Seborrhea of ​​the head is dry and oily – a disease requiring professional treatment


It’s time to find out the whole truth about seborrhea
heads: how dangerous this disease is and what are the consequences
may result in a running form. We will talk about possible
causes of this pathology, characteristic symptoms, types
(dry and oily) and methods of treatment.


  • Causes of seborrhea
  • Symptoms and types of disease
  • Types of seborrhea head
  • Treatment of seborrhea of ​​the head
  • Cosmetics
  • Hair care for seborrhea

Many do not even suspect that the poor condition of the hair can
be caused by a serious enough disease. If you have
scalp seborrhea, dandruff, greasy shine,
the quick contamination of the strands are all her symptoms. It occurs
mainly due to improper functioning of the sebaceous glands.
Subcutaneous fat production can either increase or decrease,
its chemical composition changes, it clogs the skin,
breaks down the metabolism. As a result, microorganisms multiply,
who become the main provocateurs of the disease. In running
As a form, it can lead to baldness, but in normal forms quickly
and easily treated with a professional approach. But for starters
you need to figure out why you became a hostage.

What is seborrhea head

Causes of seborrhea

Trichologists and dermatologists give different reasons
scalp seborrhea, which can be a variety of factors –
external and internal:

  • increased secretion of the sebaceous glands of the head on the background of hormonal
    changes in the body during puberty;
  • hormonal disorders when proportional changes
    the ratio of estrogen (progesterone) and androgen – last as
    times and blame the increase in sebum on the hair and skin
  • heredity;
  • the presence of androgen-producing tumors (in men –
  • diseases such as lethargic encephalitis, diseases
    Itsenko-Cushing and Parkinson;
  • mental illness: manic or depressive
    infectious psychosis, schizophrenia, epilepsy;
  • chronic fatigue, depressed state;
  • HIV infection;
  • long or uncontrolled intake of certain drugs
    drugs: testosterone, progesterone, glucocorticosteroids,
    anabolic steroids;
  • biotin hypovitaminosis;
  • inadequate or inappropriate care of the scalp and

These are the main causes of seborrhea.
scalp. They need to be considered when caring for hair and
try to avoid these factors – this will be prevention
this disease. As for the mechanism of development of pathology,
yeast-like fungi called
Malassezia. They are to blame for many cosmetic problems,
accompanying this pathology.

Origin of name. The term “seborrhea”
goes back to the Latin “sebum” (translated as fat) and Greek
“ρεω” (means flow). The literal translation is for fat (which is
too large quantities are produced by sebaceous

Causes of seborrhea of ​​the scalp

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Symptoms and types of disease

Depending on the types of disease that may be
diametrically opposed symptoms of seborrhea
heads can also be different.

Signs of dry seborrhea head

  • Dryness;
  • feeling of tightness of the scalp;
  • dandruff in the form of small scales;
  • itching;
  • thinning hair;
  • their loss;
  • dull look;
  • severe fragility.

Signs of oily seborrhea head

  • Shiny hair;
  • severe itching;
  • oily scalp;
  • pink, red or yellowish spots on the scalp;
  • coarse dandruff, which peels easily exfoliate;
  • strands quickly become soiled and become neglected.

If you are watching the above
signs of seborrhea on the head, you need to apply for
help to specialists – trichologist or dermatologist. If a
and those and other symptoms are noted, do not be surprised: it means that you have
mixed type of seborrhea head. But the basis of the classification of the disease
put not only his clinical picture.

Other names. Seborrhea and seborrheic
eczema is the same disease.

Symptoms of seborrhea on the head

Types of seborrhea head

It is very important to know the types of seborrhea head and to understand them, so
how this treatment will be determined by the doctor.
The main classifications exist 2.

Depending on the reasons

  1. Physiological – occurring in adolescents
    puberty. Ends with puberty
  2. Hormonal – a consequence of hormonal
    changes in the body.
  3. Hereditary – appears as a result
    genetic susceptibility to the disease.
  4. Drug – a complication after others
    severe illness or long-term medication
  5. Psychological – due to problems with
    nervous system.

Depending on the symptoms

  1. Dry;
  2. fatty;
  3. mixed

If you think the doctor will determine the type of seborrhea
only in appearance of the scalp and hair, then you are mistaken.
To differentiate it from other diseases (for example,
dermatitis), he will have to take anamnesis, take an analysis
blood (biochemical and hormones) and even (if necessary)
send you to an ultrasound of the abdominal and thyroid glands.
So, going to the hospital, be prepared for extensive
clinical and laboratory activities. Only after clarification
diagnosis will be assigned to the appropriate treatment.

Keep in mind. One of the most unpleasant
consequences of the dry type of the disease – seborrheic alopecia. Even
if after treatment it is possible to stop hair loss, then
bald spots that appeared during the course of the disease, restore them already
will not work.

Types of seborrhea

Treatment of seborrhea of ​​the head

Depending on the type of disease and the stage of its neglect,
doctor will prescribe medication seborrhea
heads. It can be external (various ointments and
shampoos) and for the use inside (suspensions, tablets, capsules).
How additional therapeutic interventions can be prescribed
salon procedures that normalize the work of the sebaceous glands. Folk
funds are also effective, but again, only in conjunction with
main course of treatment.

Drug treatment

Ointment for seborrhea head:

  • sulfuric;
  • salicylic;
  • zinc;
  • Clotrimazole, ketoconazole (antifungal ointment for seborrhea
  • Triderm (hormonal ointment);
  • salicylic acid;
  • Akriderm;
  • Sulsenic dandruff paste.

