Secrets of the effect of bleached bleached hair: How to distinguish reservation, shatush and ombre?

effect of burnt hairUntil recently, burnt under
sun hair was considered some kind of disadvantage, especially when it
concerned brunettes and brown-haired women. Now trendy effect
burnt hair – the hit of the season, and every girl wants to get
deep, saturated, natural color that is achieved
complex staining techniques, such as armoring, shatush,

Many even try to reproduce this at home.
technology for video tutorials, but as practice shows, it’s better not
experiment, and trust a professional.

It is also important to understand that the techniques in question are not
versatile, so before embarking on staining
In any method, the master must take into account many nuances: color
hair, structure, length, etc.

Shatush technique: what are the features and why it cannot be applied on
short hair?

All the techniques due to which the effect of burnt from
sun hair, have their own peculiarity, in this plan shatush –
coloring that creates a smooth vertical transition from dark
roots to white tips, increasing the visual volume of the hairstyle.

The effect of burnt hair is usually achieved by using
natural shades and smooth transitions that makes this technique
very popular in the midst of the fashion era for naturalness.

A feature of this technique is that when painting
Shatush method does not use the usual clarification process
hair cap and foil. It is also worth saying that curls
painted in random order, and the composition is applied to large
strands. At home, this procedure can be repeated if
carefully read the video on the network on this topic.

On short hair, this technique does not apply for a simple
reason – due to the lack of length it will be impossible to make a smooth
transition, and the result will not be as impressive as in the case of
long and medium hair.

What does the reservation look like and to whom?

The root of the word booking is a mixture of two English words
– blond and brown. Brondirovaniye, unlike technology shatush,
is a staining method in which the effect of faded under
sun hair is created on the basis of two colors – brown and light.
Burnt hair may differ from the base tone by no more than
on three shades. At home booking is very hard
perform, because not everyone has the opportunity to acquire such
Arsenal of colors, like a hairdresser.

Soft overflow of color is achieved through the use of
caramel, cold, nacreous, honey, wheat and amber
shades. Although it is a multilevel staining,
the result is a natural natural hair color.
The effect of burnt hair in this case is embossed, with a complex
structure, so this type of staining is so popular
among the brown-haired women.

What does the mysterious ombre mean?

ombreThere are lots of videos
in the network in which experienced masters demonstrate the technique of coloring
with the interesting name “ombre”. Ombre staining technology
involves the transition from one color to another, while in contrast
from the technique of shatush here can be used two completely different
colors between which a smooth transition is created. As in
in brondirovanii and shatush, foil and cap are not used in ombra,
hair coloring is done outdoors.

At home, this technology is repeated almost
impossible, since in this case a lot of
materials, different shades of colors, and only the master can
correctly determine the proportions and colors that are needed for a smooth
and soft transition. The effect of burnt hair forms a blurred
face, giving hair volume and natural look. Ombre can be
as from dark to light, and vice versa, while contrasting
color can begin with the temples, and even on the tips of the hair.

The effect of burnt hair folk remedies

Procedures such as shatush, ombre or booking not only
trendy and popular, but also very complex in terms of technology
performance, so the cost of them in hairdressing salons
starts at $ 50. Many can not afford such a pleasure, so
It remains to wait for the summer and the scorching sun or to apply
folk remedies to create the effect of burnt hair in comfortable
home conditions.

You can apply honey (on individual strands or the entire length),
preheated in a water bath, and leave overnight.
After several procedures, the hair under the influence of honey will become
lighter a couple of tones. At home, this procedure to do
pretty easy, and besides, the hair is not only lighter, but also
restored after staining.

It is also effective to rinse hair with a decoction of medicinal
Chamomile, which is also known for its toner properties. Such
rinsing technique will not only strengthen hair and make it shine,
but also please with the effect of bleached hair.

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