Secrets of caring for colored hair: tips professionals

In modern reality, few representatives of the beautiful
floors can boast beautiful natural hair color, so
increasingly resort to staining. However due to
Similar procedures for curls require additional
care to preserve their beauty.

Multi-colored hair

  • 1 Types of coloring agents
    • 1.1 Natural
    • 1.2 Chemicals
  • 2 Recommendations
  • 3 Professional Tips for blondes and brunettes
    • 3.1 Brunettes
  • 4 Subtleties of daily care
  • 5 Masks for colored hair
    • 5.1 Mustard Mask
  • 6 The right choice of shampoo and conditioner
  • 7 Proper shampooing
  • 8 Environmental Impact

Types of coloring tools

Paints are divided into two main classes:

  1. The content of ammonia compounds is permanent.
  2. Without ammonia – half permanent.

Each of the coloring agents has its own
difference from other cosmetic products. For example, some
characterized by long color fastness, others – depth
penetration of the composition into the hair structure.

Hair Dye


It is safest to dye hair with natural dyes,
which do not harm them.

Options for natural hair dyes:

  1. Henna. Even the ancient Indian women painted their chic hair
    natural dye. Today, this powder is quite inexpensive.
    It can be purchased both at the pharmacy and in the store.
  2. On a note! Did you know that to secure
    the color obtained after dyeing hair should be used colorless
    henna? The color will be very resistant and will last for a long time.

  3. Basma. Vegetable matter of a greyish-green shade. By this
    dye is used not only by women, but also by the stronger sex. In advance
    impossible to predict the final result after staining.
    The process depends on many nuances.
  4. Onion Husk This method was also used by ours.
    ancestors: from the husk did a strong broth and rinsed
    a head of hair. It also helps to get rid of dandruff.

Natural colors


Ammonia cosmetics are used in cases where
you need to change the color drastically or hide the gray hair that appears.
This can also be attributed, and shading shampoos and toning masks.

With the help of permanent paints get brighter and more saturated.
shades than after tinting. By it’s nature
ammonia paints are able to penetrate deep into
hair structure due to the disclosure of scales. Coloring pigment
penetrates and spreads there. In addition,
There is a saturation of useful trace elements.

Remember! After applying chemical dyes
the hair can lose its primeval appeal and
natural shine. Therefore, additional care is required,
especially for light colored hair.

Permanent remedies are resistant to impact. By this
the reason for staining is desirable to resort as they grow
strands. Usually painting the roots is repeated in 1.5–2 months, not

The composition of such dyes usually includes ammonia
compound and hydrogen peroxide solution. They can
injure the hair structure, especially in cases of discoloration
curls. Due to the damage received, the hair falls out and the tips
split off.

Paints with ammonia


The first day after the dyeing procedure, the hair is not washed to
thoroughly fix the color. The next day hair
lightly moisturize and apply a special balm. Him
must be evenly distributed throughout the hair. This procedure
it is imperative to hold to the opened hair scales
sealed up.

Important! For careful care of the locks often
use masks and oils to improve the structure. These
procedures are recommended on a regular basis.

If the strands are too dry with paint, then they should
constantly moisturize with products that have in their composition
coconut / almond oil, milk or germinated concentrate

The best way to paint the hair
sparing techniques using natural dyes.
It is advisable not to use paints, which include

Hair Coloring

Professional tips for blondes and brunettes

Blond hair owners should take care of them regularly.
bleached hair. Colorists advise when choosing
care products guided by the following

  • cosmetic products must contain substances that promote
    restoration of hair structure;
  • blond hair is often overdried, therefore in the care of
    they use moisturizing balms and shampoos;
  • emollients must contain natural
    components, vitamin complexes and restoring shine


To make the hair easier to comb, yield and not
was too tough, it is actively nourished and moisturized.

Tip! Behind dark hair color is required especially
careful care, as on such strands will immediately be visible

Brunettes often suffer from this problem. On dark curls she
strongly visible, so it can not be “masked”.
Seborrheic disease will have to be addressed comprehensively,
including the use of drugs.

Dandruff on the head

In the period of hot summer, dark curls are stronger
suffer from exposure to ultraviolet rays. AT
As a result, they become dry and brittle. It is recommended to apply
products with UV protection.

Subtleties of daily care

Daily care for colored hair implies
adherence to several important principles. Fundamental rules –
it is a wash with emollients,
combing and proper drying curls.

