Scrub or peeling: what is best for rejuvenation?

Cosmetic procedures known to mankind since ancient times.
times, are today a set of measures aimed at
elimination of the imperfections of the human body. They are designed with
to ensure the level of hygiene required by civilized
man Modern cosmetologists know not only what is different
peeling from the scrub, but carry out many effective procedures
which really make women younger and more beautiful.

what is better peeling or scrub

Scrub is called smoothing and exfoliating.
means that is used for permanent care

Huge selection of skin care products
cleansing and exfoliation often causes confusion in their
application. The fair sex, striving well
Look, believe that all the proposed tools for this are good.
Without asking the question “what is the best peeling or scrub?” and “in what
Unlike scrub from peeling? “, they often degrade their appearance.
To make the right choice and not to harm the health of the skin,
should take a closer look at skin cleaning methods
differences, effects and contraindications.


  • Modern skin cleansing methods
  • Scrub and peeling: what is the difference?
    • When scrub and peeling are contraindicated

Modern skin cleansing methods

The most popular and efficient to date in
cosmetology is a peeling procedure. It is to remove
keratinized particles formed in the upper layer of the skin. The
The method is also used to eliminate or smooth out such
cosmetic defects like pigmentation, enlarged pores,

There are 4 types of peelings:

  • Mechanical peeling. Top layer of skin
    removed using a variety of abrasives or when
    using special tools.
  • Ultrasonic and laser peels. Between these
    there are no two types of difference. They are based on removing connections in
    skin cells and further purification from dead horny
  • Chemical peeling. For its holding
    use a variety of alkalis and acids, damaging effect on
    surface layers of the skin.

Peeling is so effective a method of rejuvenation and elimination
minor defects that many women consider him to be admired
a real alternative to plastic surgery.

Scrub skin cleansing procedure – cosmetic procedure,
which is carried out by means containing solid
particles that promote the exfoliation of dead skin cells. it
improves blood circulation, making the skin clean. This method allows
free the epidermis from all the excess and makes it more active
renew skin cells.

Abrasive particles in scrubs are natural and artificial.
origin. Natural exfoliating substances are
grape seeds, crushed apricot kernels, shells
almonds or walnuts and even peeled sand. Such scrubs do not
recommended for sensitive skin, due to the rigidity of the
their composition abrasives. And scrubs with artificial polymers
provide a softer cleansing and are suitable for almost all
skin types.

Another widely used method of cleansing the skin of the face and body
is gommage. The word comes from the French “gomme”, which
means “eraser”, and denotes a special cosmetic
or procedure. Gommazh means getting rid of the upper layer
dead cells to improve the appearance of the skin and its

Gommage differs from scrub in that it carefully affects
skin This is due to the composition of gommash: they do not include solid
particles, which means there is no mechanical
effects on the skin. Purification is done chemically.
active substances (often fruit acids), dissolving and
thus eliminating horny particles from the skin.

Scrub and peeling: what is the difference?

Similar results and in some cases effects that
beauticians reach during peeling and scrub, not yet a reason
identify these procedures and means. Peeling is a common concept.
cleansing and rejuvenation of the skin by removing its surface layer.
All other methods, including scrub, are
varieties of peeling.

Many manufacturers of skin-cleansing drugs are deceiving,
creating enzyme peels, which, in essence, are nothing but
scrubs. This trick can lead to unpleasant consequences and
skin problems for women who mistakenly use certain


Peeling is a deep cosmetic procedure.
cleansing the skin with special creams.

In order not to be mistaken when choosing, you should know what is the difference
scrub from peeling. Their difference in the effects on the skin. Peeling –
soft, gentle means or procedure. Scrub – tough
mechanical action on the skin. So, for successful application
the tool must match the type and individual characteristics

In addition, the peel is different from the scrub and composition. He like
the rule is always a gel
watery in structure, the abrasive particles in it are significantly
smaller than scrub. Therefore, it is not so aggressive to the skin, however
massage effect is less pronounced.

When scrub and peeling are contraindicated

Cosmetological procedures involving
cleansing and rejuvenation, it is forbidden to perform under the following conditions

  • Pregnancy. The toxic properties of some drugs can
    have a detrimental effect on the development of the fetus in the womb.
  • Lactation period. Chemicals, penetrating the skin,
    can get into the body of a child with milk.
  • Exacerbation of the Herpes virus on the skin.
  • The presence of inflammatory processes on the working surface.
  • Damage (sores and scratches) on the surface layer
    skin cover.
  • Exacerbation of chronic diseases.
  • Fever of various origins.
  • The presence of neoplasms on the surface of the face (moles,
    warts, papillomas), which in the process may be damaged or
  • The presence on the skin of a newly applied tattoo or fresh
  • Predisposition to the occurrence of keloids (tumor-like

Uniquely answer the question, what is better peeling or scrub
pretty hard. The advantage of tools and procedures depends mainly
image on skin type and sensitivity. Also important role
in addressing this issue play the purpose of applying one or another
method: elimination of dead skin, for example, or gentle polishing.
Knowing the difference between peeling and scrub, you can accurately determine the type
procedures (frequency of its implementation), which is optimal
suitable for your skin and will have a beneficial effect. Decision
is yours!

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