Salon and home skin care after 50 years: life is just beginning!


We will tell you what skin care after 50
years is a whole anti-age program with anti-aging
effect. These are annual visits to the beauty salon and regular
skin cleaning at home, branded cosmetics and folk
facilities. Learn all the secrets of this age.

Despite the irreversible changes that occur in the skin
fifty women, many of them look amazing. Yes,
there are those who give up and throw themselves away, thinking that
this age, life ends.

But still in the age of cosmetological discoveries and beauty-new products
most of them accept themselves as they are and start
breathe deeply, enjoying freedom, financial
independence and even grandchildren. And, of course, they take care of themselves:
monitor health, eat right, keep figure, physically
are active.

And most importantly – they know what the value for all this
has a facial after 50 years – literate and
timely. For those who are just discovering
features of this amazing age, we reveal it

Competent face care after 50 years

Changes in the skin after 50 years

To skin care after 50 was literate
and full, you need to understand what is happening to her
stage. The first violin here is estrogen, the female hormone,
which unfortunately by this age most women
ceases to be produced in the body.

This is a consequence of menopause. This substance is still at least
somehow, but still forced to produce elastin cells and
collagen fibers. Now it is not necessary to hope for it. AND
soon after menopause, looking in the mirror, you find sad
symptoms of real aging:

  • skin becomes very thin;
  • its barrier functions are greatly impaired;
  • excessive dryness is observed: not a hint of fat production
    secretory glands;
  • subcutaneous fat becomes very small;
  • deep wrinkles are formed;
  • skin rapidly loses its firmness and elasticity;
  • sagging in the cheeks (bryl), chin (he
    becomes flabby and double), an eye (ptosis of the upper eyelids);
  • the amount of hyaluronic acid in the cells is significantly
  • metabolic rate decreases;
  • the amount of oxygen delivered to the cells is reduced –
    the epidermis acquires an unhealthy yellowish tint;
  • sentimental lentigo appears because melanin synthesis in
    cages is broken.

After reading so terrible and unpleasant symptoms
approaching old age, which no disguise
make-up gets really scary. No wonder
that many give up and throw themselves, believing that against
nature is not worth going. And yet delay and soften some of
these processes are quite real.

The right facial after
50, which is available even at home. But if
there are financial opportunities immediately after the anniversary strongly
We recommend that you sign up for a consultation with a beautician.

On a note. Due to the fact that after 50 years
body metabolism slows down, accumulation begins
fluid, which manifests itself in numerous edemas. So that
somehow smooth this process, it is recommended to reduce the number
salt in the diet.

What happens to the skin after 50

And you choose the right products for face care and
makeup products?

Behind normal skin should be the right care. Discover
какой >>.

Salon anti-aging care

Why precisely to beautician? As advertised salon services
beauty only there most accurately identify the most pressing problems
your skin for now. And already on their basis individually
will select the program, which will include procedures for
face care after 50 years, the main goal of which is

Believe me: no miracle creams and serums that you
will try at home alone, will not be able to
give you such a stunning anti-age effect. And wrinkles
smoothed out, and the complexion will be much fresher, and the epidermis will be
more elastic and elastic, and you will feel moistening. So
that take a look at the following cosmetology services

  • biorevitalization – procedure for the introduction
    drugs with hyaluronic acid under the skin, which as a result
    It becomes more hydrated, and the deepest wrinkles –
  • mesotherapy – introduction to the dermal layer
    cocktail of amino acids, vitamins, minerals – occurs
    correction of a face form, reduction of wrinkles, comes back healthy
    color, dryness and a peeling are eliminated, level decreases
  • microcurrent therapy – exposure to microcurrents
    using hardware cosmetology that cause a reduction
    muscles than stimulate the synthesis of collagen in cells and
    elastin; accordingly, this procedure eliminates swelling, bags
    under the eyes, tightens the oval, makes the skin elastic, controls
    the work of the sebaceous glands, reduces inflammation;
  • photorejuvenation – pulse effect
    lamp that produces light rays that activate the exchange
    cell stimulating processes, pigment-damaging
    spots eliminating spider veins and facilitating the course
  • chemical peeling is a required component
    facial skin care programs after 50 years, as compacted,
    the layer of the epidermis that has become horny by this age must be removed,
    freeing the way for new cells.

Chemical peels can be different, and after 50 years especially
do well with all age changes following it

  • grape – bleaches stagnant
    pigmentation, activates the metabolism, stimulates the synthesis
    collagen and elastin, removes dead cells, moisturizes,
    levels relief, improves color, has a lifting effect;
  • almond – copes with pigmentation and
    roughness of the skin relief, improves color, perfectly smoothes
    mimic wrinkles; one of the most budgetary options for chemical
    peeling after 50 years;
  • retinol (yellow) – is excellent
    prevention of further aging, smoothes wrinkles, eliminates
    hyperpigmentation, fights photoaging and keratomas, is prescribed
    during biological aging of the skin;
  • TCA Peeling – cleans the surface epidermis,
    accelerates the birth of new cells, increases the barrier properties
    skin, dilates blood capillaries, enhances metabolic processes,
    stimulates collagen synthesis.