A girl is combing her hair

The following factors should be considered:

  1. It is not recommended to wash dyed hair too often, as
    because of this, the acquired color will be washed out, and the strands will become
    weaker. The optimal frequency for long
    hair is 1 time in 3 days, and for short hair – 1 time in 2
  2. It is undesirable to use tap water, as it
    contains chlorine. It is better to give preference to boiled.
  3. Long strands after washing need to be slightly pressed
    hands and blot with a soft towel, but do not rub.
  4. Wet hair should dry naturally, without
    use hot air.
  5. Tip! If you can not do when
    drying hair without a hair dryer, then use a warm air jet.

  6. You should not start to put still wet hair.
  7. Protect curls from the adverse effects of high
    temperature can be using mousse or foam for laying. Ideal
    option – thermal spray.
  8. When combing use a comb with rounded
    ends or rarely teeth, not a stiff brush to
    Do not injure strands that are loosened after dyeing.
  9. Also, hair requires indelible care. Can apply
    sprays, mousses and oils that prevent tangling, give
    shine and protect against negative environmental influences. Among
    available and effective means a lot of positive feedback
    got “serum care for dyed hair
    Kapous “. It smoothes hair, prevents them
    damage and rapid washing out of the pigment.
  10. It is better to choose special cosmetic care products in
    according to the color of the hair. There are product lines for
    care for red hair, bleached and dark.

Serum for hair

Masks for colored hair

Hair restoration should be comprehensive. It will help
preserve the brightness of the color obtained after dyeing, and
Curls give a healthy and well-groomed appearance.

For the care apply shampoo with a suitable conditioner, cream
bases and various masks, sprays and oils. Each of these funds
There is a specific task.

So that the color obtained after dyeing is preserved for a long time.
period, recovery masks are used. Procedures can
conduct yourself at home or in
the cabin.

This video is about a mask for colored hair.
“Splendor of color” by ORIBE.

Питательную маску наносят по всей
strand length once a week. The exposure time is 20-30 minutes.
It is also recommended to slightly warm the applied
the composition of the hair dryer, and the hair to warm. After the specified time, remove
towel and wait another 20 minutes. Rinse off boiled off

On a note! Did you know that the mask is based on
gelatin is nourishing to the scalp? She helps make hair
more voluminous and returns them natural shine.

From folk remedies it should be noted masks on the basis of mustard

Mustard mask

Hair Mask

For cooking will need:

  • mustard powder – 2 tbsp. l .;
  • olive oil – 2 tbsp. l .;
  • granulated sugar – 2 tsp;
  • water – 1 tbsp. l

Ingredients need to be mixed and lubricated with dry hair. Mask
hold for about an hour. If there is a strong burning sensation, wash off the composition.
possible ahead of time.

Among professional tools, well-behaved
recommended the line of the company Teotema “Care for painted
hair “. The mask of this series strengthens the structure of curls, nourishes and
provides lasting color and shine.

Teotema company line

The right choice of shampoo and conditioner

For the care of dyed hair, it is important to properly
pick a cosmetic.

Nuances to pay attention to
when choosing a shampoo and its further use:

  1. The tool must be designed to care for
    colored or loose strands.
  2. Use shampoo for daily care and for
    deep cleansing – once every two weeks. Deep shampoo cleaning
    improves nutrient absorption from applied masks.
  3. Heat water makes hair shine and degrades.
  4. Do not rub hair intensively when washing.
    Usually, only roots are sucked in, and when washed with water
    washed the entire length.

This video tells you which shampoos and balms are suitable for
daily care for dyed hair.

Среди профессиональных средств
stylists distinguish shampoo “Biopoint cromatix care for dyed
hair “, which comprehensively solves problems
loss of color, gently cleanses and heals damaged ones
hair, thanks to the protein complex which is a part.

This product also contains sunscreens that
reflect UV radiation.

Proper shampooing

Among hygiene procedures, an important place is occupied by cleansing. With
following the recommendations below, hair will be healthy

  1. After the dyeing procedure, the hair is washed only after 2–3 days.
    To fix the effect of the dyes require additional time
    color to become deep and rich.
  2. Hair wash washed with shampoo, which is designed specifically
    for colored strands. As part of such funds are available
    vitamins, so that hair is restored faster.
  3. To eliminate dryness and brittleness, apply
    softening balm.
  4. Remember! Do not comb wet painted
    strands. In this state, the hair can be damaged.

  5. To preserve the hair color should not wash them often.
    The optimal interval between procedures is 2–3 days.
  6. Less need to use hot air dryer and ironing.
    After painting the hair is too vulnerable.

Environmental impact

Throughout his life, his hair is constantly exposed
adverse environmental effects. For example,
it is a cold season with bitter cold
ultraviolet, chlorinated water in the pools.

For this reason, it is recommended to wear hats when exiting
outside and while visiting the pool, as well
use hair protection products against
the sun

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