Secrets of the use of olive oil for care for the face: recipes for masks and other cosmetics



  • About the benefits of olive oil for the skin
  • “Liquid gold” for the face: indications and contraindications to
  • Recipes for masks and cosmetics based on olive
  • Recommendations for the use of olive oil for the face

In the VIII century BC. era in their heroic songs Homer
glorified this product as “liquid gold,” and no woman
could do without it. The ancient Greeks already understood that
the value that is contained in natural olive oil,
useful properties which have found him application in cooking,
medicine, cosmetology, nutrition. Women and today is difficult
do without it: it is the golden key to beauty and youthful face
at any age. If you learn to use it in the composition
home remedies for skin care, you can get rid of many
deficiencies and defects in appearance and forever say goodbye to

Olive oil for the face

About the benefits of olive oil for the skin

As in any other oil, in olive the main active
substances are various fatty acids. But it is in his
composition they are combined in such a unique way that, getting on
skin and penetrating into the cells, are invisible, but very effective
comprehensive work on moisturizing and rejuvenation.

  • Fatty acids (linoleic, stearic,
    palmitic, linolenic and oleic) create on the surface of the skin
    transparent, invisible film that performs protective functions.
    Constantly applying olive oil to hair and
    protect your face, you will notice that the skin has become smaller
    respond to annoying environmental factors: scorching rays
    sun, frost, pollution, irritant effect of salty marine
    water, temperature drops do not cause such harm as before.
    Fatty acids perform a second, equally important function –
    plentiful, reliable moistening. The film, which is formed, does not give
    water evaporates, it is successfully retained inside the cells, where
    starts the necessary metabolic processes and oxygenates tissues.
    Therefore, the main purpose of olive oil in cosmetology –
    care for dry skin. Peeling, feeling
    tightness, irritation – these are the problems with which it successfully
  • Squalene enhances the moisturizing effect.
  • Tocopherol, “youth vitamin”,
    vitamin E has excellent ability
    penetrate deep enough into the subcutaneous layers as far as
    allow homemade cosmetics. He is there
    starts the process of synthesis of elastin and collagen fibers,
    which over time slows down or stops altogether.
    The anti-aging result is evident: the skin is aligned in texture and
    bloom, looks young and beautiful again.
  • Vitamin D is involved in the regulation of metabolism
    substances, which is very important for a good skin condition, allows
    add olive oil to homemade scrubs, as it can
    effectively exfoliate dead cells, cleansing the pores of unnecessary
  • Iron is an element without which it is impossible
    deal with the problem of blood vessels. Its deficiency is expressed
    in skin problems such as rosacea, rosacea,
    spider veins, unhealthy complexion. Regular and competent
    using olive oil will help to cope with them.

Such an invisible work at the cellular level is conducted by active
substances “liquid gold”. She leads to stunning
results if you use products prepared on the basis of
olive oil, competently, taking into account indications, contraindications and
recommendations of experts. Otherwise, you can get a few
a different effect that will upset and not please.

The benefits of masks with olive oil

Do not forget about skin care around the eyes:

White clay will become indispensable helpers in the care of oily and
problem skin Рецепты масок>>

“Liquid gold” for the face: indications and contraindications to

With olive oil as a cosmetic need to be
Extremely careful and use it strictly for its intended purpose.
Given its useful properties, it is possible and even necessary with its help.
care for skin with problems such as:

  1. Dryness;
  2. Scaly patches;
  3. Constant or frequent feeling of tightness;
  4. Sunburn after natural sun or tanning bed;
  5. Aging and wilting of the epidermis: wrinkles, flabbiness,

Especially olive oil for skin care
persons recommended when traveling to the sea and in hot
country. Funds based on it will perform a protective function.
It will become an indispensable assistant to those who have to work on
outdoors, in a chemical industry or in a kitchen where leather is regularly
subjected to aggressive influences from the outside and suffers from
constant stress. To save her, be extremely careful:
contraindications have not been canceled.

  1. After 2–3 weeks of active use of olive oil in
    As a cosmetic, you need to change it to another.
    skin care method. The protective film it forms
    interferes with the free respiration of cells, as a result of which
    comedones form – black spots when greasy ducts
    clogged with cellular debris.
  2. Owners of oily and problem skin should know that they
    You can use olive oil only in combination with
    a certain set of products, otherwise skin condition will deteriorate,
    greasy luster will become even more pronounced, and the work of the sebaceous glands
    completely broken. Do not completely abandon the “liquid
    gold “, but in masks and other skin care products you need it
    combine with citrus (lemon,
    orange, grapefruit juices or ethers),
    either with dairy products that are low-fat or low-fat
    amount of fat.
  3. Do not use after cream based on olive oil:
    the formed film will not let its active substances inside, but
    can mix with them and degrade the appearance of the face.

All these pitfalls in the form of contraindications can be easily
get around, competently handling such a valuable product for health,
youth and beauty of the skin. Moreover, the result is worth it.

There are a large number of recipes for all sorts of tools for
olive-based face, as it blends perfectly with
different ingredients. It can be added to any mask, and this is how
once the case when the saying “porridge (= mask) butter is not
spoil “pays off at 100%.

