Salon and home remedies enlarged pores on face


Looking for effective ways to remove enlarged pores on the face,
which aggravate the already problematic skin? We will tell you
how to get rid of them: find out and eliminate the causes, take a course
salon procedures, to provide skin with decent care, choose
branded products and homemade masks.


  • Causes of enlarged pores
  • Salon treatments
  • Extended pore skin care
  • Brand funds
  • Home remedies for narrowing the pores on the face

The pores are called the small openings of the channels of the sebaceous and sweat channels.
glands on the surface of the skin. Thanks to them, carried
thermoregulation. Through them, fat and sweat are derived, the epidermis
it is moistened and softened, protection against various
dangerous external factors and drying out. The problem with them is usually
occurs in owners of oily or combination skin. Greasy
glands produce an excessive amount of secretion, which contributes
expansion of the pores and becomes dangerous to health. They accumulate in
imagine keratinized epithelium, dirt, fat. Mouths are blocked
hair follicles, acne and comedones are formed. Are activated
bacteria provoking pustules, infiltrates,
boils, abscesses and other inflammations. Usually,
enlarged pores on the face are most noticeable on the nose,
forehead, chin (the same T-zone), less often – on the cheeks.

Why there are enlarged pores on the face

Causes of enlarged pores

With oily skin, too much greasy accumulates in the pores.
secretions, because the glands do not work properly – in an enhanced
mode. Now imagine what will happen if the elastic capacity
hammer something to the limit – it will stretch. Also
the same thing happens with the pores. It usually begins in the period
puberty, and over time the problem is only
aggravated. Deeper causes of extended
pores on the face are rooted in hormonal disorders, internal
diseases and individual characteristics of each individual

  • genetic predisposition;
  • hormonal disorders that occur in the female body
    during pregnancy, lactation, hormonal
    contraceptives, menopause, menopause;
  • puberty (13-17 years);
  • adverse environmental factors;
  • unbalanced diet if the diet is too much
    carbohydrates, spices, animal fats;
  • bad habits;
  • wrong, inadequate skin care: poor quality
    cleansing, using the wrong (not suitable or cheap)
    cosmetics, excessive use of foundation and powder;
  • impaired metabolism;
  • digestive problems;
  • malfunction of the nervous system;
  • weak immunity;
  • overabundance of ultraviolet radiation (permanent tanning).

Try to understand why the pores on the face
expanded in your case. This will help take a number of very
beneficial measures that along with the main methods of treatment
will get rid of the scourge. For example, if hormones are to blame,
there is a sense to ask for the help the endocrinologist. Clean up the
Cosmetic and normalize food can be on its own.
Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and the nervous system is better to trust the appropriate
to specialists. So eliminate the root cause – and take
directly for treatment. If you want to reach the maximum
effect, start immediately with effective activities – salon

Did you know that— in dermatology pores
called light skin?

What to do if the face has enlarged pores

Why does the post acne remain on the face and what can be done.

Don’t like a dark face? You can whiten your tan at home.

Salon treatments

If you sign up for salon procedures for
enlarged pores on the face, you will receive a specialist consultation and
a course of sessions that will significantly improve the condition of your
skin. Since beauty and youth today are in trend, and hardware
cosmetology continues to evolve at leaps and bounds
Modern beauty industry offers women numerous
techniques and techniques that not only narrow, but also carefully
cleans the enlarged, gaping pores.

  1. Darsonvalization – effects on the skin
    ultrasound that makes pores beautifully narrow to
    normal sizes.
  2. Disinfection – cleansing of enlarged pores
    electrophoresis in combination with alkaline agents.
  3. Injection Mesotherapy – the introduction of cocktails
    from hyaluronic acid, vitamins, homeopathic ingredients,
    phosphatidylcholine, amino acids.
  4. Cryotherapy – treatment of enlarged pores with cold
    which causes them to taper.
  5. Laser is one of the most sought after and
    effective ways to remove enlarged pores on the face (in particular –
    photorejuvenation). It acts dottedly and is minimal.
  6. Mechanical cleansing of the face, which is often
    prescribed for this cosmetic defect, it is doubtful
    dermatologists. Yes, it removes all skin debris, but not always
    contributes to the narrowing of enlarged pores, but differs in increased
  7. Microdermabrasion – diamond skin cleaning
    tipped. Acts just like peeling. Can be purchased
    apparatus for home use.
  8. Peeling fruit acids still more
    effective because of the burning of the surface (keratinized)
    layer of the epidermis the bottom of the pores rises, and they become much
  9. Plasmolifting – the introduction of plasma under the skin
    own body.
  10. Professional masks based on
    algae, clay, polymers and other innovative and natural
    ingredients will help to cope with this scourge.

In the cosmetology office after the examination, the specialist will tell you
how to remove enlarged pores on the face in your
case. It will rely on skin type, personality,
state of health and the root cause of this scourge. Yes i have to
lay out a rather large amount for a full course of several
procedures. However, the results will surely please you: not only
pore sizes will decrease, but wrinkles will also decrease, and
the complexion will improve and the skin will become supple and elastic. What if
in parallel, to ensure proper care for your epidermis, from
misfortune will not remain a trace.

Helpful advice. Go to the salon on
a procedure to narrow the enlarged pores on the face follows
winter or early spring. Otherwise, ultraviolet will negate them.
therapeutic and cosmetic effects.

Salon procedures for enlarged pores on the face

Extended pore skin care

Immediately it is worth making a reservation that facials with
enlarged pores – it is very laborious and requires considerable
strength and patience. On the one hand, these are necessary measures, without which
The healing process can be delayed indefinitely. WITH
On the other hand, without the same salon procedures and cosmetic
The result may be too weak. maybe
achieve a slight narrowing and cleansing, but completely rid
from the problem can only complex unremitting and daily action.
So, what to do with extended pores on the face: tips from
dermatologists and cosmetologists.

