Scandinavian highlighting – 16 photos, pros and cons how it is done and how much it costs

In order to refresh your favorite haircut and make hair
more interesting and original, masters recommend adding to
the main color of the hair several bleached strands that
will give brightness and emphasize saturation and depth of natural
hair color.

What is Scandinavian melirovanoe. History of creation

The content of the article:

  • What is Scandinavian melirovanoe. History of creation
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Technique of Scandinavian highlighting
  • A suitable shade of paint highlighting depending on the color
  • Suitable coloring techniques depending on hair length
  • Scandinavian highlighting depending on the type of hair
  • How to make Scandinavian highlighting at home
  • The cost of Scandinavian highlighting in a beauty salon
  • Do I need to wash my hair before the procedure
  • Hair care after highlighting

This staining method is highlighting separately.
selected strands beige or sand tone. Accurate shade
It is selected depending on the natural shade of the hair.

Such a procedure is carried out using a special
hairdresser hats with holes through which neatly
strands are pulled out and stained with a suitable color scheme.

The result of such a highlight looks quite bright and
colorful as the boundaries between dyed and natural strands
do not shade much, but the color itself is not

Particularly impressive is the combination of thin and wide
colored curls that add shine, glitter and

Strands for selection can be chosen randomly, and can be
painted in strict chess order, depending on the desired
result and personal preference.

In itself, such coloring appeared not so long ago, and
considered a more advanced technique of the classical method
staining with the addition of more natural and natural
shades of color schemes.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main positive factor of this staining is its
versatility. The ability to use different shades
paints and the use of universal technology of this coloring
allows you to choose the perfect variant of the melirovki to any type
appearance and to any hairstyle.


  • versatility. Such coloring will suit
    almost every member of the fair sex;
  • security. Coloring individual strands is not
    It hurts curls and does not dry out the hair;
  • ease of execution. This event
    it can be done independently, at home;
  • result. This highlight gives the image
    brightness and freshness;
  • masking gray hair;
  • visual addition of volume to the hairstyle and
  • allows you to hide some flaws in appearance and
    skin: make an oval face more correct, and wrinkles,
    redness and other skin imperfections – to make more

pretty haircut


  • the duration of the procedure for curly, thick
    or long curls;
  • price in some salons may be enough
  • the difficulty of finding the right site for

The disadvantage may also be available contraindications.
So, this coloring is not recommended
pregnant and lactating women, as well as during the first month
after any kind of perm and henna hair dye,
Basma or tonics.

Technique of Scandinavian highlighting

Technique of this type of coloring is pretty
universal and applies to all types of curls. Changes only
the tone of the color, the thickness of the allocated strands and areas that will be
stained up. Technique melirovki

Scandinavian coloring technique:

  • with the help of a cap, several strands are selected;
  • preparing the desired composition for staining;
  • the paint is applied to the curls and is left to act on
    outdoors without foil;
  • the product is washed off with shampoo and balsam.

If necessary, after the procedure is carried out
toning curls in order to prevent the appearance
yellowish on the clarified parts. During
tinting applied special tinting tool that
aged as well as paint, then washed off. Tinting
usually subject to a light type of hair.

A suitable shade of paint highlighting depending on the color

Choosing the right color tone should take into account the natural color.
curls, and the result you want to achieve. For more
delicate natural image is recommended to use shades on
2-3 tones are lighter than your color, and if you want to add a hairstyle
brightness and color, the paint can be platinum or ashy.

Suitable shades:

  • on dark hair. Dark-haired perfect
    Saturated tone nut, honey and coffee. Such
    shades will add shine and make natural color more
    expressive and deep; dark hair
  • on the blond hair. Light brown curls optimally
    pick up a caramel palette with beige or milky tint. These
    the colors will revive the hair and make the hair brighter; Brown hair
  • on light curls. Owners of light
    hair fit beige and milky tones, as well as milky
    chocolate and ivory; blonde hair
  • on red. Redhead hair can be tint
    copper or honey shades with a bronze sheen. Red hair

Selection of the correct tone is a very responsible and serious matter,
therefore, in order to avoid mistakes, it is recommended to apply
to a professional colorist.