The benefits of olive oil for the face

Recipes for masks and cosmetics based on olive

Not only homemade masks can be made from “liquid gold”:
scrubs, wiping, compresses, tonics – all 33 pleasures in one
set provided competent use without fanaticism.
Choose the product that best suits your skin – and
arrange a small beauty salon at home.

  • Olive oil + honey = anti-aging

Slightly warmed honey is mixed in equal amounts with
olive oil. Perfect care for aging, aging
skin: wrinkles slightly smoothed, complexion improves,
the texture is aligned.

  • Olive oil + yolk = moisturizing

Raw yolk is pounded with olive oil (2 tables. L.).
A real salvation for skin that is tired of dryness and flaking. Mask
has excellent moisturizing properties.

  • Olive oil + lemon = mask for oily

Mix olive oil and lemon juice in equal proportions –
concentrated, freshly squeezed. This mask can not be afraid
make the owners of oily skin.

  • Olive oil + honey + egg = nutritious

Raw egg is whipped, mixed with honey, slightly warmed (1
Chin l.), then olive oil is added (1 table. l.). Will fit
for any skin type.

  • Olive oil + salt = scrub

Sea salt (50 g), olive oil (50 ml) and
fresh crushed lemon peel (2 tea. l.). Apply on skin
massage for a couple of minutes, and then leave on the face for 5 minutes.

  • Wipe

Heat the oil in a water bath, moisten a piece of cloth in it
(cotton wool, disc, etc.), wipe the skin, including the area around the eyes
and decollete area. With oily skin, you can remove the remaining oil
in 5 minutes, from dry – in half an hour.

  • Olive oil + wheat bran = peeling for
    sensitive skin

Wheat bran and butter mixed in equal quantities, apply
on the skin, massage for 2-3 minutes. Peeling is very good
soft and pleasant, so that it can be used even for cleansing
sensitive, delicate skin.

  • Olive oil + apple vinegar = refreshing

Apple cider vinegar is mixed with oil. Wipe do daily
in the morning: they will give the skin an extraordinary boost of energy and tone on
all day.

  • Olive + Essential Oils =

Orange essential oil (drops 5) is mixed with oil (2 tables.
l.). The face is smeared with the resulting mixture;
terry towel soaked in hot water (but not to
burn the skin). Wait for the towel to cool down and wash
lemon water. Such a miraculous compress perfectly refreshes,
quickly removes signs of fatigue on the face. It is recommended to do
before going out, when time is short and you want to look
fresh and rested.

  • Olive oil + Vitamin E = Mask for the skin around

An oil solution of vitamin E (1 tea. L.) Is mixed with oil (1
table. l.). The mask is applied to the skin around the eyes, doing great
with the effect of “crows feet”, bags and bruises.

  • Olive oil + green clay = mask from

Green cosmetic clay is mixed with oil (1 table. L.) (2
table. l.). Can be applied exclusively on inflammation sites,
lubricating them several times a day, and you can make a full mask
on the whole face, excluding the eye zone.

When the coveted recipe is selected, a way around it is found.
contraindications side, the last thing you have to
familiarize yourself with, these are recommendations on how to apply the tools correctly.
For face with olive oil. Still, do not forget about it
oily essence that sometimes causes rejection due to
inability to handle such products.

Compliance with the recommendations will not only facilitate the whole procedure, but also
enhance the effectiveness of the prepared cosmetic.

Recipes for face masks with olive oil

Recommendations for the use of olive oil for the face

The rules are very simple, will not cause much trouble and for sure
will be learned from the first time.

  1. For cooking, choose a cold pressed product in which
    more nutrients.
  2. Before use, the oil should be at room temperature or
    slightly warm. This can be achieved with the help of a water bath, battery
    (put a bowl with the product on the battery and wait for it to heat up)
    or your own hands (warm the bottle of oil in the palms).
  3. Smear the finished product on the skin of the wrist, wash off after 20
    minutes and during the day (not less!) Watch the reaction.
    The absence of itching, irritation, flaking, redness – the main
    an indicator that your body takes all the ingredients, and
    means you can not be afraid to use this care product
    skin of the face.
  4. Apply masks on the massage lines with light tapping.
    movements, as if driving a tool into the skin.
  5. If the mask does not include cinnamon, alcohol tinctures,
    mustard, gelatin, it can be kept for 30 or even 40
    minutes so that the active substances have time to nourish the skin. In the presence of
    aggressive components, it is desirable to limit the time of the procedure to 15
    and even 10 minutes.
  6. Rinse off with oily agents with lemon water.
    Dissolve 2 tablespoons in a glass of filtered water.
    concentrated, freshly squeezed lemon juice. Drink
    wadded disc with the resulting solution and wipe the face, removing
  7. If with the help of olive oil you need to solve some
    serious cosmetic problem, you can do wiping – through
    day, masks – twice a week. If you use it in
    as a prophylactic, for conventional skin care,
    it will be enough to apply it once a week.
  8. After 2-3 weeks of active use of “liquid gold” is not
    forget to change it to other means. After some time
    can come back to it again if the results of you are completely

Healthy olive oil for the face – a real home
A beautician who is ready to carefully and effectively care for your skin.
Moisturizing, rejuvenation and protection – these are three magical properties,
which it possesses in full. It’s hard to find an alternative
in this necessary matter, so that you can safely arrange at home
beauty salon and thank the ancient Greeks for discovering such
wonderful cosmetic product.

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