Secrets of doing a pedicure at home conditions

If you want the legs to always look neat and fashionable,
You can do a pedicure at home. This will help save
time and money, while the skin and toes will
look immaculate.


  • Performing a pedicure session at home
  • Perform a pedicure using the machine
  • Perform a pedicure with a liquid blade

Performing a pedicure session at home

Professionals recommend pedicure 1 time in 10
days It is important to do the procedure systematically. It does not follow
forget about her in the cold season when the legs are hidden under clothes and
shoes. Sleek and beautiful feet will always delight
the mistress

Pedicure is contraindicated:

  • in case of infection of the nails or skin;
  • when changing the shape and shade of the nails;
  • in the presence of foot damage;
  • with various pathologies of the limbs.

Pedicure at home begin with steaming. Before
these need to wash your feet, remove the remnants of old nail polish.
Then pour hot water into the basin and pour a small amount
sea ​​salt and planed soap. To make it soften hardened
skin layers, feet dipped in hot water for about 15

If dead cells become soft, you can proceed to their
removal. Pumice is used to treat such skin areas.
Superbly contribute to getting rid of coarse tissue scrubs and
peels After that, wipe your feet dry with a towel. To
moisturize the skin, lubricate the foot nourishing cream. Can perform
foot massage. If the skin around the heels is in untidy
condition (there are corns and cracks), then cope with them
help folk remedies.

For the elimination of cracks and horny tissue is applied on the heels
wrap the feet with cellophane, put on top
socks. The procedure set before bedtime. Mask hold the whole night
period. In the morning wash off the remains. Lubricate the skin with cream. Sessions
carry out to eliminate defects.

To perform a pedicure at home, you must have
nail scissors. Instruments must be disinfected.
They remove the excess part on the nail plates. To nail on
legs do not grow into the skin, they are made square. Nail file dub
cut and jagged edges of the nail.

The cuticle is removed using a nail spatula. For
facilitating the procedure, the cuticle is lubricated with a preparation that softens and
removing the skin. After 5 minutes, the remaining parts of the skin are removed.
Using a spatula, clean the nail plate from adhering particles
cuticle. To clean dead skin particles and dirt from under
nails, use the spatula.

The tips of the fingers are cleaned of horny skin, relieve dead skin.
skin on calluses nail file. Bilateral nail file polished nail
plate to shine. This can be done by taking the apparatus for

After that, you can paint your nails with varnish, previously
degrease them. Otherwise the remedy will fall bad, will
not long to hold. To gently apply varnish, it is necessary between
Fingertip the dividers. It can be simple wadded

The first layer will be a colorless base (to protect nails from
toxic ingredients and leveling their surface). This layer
will contribute to a stronger fixing varnish. Dry colorless
foundation, you can safely paint the nails with a colored tool. Varnish is applied
in 2 layers. Otherwise the saturated and uniform shade will not turn out. AT
the very end painted nails cover with a fixer. He helps
lacquer hold on the nails for a longer period.

Perform a pedicure using the machine

Pedicure at home can be performed using
special apparatus.

Make professional devices and for use at home.
To perform the procedures it is better to choose the second type. He less
cumbersome and inexpensive. The device has universal functions. With
change of nozzles and speeds of work, the device for a pedicure can

  • nail treatment of all types;
  • removal of cuticles and corns;
  • polishing nail plates, etc.

Sessions are performed on dry skin. Therefore pre
steam legs do not. The processing begins with the removal of
stop corns and dead skin layers with sand
cone cutter. Work is performed only by its side, but not in
never the tip. Then cut with ceramic nozzle
dry cuticle. For nails this type of cutter does not represent
danger. To remove the extra length of the nail will help more rough diamond
nozzle. By changing the cutter to a more delicate, you can give the nails
the desired shape. Cylindrical spheres grind nail plates.
Felt nozzles polish them to shine.

Perform a pedicure with a liquid blade

Pedicure at home can be performed using liquid
blade. This type of procedure allows to solve skin problems.
covers of feet and nails without steaming and sharp tools.

Liquid pedicure blade includes a series of different tools for
performing the procedure:

  • cream with fruit acids;
  • disinfecting drug;
  • nutritious cream.
  • you need to stock up before performing the procedure
  • capacity with warm water;
  • a towel;
  • plastic bags;
  • gloves;
  • cotton wool

If there are no defects on your feet, you can proceed to

  1. Keep your feet in warm water for 10 minutes.
  2. Soak your feet with a towel.
  3. Wearing gloves on your hands, apply a disinfector to the feet.
  4. Using a cotton swab, apply the cream on the hardened areas
  5. Wrap the foot in plastic bags.
  6. After 10 minutes, remove the bags. Without kneading the gloves, knead
    skin of the feet so that dead skin separates on the coarsened areas
  7. Re-disinfect the foot of a special composition.

Liquid pedicure blade can be used in cases of:

  • ingrown nail;
  • dried and hardened skin;
  • the formation of corns and corns;
  • hyperkeratosis;
  • diabetic disease;
  • fungal pathologies, etc.

This type of pedicure is available and suitable for both women and
men without exception. He helps legs look good in any
age and in any situation.

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