Salicylic peeling – healing and rejuvenation in one procedure

One of the most common and sought after species
peeling today is a chemical peeling using
salicylic acid. In cosmetology, this method of cleansing and
skin rejuvenation began to be used for a long time, however
this day continues to be the most secure safe and
effective. Making a positive impact on the structure
the surface layer of the skin, salicylic peeling evens its relief
and color. This procedure can significantly improve the condition of the skin,
bypassing surgery.


  • What is salicylic peeling
  • How does salicylic acid on the skin
  • The steps of the salicylic acid peeling procedure
  • Benefits of Salicylic Peeling
  • Indications and contraindications for the procedure

What is salicylic peeling

Cosmetic procedure based on the use of salicylic
or phenolic acid as the main component, called
salicylic peeling. The effect of cleansing the skin and eliminating various
defects on it are achieved thanks to unique properties
substances that contribute to the complete elimination of dead cells
epidermis. As a result, the skin is renewed.

Salicylic acid peeling

This type of peeling is shown to representatives of different
ages, it is quite effective and has a good impact
on the skin.

Acid peels are different from mechanical peels
skin exposure. They provide the release of new cells,
dissolving the upper layers of the skin, rather than scraping them. Peeling
salicylic acid is suitable for almost everyone, because
contraindications to its use are few.

There are two types of salicylic peeling: superficial,
involving the use of a 15% solution of phenolic acid and
mid-surface with the use of a 30% solution of the substance.
The first method is characterized by a gentle light effect, then
how the second acts deeper, leveling the skin relief.

How does salicylic acid on the skin

The name salicylic acid is derived from the word “salix”, which
translated from Latin as “willow”. The bark of this tree and served
the material from which the first Italian chemist Piria
synthesized acid. The resulting substance was first known as
anti-inflammatory agent. It was included as
antipyretic component in the composition of a number of drugs. But on
For many years now, acid has been used to create ointments,
concentrated essences and various chemical solutions.

Due to phenolic acid, salicylic peeling has
amazing result on the skin. Possessing strong keratotic
properties, it dissolves keratinized cells that hinder
skin renewal process. Easily penetrating even into deep layers.
the epidermis, the substance stimulates collagen synthesis. Skin becomes
fresh and supple.

Salicylic acid

Salicylic acid is a terrible enemy for bacteria
Propionibacterium acnes, which die from interaction with

Salicylic acid fights germs and has
anti-inflammatory effect, so salicylic peeling with
using this substance is recommended for the treatment of folliculitis
and some types of dermatitis. Properly selected type of procedure
helps to achieve complete elimination of pigmentation, wrinkles and small
skin defects.

The steps of the salicylic acid peeling procedure

It must be remembered that when salicylic peeling is a burn
the surface layer of the skin and, as a result, its exfoliation. Here is
why this method should certainly be carried out under control
professionals. It is also obligatory to observe hygiene and
safety standards. This will help avoid unpleasant consequences.
The peeling session lasts an average of 30-40 minutes.
It consists of three stages:

  • Thorough cleansing and removal of excess fat from the skin of the face.
  • Drawing on the working area of ​​salicylic acid solution.
  • Application of neutralizing action of the solution components.

Within 7-10 days after the procedure such changes are possible.
like peeling and redness on the skin. But this is not a reason for
worries because these minor annoyances are
natural response of the body and gradually pass. the main thing
caution – do not try to remove the lagging layer by yourself

Benefits of Salicylic Peeling

As with any cosmetic procedure, salicylic peeling has
a number of advantages, thanks to which it is becoming more and
more popular.

Peeling Result

Salicylic peeling may have some
negative effects (swelling, redness, burning, peeling and
etc.), but they usually pass within a few

  • One of the main advantages of this peeling is simplicity.
    performance and the ability to independently control
  • Salicylic peeling helps to eliminate various rashes
    and other defects on the skin of the face and body. Exfoliating procedure
    fights early signs of aging skin.
  • Peeling with salicylic acid is distinguished by its safety,
    as completely non-toxic.
  • The procedure can be performed on almost all parts of the body,
    It is suitable for patients of different ages (from 25-30 years old and
  • When peeling salicylic acid does not harm deep
    skin layers, penetrating hair follicles and pores.
  • Salicylic peeling leaves minimal irritation on the skin,
    therefore, the risk of complications is significantly reduced.

Indications and contraindications for the procedure

The need for chemical peeling is associated with the appearance
certain skin problems. Is there evidence for the implementation
procedures, can only be established by an experienced specialist. So,
Peeling can be performed when the following indications are available:

  • the presence of seborrheic dermatitis;
  • acne diseases (1-2 severity);
  • inflammation of hair follicles;
  • increased pigmentation;
  • effects of acne treatment;
  • age-related skin changes and photo-aging.

Despite the many benefits of salicylic peeling,
in some cases it is contraindicated. The reasons for the ban

  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • aggravation of herpes;
  • inflammations on the working surface;
  • damage to the skin;
  • intolerance to certain components of the peeling mixture;
  • hypersensitive skin;

Salicylic peeling procedure is not recommended during the season.
increased sun activity. The best time for her is
autumn and winter and preferably cloudy weather.

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