Seborrhea tablets:

  • Antifungal drugs (Diflucan);
  • vitamins;
  • antihistamines reduce itching (Claritin, Suprastin, Zyrtec,
    tavegil, etc.);
  • probiotics and drugs that improve the microflora of the stomach (Mezim,
    Pancreatin. Festal, etc.);
  • antibiotics are prescribed when an infection is attached to the main
    disease, most often it is a tetracycline series.

Salon treatment of seborrhea head:

  • darsonval with seborrhea head has established itself as the most
    effective cosmetic apparatus for the treatment of this disease;
  • ozone therapy;
  • cryotherapy;
  • magnetic therapy;
  • laser exposure.

Treatment of seborrhea folk remedies

  • Mask

Good homemade mask against seborrhea dry
type is obtained from honey, vegetable oil and mayonnaise (mix
all ingredients in equal amounts).

  • Tar soap

You can use tar soap for seborrhea,
if you have it fat type. Just replace shampoo with this.
means and wash your hair with it. In order not to spoil the hair of his smell,
when rinsing add some essential oil to the water.

  • Herbs

Be sure to use herbs from seborrhea
heads that successfully treat both dry and fatty diseases.
Stop your choice on chamomile or oak bark. Or
make hair masks based on them or rinse them
decoction of the head every time after washing.

  • Soda

When fatty type of disease helps soda from
seborrhea of ​​the scalp. It needs to be dissolved in water and several times.
rinse your hair before the main washing procedure – about
half an hour.

  • Celandine

You can use and celandine celandine
heads (with a fat type), but very carefully and only as a decoction
or infusion, but not burning the pockets of fresh juice. Besides
burns, do not get anything as a result.

  • Clay

Many ask how to treat seborrhea with clay
cosmetic. Indeed, it has drying
and disinfectant properties. Better to take green, white (kaolin)
or black and make masks for her hair (twice a week).

As a rule, treatment of seborrhea of ​​the scalp at home
gives the result only if it was agreed with the doctor.
Self-treatment does not end well. Being a layman, you
You can confuse the disease with other, very similar pathologies (
dermatitis), which require a completely different therapy. Besides
In addition, you can incorrectly identify the seborrhea type and use
completely wrong means. The more you run the disease,
the more irreversible the consequences will be until complete baldness. Thats
The same applies to the choice of medical cosmetics.

Useful information. Running form
oily seborrhea head leads to the fact that the disease goes to
other areas behind the hairline are forehead, eyebrows,
the area behind the ears and even the nasolabial folds.

Drug and other treatment of seborrhea of ​​the head


In the pharmacy in the public domain sold medical
seborrhea head makeup, which is often prescribed
doctors With self-selection, you again risk money
in vain to spend, and not buy something.

  1. shampoos for oily scalp seborrhea:
    Nizoral, Mikozoral, Perkhotal, Sebiproks, Sulsena, Sulsen-forte,
    Friederm Zinc, Friederm Tar, Keto Plus, Elf (burdock
  2. shampoo for dry scalp seborrhea:
    Sebopirox-911, Seborin, Algopix, Nizoral;
  3. Squafan – head lotion with seborrhea for
    daily use, contains juniper essential oil,
    malic acid, miconazole and climbazole.
  4. Well helps Lamisil-cream from seborrhea on
  5. Very convenient to use Belosalik – spray from
    seborrhea of ​​the scalp.

If you use cosmetics for seborrhea head,
Carefully read the instructions for the drugs. Remember that they
perform not only a cosmetic function, but also a healing one. therefore
they need to be used very carefully. A lot does not mean better.
Stick to the dosages specified by the manufacturers and
recommended by your doctor. Only such a complex effect on
scalp will bring the desired results. Plus do not forget
properly care for hair with this disease.

Life hacking. You can make real
Medical shampoo for seborrhea of ​​the head at home. For this
dilute the powder of white cosmetic clay (kaolin) with water to
the desired consistency and beat in the chicken raw egg mixture. Result
notice after 3-4 uses.

Medical cosmetics from seborrhea head

Hair care for seborrhea

Only a doctor can tell you in detail how to get rid of.
from seborrhea head medicamentous, folk and
cosmetics. Along the way, with the main course of therapy is worth
provide hair and scalp with a high-quality care to speed up

  1. Diet for head seborrhea: delete
    from the diet foods that promote increased fat production
    sebaceous glands of the head (fatty, spicy, fried, smoked),
    replacing them with healthy food (fruits, nuts, berries, vegetables,
    fermented milk products, eggs, lean meat).
  2. Many ask whether it is possible to dye hair when
    seborrhea of ​​the head, not realizing that such skin is contraindicated
    aggressive procedures until her complete recovery. So in
    the hairdresser’s can be entered only for the purpose of cutting. No
    highlighting or perms!
  3. The next question is how often to wash your hair with seborrhea –
    determined by individual characteristics. Greasy hair –
    every other day, dry – every 3-4 days.
  4. Apply aromatherapy.
  5. Use a natural wooden comb, which will not
    injure seborrhea-damaged scalp.

So seborrhea on the head – albeit serious
a disease, but far from a sentence with which it is impossible to live. Even
Alopecia can be avoided if you do not run the pathology. The main thing –
consult a doctor in time and undergo a full course of treatment,
strictly prescribed by a doctor. Folk remedies and medical cosmetics
should only be an auxiliary part of the main therapy, otherwise
no effect you will achieve.

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