Scabies: causes, symptoms, treatment

Scabies is a skin disease that causes scabies.
mite. The disease occurs when penetrating the skin
itch mite that makes it numerous
scabby moves or so-called tunnels. Scabies Tick
Sarcoptes scabiei is not really an insect, but a representative
arthropods (arachnid). Dimensions of scabies mite 0.5 mm. how
As a rule, females are several times larger than males. Tunnel tunnels under
the female makes the skin, laying several eggs there every day,
of which larvae appear within 4-5 days. Larvae mature,
rise to the surface of the skin and mate. After mating
males die, and the female lays eggs again. All these
actions occur in human skin. Outside the human body
itch mite does not live long, usually 2-3 days. At a temperature
above 50 ° C, mites die within an hour, while boiling and minus
temperature – instantly die. The most active mites
they show in the evening and at night, in the morning and in the afternoon they are inactive. Pliers
destroy the keratin of human skin with the help of enzymes
contained in their saliva, feeding on the resulting fluid.
The incubation period of the disease ranges from 2 weeks to 6
weeks. This time is enough for ticks to get used to the new
territory, and the human immune system to begin to respond to
waste products of ticks.

The human body reacts to the causative agents of the disease,
symptoms such as: itching and rash. In other words, products
tick life (saliva, eggs, feces) cause
allergic reaction in humans. Usually the intensity of the rash is not
depends on the number of ticks, and is caused by the immune response
waste mite systems.


If a person once had had scabies, then re-catch
It is more difficult, since fewer ticks settle on the skin.
Very often intense itching and scratching can cause
the accession of a secondary bacterial infection. Combing
infected, forming purulent papules and vesicles.


  • Symptoms of the disease
  • How do you get scabies?
  • Scabies forms
  • Scabies treatment
  • Scabies Prevention

Symptoms of the disease

The main symptoms of the disease are pruritus, which
It appears only in the evening and at night, as well as rash and scabies
moves. Sometimes itch itching becomes unbearable, which delivers
the patient has a lot of torment. The favorite localization of scabies mites –
between the fingers, elbows bends, buttocks, abdomen, thighs,
in women under the mammary glands. The main symptom of the disease
are scabby moves that are a straight line,
slightly towering above the skin, grayish-dirty color. On
The front side of the stroke can be seen a black dot, which is
female scabies mite. Sometimes you can see scab moves
which look like a series of small bubbles located on
one line.

When the form of scabies is running, you can observe old scabies
moves that appear to be keratinous cracks in the skin.
However, watching scabby moves is not always possible.
For example, if the disease is in its initial stage, then
scabby moves yet. In hygienic people
there is the so-called scabies incognito or scabies

How do you get scabies?

The source of the disease is a person infected with scabies,
his clothes, household items. Therefore, you can become infected when
direct contact with a sick person using common
household items, towels, linens. Also get infected
scabies can have sexual intercourse when closer
contact tel.

Scabies forms

Scabies has the following forms:

  • typical form;
  • scabies incognito or scabies cleanly;
  • nodular scabies or scabious lymphoplasia;
  • complicated scabies;
  • pseudo-scab;
  • Norwegian scabies.

A typical form is a classic manifestation of scabies symptoms:
itching, rash and scabby moves. The rash is a small red
papules that are prone to fusion and can form small
conglomerates. Then papules transform into bubbles,
which, after dissection, form purulent or bloody crusts on

Incognito scabies or neat scabies develops in
people who follow all the rules of personal hygiene: regularly
wash and has no problems with the immune system. Rashes at this
little scabies form scabies during water procedures
mechanically removed from the surface of the body. May be observed
single elements of rash and severe itching at night.

Nodular scabies or scabious lymphoplasia is characterized
the appearance of round nodules, pink, red or brown
colors. Itch moves located on the surface of the nodules. Nodules
represent the proliferation of lymphoid tissue. This is due to
immoderate response of the immune system to waste products of ticks.
Severe itching and rashes can persist for several weeks, sometimes even
months after adequate treatment. In this case, the source
allergies are live females ticks, still unfertilized and not
making scabby moves that prevent the drug from penetrating with
the surface of the skin to the place of their localization.

Complicated scabies is characterized by attaching a secondary
bacterial infection. Scabies is complicated in
the result of scratching (mechanical impact on the skin) and
allergic reaction. Most often scabies complicated by pyogenic
cocci (streptococci and staphylococci).

Norwegian scabies are the most severe form of scabies that has
one distinguishing characteristic. Norwegian scabies sick
experiencing an itch that is not exactly a good symptom since
itch is a protective reaction of the organism to the pathogen and its secrets
life activity. This very rare disease develops with
immunodeficiency states: AIDS, tuberculosis, general depletion.
The disease is manifested by the formation of large thick crusts,
which cover the skin like a shell. Under the crusts
there are extensive weeping erosion. Norwegian scabies possesses
highly contagious. For example, on the body of a patient can
there are up to a million scabies mites, and with ordinary scabies
only 15 individuals.


Pets mites cause pseudo-feces. For a man, these
ticks are not dangerous, do not multiply on the human body and
other people are not transmitted. Pseudo-fecula develops very quickly.
literally a couple of hours after contact with the animal. With this
no form of scabies treatment is required.

Scabies treatment

Scabies requires treatment, as never
passes Nowadays there are a huge number of drugs
that effectively cure scabies. And there are drugs
allowing you to get rid of the disease in a short time. how
is treatment being carried out? Any scabies treatment
use in the evening. Before applying it to the skin, the patient carefully
wash in the shower with soap. Since washing removes mites from the surface
body. Then the drug is rubbed into the whole body, except for the face.
and heads. After the drug is absorbed into the skin, the patient falls.
sleep. You can flush the drug in the morning, but for the most
effectiveness of the drug should be on the skin for more than 12 hours.
This procedure is repeated several times. In case of infection in
family, treatment begins all family members at the same time. Required
follow a clear anti-scab treatment
(scab) drugs. As a rule, recurrence of scabies is not
it happens, but its symptoms recur due to poor quality,
incomplete treatment.

Scabies Prevention

Scabies prevention consists of the following activities:

  • body hygiene;
  • change bed and underwear often;
  • beware of casual sex;
  • produce wet cleaning of premises and surfaces;
  • boil underwear and bed linen;
  • be sure to iron bed and underwear with all
    the parties;
  • at the slightest suspicion of scabies urgently turn to
    to the doctor.

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