Suitable coloring techniques depending on hair length

Methods and features of coloring curls depending on their
length lies primarily in finding the right area for
coloring and width of strands that will be repainted.

  • for a short haircut. Short haircut go
    small straightened strands, and it is desirable to do the highlighting by
    the entire surface of the hair, including the bangs. When highlighting such
    lengths, as a rule, curls are stained in a staggered manner;
    short hair
  • on hair of medium length. Middle curls goes
    a combination of wide and small colored areas, capturing curls,
    framing the face. Such a highlight looks very impressive and
    dynamically; medium length hair
  • for a long hairstyle. Long hairstyle can
    add volume by highlighting wide strands of classic
    way through the cap. At the same time, the frequency of stained curls
    determined on the basis of the shape of the person and personal wishes. long hairstyle

The hairstyle of any length will be transformed and refreshed thanks to
Contrast colored strands that will give hair
extra volume and pomp.

Scandinavian highlighting depending on the type of hair

The dwell time of the paint depends on the structure of the curls, so for
In order not to overdry strands and get exactly that result,
who conceived, you must consider the type of hair.

  • on curly. Curly hair needs less
    time to stain, so the paint exposure time
    usually shorten by 10 minutes. In addition, the wavy hair is better
    do staining in wide areas, since that is the kind
    melirovki will look best on this type of hair;
  • on straight. Direct curls can be done as
    thin as well as wide lightening, choosing the most suitable for
    this plots. The best is uniform brightening straight
    haircuts and chaotic highlights cascading hairstyles. straight hair

Curly locks should provide additional
moisturizing immediately after the procedure, and during
staining is recommended to use soft non-ammonia

How to make Scandinavian highlighting at home

The ease of this type of staining allows you to
him at home. You should first decide on
a shade of paint and areas that will be painted.

Phased Instruction:

  • comb your hair and wear a hat for
    painting. The cap should be firmly fixed on the head,
    making sure she will not move;
  • with hooks, which are usually attached to
    cap, draw out the required number of curls, trying
    do not confuse them;
  • comb extracted for dyeing
  • to prepare the painting composition, mixing the paint with
    oxide, following the directions on the package;
  • put on curls the resulting composition, after
    then again comb the painted strands;
  • wait for the required amount of time, nothing
    not covering the paint;
  • rinse off with warm water and mild
  • apply moisturizing balm.

house making technique

Required tools:

  • set of combs for combing the entire head of hair and individual
  • a hat for painting and a hook for pulling the strands;
  • plastic utensils for mixing the composition and brush for
    applying funds.

Means used:

  • coloring agent;
  • soft shampoo with delicate cleansing of dyed hair;
  • silicone free balm for moisturizing.

What oxide to do highlighting. Choose oxide should
based on the natural shade of the hair: 3% for light thin
curls, 6% for blond and chestnut, 9% for dark.

The method of application. Means
It is recommended to apply fast smooth strokes, trying to paint
Each curl the same amount of time.

How much to keep on time. Usually 30
minutes is enough for full coloring of curls.

Price at home. Self
staining will cost about 500-700 rubles.

Important. Before you start using paint,
It is recommended to do a test for the absence of allergies, causing a small
The amount of funds on the wrist.

The cost of Scandinavian highlighting in a beauty salon

In the beauty salon the price varies from 2 to 5 thousand rubles,
depending on the length of the hair.

The duration of the procedure is usually around 2
hours cost

How much is holding up. Keeps such clarification
about 4 months.

How often can you do this staining. Update this
melirovka can be no more than 1 time in 3-4 months.

Do I need to wash my hair before the procedure

Before the procedure, wash the head is not recommended to save
natural layer of subcutaneous fat secreted by the sebaceous glands.
This layer moisturizes and protects the hair from the negative impact
chemicals. Washing head

Hair care after highlighting

The main care for curls after the procedure is in their
moisturizing and nourishing with vitamins and beneficial microelements.
To do this, use a gentle cleansing and moisturizing
products, as well as oils and vitamin complexes for hair, for example
Omega-3, and also vitamins of group A and E.

Scandinavian clarification is considered one of the most
careful and fashionable types of coloring for all types of curls. This
This method will allow you to change the usual image by adding brightness and

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