Secrets of weaving volumetric braids, step-by-step schemes with a photo

At all times a thick braid is associated with the image of Russian
beautiful women, back in fashion in the form of bulk weaving. Knowing
subtleties create hairstyles, any girl, even with thin
hair can create a stylish image. Girls with braids

  • 1 Volumetric braids for long hair with photos
    • 1.1 French braid
    • 1.2 Spit from the tail
  • 2 braids on medium hair
  • 3 How to give volume to a spit
    • 3.1 Pigtails
    • 3.2 Corrugation in the French Spit – evening version
    • 3.3 Pile
    • 3.4 Strands on hairpins or hair extensions
    • 3.5 Stretching the strands
    • 3.6 Curls without curlers and ploek
  • 4 Several step-by-step diagrams
    • 4.1 French four-strand braid
    • 4.2 Spit of five strands
    • 4.3 Lush rim of the braid
    • 4.4 Fluffy fish tail
    • 4.5 Greek braid as a variant of lush weaving for long
    • 4.6 Rubber braids
  • 5 Secrets of increasing spit volume
    • 5.1 remove the bangs in a braid
    • 5.2 Ladders enemies of volume braids
  • 6 Tips from hairdressers

Volumetric braids for long hair with a photo

Long hair is a real luxury, but not always
owners are able to expensively present their wealth. Voluminous
braids do not interfere in everyday life, but look stylish and

French braid

Even a classic French cone can be turned into a masterpiece,
adding pomp.

  • At the top, make a bouffant and fasten it invisible.
  • Comb the side hair.
  • Spit the French braid backwards, picking up
    side curls and weaving them under the middle strand.
  • After fixing the tip with an elastic band, stretch all the turns
    maximize the sides and fix the varnish.

French spikelet

Diversify the classic version will change
Directions to the diagonal, then you get a magnificent braid
on one side, or instead of one, perform two volumetric braids.

Tail braid

Spit of the tail

  • Collect the hair from the side in a low tail.
  • Bundle half of the strands under a silicone band
  • Thread through the strands the second half back to front and
    tie it with a third rubber band.
  • Through the new weave thread the free half and repeat
    actions along the entire length.
  • Stretch the coils to the sides.

This video shows how to braid yourself an interesting braid.
from the tail

Spit on medium hair

On the more common average hair length
preferably weaving from the crown to reveal the whole
beauty hairstyles.

Tip! Add brightness even more difficult
staining that adds glare to styling.

How to give volume to a spit

There are several ways how to make volume on
hair for beautiful styling.


The method is time consuming, but is suitable in the absence of
special forceps: wash your hair and dry your hair.
Apply mousse or foam and weave many small ones.
braids with whom to go to bed. In the morning, all unstuck and
create a voluminous hairstyle.

The volume of small braids

Corrugation in the French Spit – evening version

For a special celebration for the evening hairstyle to process all the curls
tongs corrugation. This will create a lush volume, which even
in the French back braid you get a luxurious
styling, as in the photo.

Corrugation in the French Spit

It is important to preserve the health of your hair.
means of thermal protection.


An undesirable way to be used frequently, because
undermines the health of curls. To create a fleece strand
select and drizzle varnish, small comb intermittent
brushing from the inside out from the tip to the base.

Hair combing

Barrettes or hair extensions

In specialized stores you can buy strands to match
hairs that are attached with hairpins to the base of their curls
and add volume.

If not satisfied with the length, then the cardinal way will be
hair extensions in a beauty salon. This method will allow you to braid
lush braids even for short hair.

Hair extension

Stretching strands

The fastest way that does not require prior

  • The scythe needs to be fixed with a rubber band not tight, without finishing
    to the end of a few centimeters.
  • Stretch the coils from bottom to top, holding the base of the braid.
  • Only the outer parts are gently pulled out, without touching the middle
  • For strength, the volume must be fixed with varnish to
    all hair is not disheveled.

