Secrets of hair care: how choose a comb

A woman decides to increase strands when she wants to increase the length,
volume or improve the aesthetic look of your own hair. But
added strands need special care.

A girl is combing her hair

For this there are combs, thanks to which the hairstyle will be
look attractive

  • 1 How to care for hair extensions
  • 2 How to dry and comb
  • 3 Features of comb for hair extensions
  • 4 How to choose a comb
    • 4.1 Cloth material
    • 4.2 Important nuances
  • 5 What are the combs
    • 5.1 Comb Trident
    • 5.2 Comb
    • 5.3 Massage Brush
  • 6 How to use
  • 7 Manufacturers Overview
    • 7.1 Tangle teezer
    • 7.2 Moroccanoil
    • 7.3 Kiepe aquos
    • 7.4 Braun
    • 7.5 Dewal
    • 7.6 Janeke

How to care for hair extensions

Attached curls can not be restored
on their own. Therefore, they need to be carefully
look after.

Proper care for hair extensions:

  • first wash the head to carry out two days after
    scaling procedures;
  • no tangle during shampooing
  • you must use moisturizing shampoos;
  • the drug must be evenly distributed over the surface
  • when washing artificial strands you should keep your head in
    upright (it is unacceptable to tilt it back or
    forward, otherwise the locks will go awry);
  • before going to bed you need to collect the hair in the tail, which is reliable
    will fix the capsules.

Caution! It is not recommended to use ordinary
combs and brushes. Such accessories can destroy the structure.
added rod.

How to dry and comb

hair extensions

If you do not follow the rules for care
non-native hair, they will soon fall out.


  • do not use a hairdryer;
  • dry hair can be a natural way;
  • sleeping with wet hair, otherwise artificial
    strands will dry in a broken state.

Important! Every woman after building curls
must get a special comb. Accessory sold in
specialty store. Ask in advance at the hairdresser,
what device fits your hair.

Tips for combing donor strands:

  • attached curls should be combed no earlier than 24
    hours after building;
  • unravel the curls need 2 times a day (and more);
  • comb your hair from the ends slowly
    rising to the basal areas. At the skin
    head hair must be held by hand;
  • hairdressers advise weekly to use a special
    balm for hair extensions.

Please note! It is not recommended to comb wet strands.

Features of comb for hair extensions

Comb for hair extensions

Many girls are confident that any combs made from
natural material neatly unraveled attached
strands. But this is a fallacy. For such curls developed
special accessories. Professional help lead the hair
in order, taking care of bonding capsules.

Important! The task of the correct comb – not only care
for extended strands, but also careful combing of relatives

How to choose a comb

Before acquiring a hairbrush, it is necessary to conduct a test:

  1. Inspect the bristles and teeth of the selected model.
  2. Try whether the handle of the product is comfortable. It should not deliver
    hand discomfort.
  3. Check the device for strength.

Today the hairdressing market offers a wide choice.
accessories to help care for new strands. Products
differ in a variety of forms as well as materials from
of which they are made. The choice of accessory depends on
structure and length of its own hair.

Selection of combs for hair

Teeth material

Popular materials for comb teeth are listed below.

Wood. Gently unravels the problem area and
performs head massage. Removes static electricity,
arising from combing a long head of hair. If on the teeth
appeared chipped or cracked, then accessory needed
replace. Otherwise, combing will hurt
connecting capsule.

Bone. Used for the manufacture of tridents and
scallops. This comb has a beneficial effect on strands in
the process of combing them, and also massages the skin
heads. Minus – the bone electrifies the long head of hair.

Silicone. Teeth from this material guarantee
high-quality hair disentanglement. When creating styling with
Silicone enhancement can be used care products for
hair extensions.

Silicone brushes

Natural bristles. The product is able to make
hair obedient. Pork bristle brush suitable for
everyday use. However, the massage from such material
will tangle tight strands.

Nylon. Used in the form of small bristles.
It is flexible and soft.

Attention! The use of metal and
plastic combs can cause the formation of microcracks in
non-native rod and destroy it.

Important nuances

Requirements for comb for extensions

  • suitable material;
  • pleasant to the touch cloves;
  • ends of the product without massage balls that can
    confused and cut off the curls.

Hair care

It is advisable to have at least two items: a brush and
trident. Such a set unravels problem areas in
head of hair and also stimulates the growth of their hair.

What are the combs

Choosing the right model comb for use at home
conditions, it is necessary to take into account its shape, size, additional

Comb trident

Comb trident

The hairbrush has safe (for a head of hair) wide teeth. Between them
flexible stoppers are located that protect
connective capsules from damage. To avoid
accidental pulling out the steppe – combing hair
the trident starts from the ends, gradually moving up.

Tip! Together with the trident you can use
massage brush.


Comb and combs

Helper in the care of the added strands is the comb.
Its teeth are located at a great distance from each other. The
accessory evenly and gently straightens curls with
the very bottom to the top. If the comb is silicone, then the teeth
do not allow the hair extension to break at the attachment point.

Massage brush

Massage brush

You should choose an accessory made of natural bristles.
This device provides a full massage of the scalp and
Carefully looks after hair on all length. Massage
the brush carefully unravels the extensions.

This video explains how to choose the right comb for
hair extensions.

How to use

To non-native strands for a long time to keep a healthy and well-groomed appearance,
It is necessary to properly use accessories for combing.
Because the comb is a personal hygiene item, it quickly
accumulates dirt:

  • dust;
  • skin particles;
  • dandruff.

Required weekly to clean the comb from dirt. Then
soak in a weak solution of ammonia by about
1,5 hour.

Care for the comb

Manufacturers Overview

Combing non-native curls high-class product will save
hair from injury and will not disrupt the shape of the hairstyle. Below are the most
popular brands.

Tangle Teezer

Professional British brand offers a large number
plastic combs modern design. Distinctive
the characteristic – the soft, densely located cloves
different lengths.

This video covers Tangle Teezer comb and which one

Прибор применяется при расчесывании
wet or wet curls. Provides complete care
head of hair does not hurt her. The design allows you to gently pass
spikes and juncture points.

On a note! To purchase an accessory should
place an order on the official website of the company. Another variant –
order goods from a representative of the Avon cosmetic brand.


MoroccanOil accessories

The combs of this company deserve the true love of the owners
hair extensions. All this thanks to valuable features.
Israeli accessories. The highlight of most products –
ceramic base smoothing curls and not allowing
education in the head of static electricity.

Kiepe aquos

Comb Israeli company

Accessory from another Israeli company will provide gentle care
for attached strands. The basis made of ceramics
removes static electricity, straightens naughty
curls. Due to the processing of the web negative
charged ions laying will gain additional brilliance.


Brush German company

Professional combs of the German company gently affect
a head of hair. Using these devices is easy to implement.
laying at home, aligning curls without the use of
ironing. Braun brushes to help cope with tangled curls.


Comb Company Deval

This German company also manufactures products for
extended strands. Modern designs of combs made from
quality material, give a guarantee of excellent
disentangling problem areas. Bristle made of hair
boar and nylon. Special tips do not hurt
attached capsules and improve combing.


Brush-comb Zaneke

Combs of a popular Italian brand perfectly care for
attached curls. The company produces the original
comb design in three color variations: turquoise,
pink, orange. Excellent product
Made of matte plastic.

It has a durable case and comfortable handle. Flexible bristles
takes care of the strands without pulling them out. Use a comb
can be immediately after washing the head.

So as to purchase quality accessories
for the care of attached strands, review the reviews of women,
who used this product. Correctly selected comb
for extended hair gently unravels loose strands,
smoothes disobedient curls and gives them an amazing

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