation.

Professional hair care will make them
really beautiful and healthy!

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