This video shows how to braid a volume braid and stretch

Curls without curlers and ploek

If you have enough time, you can create curls with a beam.
To do this, collect wet hair in the tail, which is divided
into several pieces and twist into tight bundles.
Fix them around the rubber band for several hours, after which all
unwind and beat between your fingers.

Curls without curlers and ploek

Several step by step schemes

Create original hairstyle help scheme where
Step by step sign all the actions.

French braid of four strands

For originality, braid a thin pigtail at the beginning of the braid, near
with which select 2 on the left and 1 on the right strand.

  • Put a pigtail on top of the second strand and hold under
    the first.
  • The second strand to put on the fourth, which
    cross over the top with the first.
  • Pigtail put on top of the next curl.
  • The next strand to put on the extreme right.
  • Cross in the middle of a pigtail with a nearby
    the former right.
  • Repeat the previous steps along the length of the braid, fasten
    rubber band and stretch the edges of the coils.

Spit of four strands

Five strand braid

Making a 5-strand braid is not technically difficult, but you need to
first practice to hold a large number
curls and not get lost in them.

In short, the principle of weaving can be described as follows: extreme strands
held underneath, and then over the adjacent locks, alternating

Spit of five strands

  • Split the beginning of the spit into 5 equal parts, take 3 in
    left hand and 2 in the right.
  • The leftmost strand to get under the second and put on top
    the third.
  • The extreme right to hold under the fourth and put on turned out
    in the middle of the first strand.
  • Repeat weaving along the entire length of the hair, at the end to give
    volume stretching turns.

This video shows how a five-strand braid is woven.

Lush rim of braids

In the bezel can be removed as all the hair, and only the top
part, leaving loose curls. Romantic hairstyle done
in the following way:

  • Select the upper half of the hair with a horizontal parting.
  • Braid 2 French spikelets, starting as close as possible.
    to the center of the forehead and heading towards the back of the head, stretching the coils in
  • Connect them behind the hairpin, and the rest of the stacks of curl
    curling iron

Lush rim of braids

Fluffy fishtail

To fish tail turned out lush, you need to give
First, the volume of all the hair, making bouffant or curls, and
then weave a braid out of them.

This video shows one of the ways to weave lush fish

Greek braid as a variant of lush weaving for long

The image of the Greek goddess is popular with brides and
graduates. Exquisite hairstyle under the force of a professional, and
It is better to implement a simplified version:

  • Scroll the curls along the entire length.
  • At the top, collect a small part and braid it in a simple
  • Separate a thin strand from one side and twist it slightly in
  • Push it through the pigtail to the other side.
  • Do the same on the other side.
  • Add alternately grabs on both sides until all
    hair is not intertwined with a braid.
  • Decorate with flowers or beautiful hairpins, and braid for graduation
    or the wedding is ready.

Hairstyles harnesses

Rubber braids

Spit gum trudges very easily, and the result is not inferior
works of professional craftsmen.

  • Separate the small strands from the sides and connect them
    silicone rubber band.
  • Raise the tip up, and below make another one the same.
  • Divide the first tail into two halves and round them around the second,
    which is now clean up.
  • Connect the ends of the first tail with the new side strands
    under the second rubber band.
  • Continue to weave the braid to the end, then gently
    stretch all the weave apart.

This video shows how to make a volumetric braid without weaving from

Secrets of increasing the volume of the spit

Sometimes all efforts fail and the desired volume is not
it turns out.

We remove the bangs in a braid

Owners of long bangs can use it in
as an additional mass of hair, weaving, for example, into
French braid or bezel.

Weaving bangs in a braid

Ladders enemies of volumetric braids

Cascading haircuts are suitable for most types of face and often
are selected as base on medium hair. But braiding from them
braid, short strands are often knocked out of the weave,
and the volume to the tips is lost.

Cascading haircuts and braids

Tricks from hairdressers

The main secret barbers consider maintaining
curls in a healthy state, because how to weave volumetric
braids on dull, lifeless hair that all the time
are confused.

Important! Regular cutting of tips,
Professional shampoos and masks will add shine and shine to your hair.

This video shows one way to perform a volumetric braid.
without weaving for every day.

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