Salicylic acid acne

Use of salicylic acid to eliminate acne
acne and pustular eruptions on the skin – old, but pretty
effective and affordable way to care for problem skin. In nature
Aspirin derivative is found in willow bark and raspberry leaves.
The finished product in the form of an alcohol solution (1-2%) can be found in
pharmacy. Salicylic acid can work wonders, but only when
its proper use. Since it is to some extent
aggressive chemical neglecting safety measures
and failure to follow instructions can lead to disastrous
the consequences.

Salicilovaea kislota


  • Healing properties of salicylic acid
  • How to use the drug
  • Salicylic Acid Remedies
  • Talker for acne: home use

Healing properties of salicylic acid

The drug is intended for external use and has
distracting, irritating, anti-inflammatory action.
Being keratoplastic and keratolytic agent,
salicylic acid is widely used in cosmetology for the treatment of
cosmetic defects and some skin diseases.

In addition, salicylic acid has a number of other
healing properties:

  • the substance has a drying effect;
  • phenolic acid copes with stains that
    remain after the wrong treatment of acne – post-acne;
  • salicylic acid is an excellent antiseptic she
    destroys the bacteria of the species Propionibacterium acnes, causing
    skin acne;
  • the agent is able to suppress the secretion of both sebaceous and sweat
  • salicylic acid is exactly like its derivatives has
    vasoconstrictor, antipruritic effect in the affected areas;
  • Salicylic effectively fights black dots by dissolving or
    discoloring them.

Salicylic mixture is considered an excellent cosmetic product.
acid with glycolic. It is ideal for peeling, deep cleansing.
skin, preventing the formation of acne. No chemical
the reaction between these two acids reduces the chance
occurrence of side effects after the procedure to a minimum.

Despite the many advantages of the drug, its use in rare
cases is contraindicated. Such a method as salicylic
acid from acne, not suitable for pregnancy, dryness and
peeling of the skin, hypersensitivity to the drug and renal

How to use the drug

If salicylic acid is used for the first time, then start
need with 1% solution. In the treatment of problem skin at home
conditions from highly concentrated solutions – 5 and 10% – better
refuse at all. To perform the procedure, you will need cotton
tampon, the agent itself, access to running water. Next steps
are simple.

We wet cotton wool in salicylic acid solution, gently
wipe the skin of the face. With only a few pimples,
means we apply a dot when rashes are more, we process
“salicylic” whole face. This prevents the emergence of new

It is necessary to wipe the skin for a few seconds, until
there will be a slight tingling sensation. This is a normal reaction.
meaning that the drug has begun to act.

When treating the skin with concentrated solutions, the face is slightly
rinsed with water, thus neutralizing the action of the acid.
When using 1, 2, or 3%, this is not necessary.

For the treatment of acne used 1-2% alcohol solution
salicylic acid, solutions of higher concentration may
cause a burn.

It should be noted that, despite its magical properties,
salicylic acid does not give immediate results. For this
sometimes it takes 2-3 months. Therefore, you need to be patient and
regularly carry out procedures, rationally using them as
separately drug, and funds containing additional
active ingredients.

Remember that this is still an acid, follow the exact dosage and
Watch for exposure time. When used incorrectly
remedies may experience such unpleasant effects as:

  • itching and peeling;
  • irritation;
  • skin dryness;
  • redness;
  • new inflammations.
  • burn.

Salicylic Acid Remedies

When choosing an agent with phenolic acid from alcohol-containing
drugs it is better to abstain, since alcohol acts detrimental
skin condition, draining it and destroying its protective barrier. The
more that there are other types of cosmetic preparations with
salicylic acid and a number of related substances actively
struggling with the problem.

Widespread use in dermatology received paste, in the composition
which are present in addition to salicylic acid, beneficial
trace elements that enhance the action of the so-called “salicylic”.
For example, zinc contained in salicylic-zinc paste,
dries pimples and eliminates inflammation even after a one-time
use, and sulfur in sulfur-salicylic ointment eliminates acne.
rashes and copes with demodex – a parasitic tick.

Peeling agent combining salicylic and glycolic
acid gives a striking result. After the procedure, the pores are cleaned,
and the skin breathes, saturated with oxygen.

Talk with salicylic acid is usually made in
pharmacy. The composition of the mash depending on the degree of skin lesions
Acne and the reasons for their appearance can be very different. It can
enter ethyl alcohol, chloramphenicol, sulfur, boric acid,
streptocide, etc. Talker cleans the pores of sebaceous plugs, removes
irritation and redness, relieves inflammation of the skin, dries
all sorts of rashes.

Talker for acne: home use

The drug is prescribed by a dermatologist after delivery.
certain analyzes. The doctor writes a prescription for acne
which is usually prepared in a pharmacy. In the manufacture of talkers
The type of skin and its condition are always taken into account. Acne Talker
used in combination with a special diet.

The talker recipe is simple and consists of available components,
so you can cook it at home. Big
popular due to its effective action in the treatment of
rash enjoys a talker for acne with salicylic acid.

To prepare such a drug yourself, you will need
The following substances: 50 ml of salicylic acid 2%, the same boric
acid, 7 g of precipitated sulfur and the same amount of streptocide.
Thoroughly mix the ingredients and pour into a glass container
– bottle or flask. The talker is ready. Now a few rules

  • Apply the product should be only once a day. It is better
    process with a cotton swab dipped in a mash, specifically
    sites with rashes. When applying mash on the entire surface
    skin is very likely to dry it.
  • Acne treatment with salicylic acid is used in the evening for
    two hours to sleep. Do not overdo it, abundantly rubbing into the skin
    a drug. Before applying the face must be cleaned beforehand.
    appropriate cosmetics intended for
    problem skin care.
  • After removing the talker from the skin, it should be covered with any
    moisturizer. It is recommended to use for these purposes

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