  1. Conduct home cryotherapy: start every morning with
    rubbing the face with ice cubes that can be frozen
    pieces of fruit, herbs, leaves of grass.
  2. Twice a week to steam the skin over a steam bath with
    medicinal herbs and arrange her total cleaning scrubs.
    Home peeling works wonders with oily and problem skin.
  3. After that – make homemade masks with cosmetic clay,
    egg white, fruit or berries that narrow the extended
  4. Wash off with no tap water, which only contributes
    even more slagging skin enlarged pores, and herbal
    decoction, pink or micellar water.
  5. Add to skin care products with enlarged pores
    essential oils of cumin, dill, fennel, cedar, pine, spruce.
  6. Practice contrasting washing. But hot water is excluded.
    – only warm.
  7. Normalize nutrition, which determines the condition of the skin. WITH
    it can be used to narrow even very extended
    pores, if you exclude from the daily diet fat,
    sweet, salted, marinated, smoked, flour food, carbonated
    drinks, alcohol.
  8. Apply makeup not with your hands, but with a sponge that absorbs
    all excess fat.
  9. As rarely as possible to use tonal creams and powders,
    giving preference only to those designed specifically for
    skin with enlarged pores.
  10. Regularly humidify and ventilate the room. Daily
    To breathe fresh air.
  11. Do not be nervous and do not worry.
  12. Strengthen immunity.

Here’s how to deal with enlarged pores on the face.
advised by beauticians who know a lot about it. So plan
action you must already be aware of: identifying and eliminating
root causes – specialist advice – course of salon procedures –
regular and appropriate care. In the meantime, we will do
selection of cosmetics for this type of skin.

On a note. Some owners
enlarged pores on the face almost every day arrange for them
peels for total cleaning. However, too frequent, they act
in a completely opposite direction – they contribute even more
pollution and expansion. So everything should be golden
the middle.

Expanded Pore Facial Care

Brand funds

A drying agent for enlarged pores on the face can be
purchase at the pharmacy (good store) or cook at home
conditions. If you want an instant effect and no extra time,
a small rating of brand funds will help
make the appropriate choice.

  1. Pore ​​Control Powder Serum – serum for
    constriction of enlarged pores. The Skin House. South Korea. $ 33.
  2. Tightening Plus Toner – Enlarged Pore Facial Toner.
    The Skin House. South Korea. $ 24.9.
  3. Egg Pore Silky Smooth Balm – a primer for narrowing extended
    since then Tony Moly. South Korea. $ 21.
  4. Pore ​​Tightening Lotion – enlarged pore skin lotion.
    Mizon. South Korea. $ 20.7.
  5. No Sebum Mineral Pact – special powder for
    enlarged pores on the face with minerals to eliminate sebum.
    Innisfree. South Korea. $ 12.4.
  6. Normaderm Nuit Detox – night face cream with
    enlarged pores. Vichy. France. $ 9.4.
  7. Luxury nutrition – oil for face with
    enlarged pores. L’Oreal Paris. France. $ 8.4.
  8. Perfect Pore BB – BB Cream for Masking Enlarged Pores. The
    Saem Saemmul. South Korea. $ 7.8.
  9. Propeller – Matting Cream Primer for masking extended
    pores on face Russia. $ 1.8.
  10. Badyaga Forte – ointment from enlarged pores on
    face. Russia. $ 1.2.

Now you know how to narrow the enlarged pores on the face with
branded cosmetics. Fatty skin owners
there should be a special cosmetic bag that is very important to form
competently. This small top will allow you to do everything with the mind and not
make a mistake with the purchase. If you prefer natural
products best cooked with your own hands in
home conditions.

It is interesting. Most cosmetics for
Enlarged pores are produced in Korea. This is due to
geographical and national characteristics: 90% of Korean women –
oily skin.

How to narrow enlarged pores on the face

Home remedies for narrowing the pores on the face

Looking for the most effective ways to get rid of advanced
pores on face at home? Masks own cooking –
This is what will allow you to eliminate this cosmetic defect.

  • With clay

The best mask for enlarged pores on the face at home
conditions you can cook – with white
cosmetic clay. Mix 15 grams of kaolin, 10 ml glycerol, 2
fennel ether drops. Dilute all this with 30 ml of mineral
still water. Beat until creamy.

  • With airs

Mix 1 drop of mint and lemon esters, 5 ml of cosmetic
Jojoba and hazelnut oils, leave for an hour.

  • With linden

A good face mask from enlarged pores of lime
colors, 15 grams of which in a crushed state is poured 100 ml
hot water, heated on low heat for about 15 minutes.

  • Orange mask

Grind orange pulp and apply orange gruel on
problem area of ​​the face.

  • Berry

Mix 30 grams of strawberry puree with egg white. Add 10 each
g / ml of starch and vegetable oil.

  • Oatmeal

Mix 15 grams of oatmeal and crushed dry lemon
zest, add egg white, 10 ml of lemon juice.

Problem skin with enlarged pores requires special
care, it should not be treated too lightly, expecting that
This cosmetic defect will pass by itself. It is fraught with
the formation of all kinds of inflammations that can trigger
purulent processes. The result – spoiled by scars and scars.
appearance, internal complexes, delayed and prolonged treatment,
complications. Do not allow all this: if you become
hostage to this cosmetic defect, treat this with
all seriousness. Moreover, it is not forever: after 30 years
90% of women oily skin becomes normal and the problem of extended
then goes away by itself. But you should take care of her.
with all responsibility.

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