In addition, professional skin care
face after 50 years in the cabin involves all sorts of masks
and exfoliants, selected individually. Hands massage therapist
so rejuvenating program and consolidate their effectiveness. So that
you should make an appointment with a beautician and choose from all
The services offered are those that suit you the most. Rather
All you have to do is take anti-age treatments twice a year.
And between them, naturally, you yourself will, as far as possible,
maintain the beauty and well-groomed skin.

Helpful advice. To skin even after 50
remained in good condition, at this age is very important
eat right. Low-calorie diets are contraindicated. AT
The diet should be plenty of seafood and fish.

Professional facial treatment after 50 years in the salon

How to care for skin after 50 at home

What does face care after 50 in house
conditions? First, you need to understand for yourself that he must
be regular That is, it is impossible today to make a mask and
safely forget about her month at 2. Began to implement
program – go all the way to the end. Secondly, be careful
select the means for such care. Hardly with deep wrinkles
can handle Chinese cream for $ 1. Look for your products in the pharmacy,
which give more guarantee of success.

The following is an indicative regular care program.
for fading skin after 50, which can be taken as a basis.

  1. Facial cleaning in the morning and evening. It involves washing with warm water
    with anti-age products. Look at the cream gel for
    facial peptide active from TM ChocoLatte.
  2. Cosmetics left on the face at night speeds up the processes
    aging and provokes the appearance of new wrinkles. In addition to these
    trouble, it often causes inflammation,
    irritation and allergic reactions.
  3. After washing, always apply anti-aging
    cream. There should be two of them in your arsenal: night and
    day. Planeta Organica, Skin Doctors, has good products.
    Beauty Line.
  4. Once a week it is necessary to nourish and moisturize
    facial skin rejuvenating masks. There are funds –
    buy a brand (for example, hyaluronic mask from Aravia)
    Professional or Regenerating from Korres). Save – do
    home (lifting effect have honey, fruit,
    berry, oat, etc.).
  5. Before the mask would be nice to clean the skin
    professional exfoliant (there are such
    EcoLab, Whee Hyang) or home scrub (suitable salt,
    sugar, oatmeal, coffee).
  6. Every six months, as already mentioned, it is advisable to visit
  7. It’s time to adhere to the principles of good nutrition, which
    will directly affect the condition of the skin.
    No harmful products, alcohol and carbonated drinks.
  8. Before going out on the skin should be applied protective
    cream with ultraviolet filters. If you do
    makeup, such should contain a tonal tool.
  9. After 50 years a woman usually has a lot of free
    of time. Your task is to use it correctly. In particular – on
    full, 8-hour sleep. If you are struggling with insomnia –
    consult a specialist who will help you deal with it. Otherwise
    it will appear in the form of bags and dark circles under the eyes.
  10. Moderate, easy exercise – even
    One mandatory part of comprehensive facial skin care after 50
    years, because, thanks to them, exchange processes in
  11. Less nerves: stress after 50 years – cause
  12. Proper drinking regime fights dehydration of the skin:
    provide your body daily with 1-1,5 liters of clean

This is the daily order of face care after 50 years, which
slow the aging process, despite their inevitability. Not
ignore the advice of professionals to achieve, really,
good results. The rejuvenating effect of any cosmetic
funds will only work in this case. It concerns how
store products and homemade recipes.

Keep in mind. To be nice and fresh
look, physical activity is required. In 50 years you can
do calm sports (cycling, swimming,
nordic walking, dancing).

Facial care after 50 at home

Recipes homemade cosmetics for face after 50

If you do not have the right cosmetic
for face care after 50, you can always use
natural products to prepare effective anti-age
masks, scrubs, compresses at home. A lot of recipes –
so choose what you like.

  • Cleopatra’s milk and honey mask

Mix in equal quantities warm milk and honey. Last not
melt too liquid to hold
on the face. The action time is half an hour. Milk can be replaced with yogurt.
or kefir without dyes and other additives.

  • Yolk + Aloe

Mix 2 tablespoons of chopped aloe greens with yolk
one egg. If the mass is too thin, dilute it.
wheat flour.

  • Potato mask

Potatoes should be well washed and uniformly welded. After
of this, he kneads with a fork, mixed with egg yolk and
a small amount of warm milk.

  • Cucumber Mask

Peel the cucumber from seeds and peel. Turn into a puree
gruel. Do not mix with anything, apply on the skin of the face, including
eye area.

  • With butter

50 g of melted butter mixed with 20 ml of liquid
honey and 30 grams of applesauce.

  • Berry mask

Any berries (recommended black currant, strawberry, plum)
Mix with fat sour cream to the desired consistency.

  • Oatmeal mask

Mix 30 grams of oatmeal bitch with egg yolk, add a little

All these tips and useful tips for facial care.
after 50 years will help keep youth much longer
than this allows the biological age of women. Do not think
that for half a century you will experience old age, osteochondrosis,
shortness of breath, hypertension and other ailments. It all depends on you:
you will take care of your health – you will and look
appropriate: vigorously, fresh, young. If at the same time also
skin care do not forget, you probably never will
so many years. Believe for yourself and convince with your blooming look
surrounding, that there, abroad significant anniversary, there is nothing

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