Self-treatment of oily hair at home conditions

Oily hair can not look neat and attractive. ABOUT
to their owner, they create the impression of a sloppy person,
who does not care for them. Naturally, such a state
needs special and extra care.

wet hair Especially
that there is nothing difficult about it and everyone can do it on their own
home conditions to organize the treatment of oily hair. But for starters
you need to understand what leads to such a state and what it is
at all.

What is seborrhea and the causes of this phenomenon?

The content of the article:

  • What is seborrhea and the causes of this phenomenon?
  • Hair care products that are prone to fat
  • Folk remedies for the treatment of oily hair

If the sebaceous glands located in the scalp are hard
produce fat (fat), then the hair is very fast
get fat look.


Such a phenomenon is called seborrhea, which is capable of
cause the death of hair follicles and alopecia. Therefore, if
do not take action in time and do not begin treatment of fatty
hair, you can, over time, lose your natural

A number of factors lead to seborrhea:

  • Disorders of human hormonal background.
  • Disorders of the nervous system.
  • Irrational food.
  • Acceptance of certain drugs.
  • Use hard water when washing your head.
  • Incorrectly selected or used funds
  • Very frequent and improper staining with poor quality
  • Lack of protection during sun exposure, cold and
    tanning beds.

As a rule, if any disease occurs, all
human efforts are directed towards healing, but nobody
absolutely not to take care of their hair, considering that this
nature does not go anywhere.

This situation can also cause seborrhea,
which needs immediate treatment.

Hair care products that are prone to fat

Increased sebum secretion has long been considered a disease of hair,
treatment of which must begin with the selection of the necessary funds for
care. They are designed not only to improve the visible state, but
and solve the problem in a fundamental way.

tar soap

However, first you need to get rid of the delusion that
frequent washing is harmful. This is not true! Wash each
when it is required, that is, as far as pollution. Highly
Well, if for these purposes a special soap will be used,
having a healing effect – “Tar”, “Sulfur” or


You can and should use special product series that
produces almost every company specializing in
hair care products. As a rule, such products have
necessary composition of seborrhea.

Name of the funds What is intended for Manufacturing firm
Shampoo Equilibre Normalizes the glands Selective professional. Italy
Shampoo bio-balance Improves hair condition Selective professional. Italy
Shampoo For long and voluminous hair with high fat content Londa. Germany
Shampoo with tar Regulates sebum production KEUNE. Holland

These professional hair treatments are good because
that they are accessible to everyone and should be applied as usual
shampoos – at home. This should take into account their
feature – at the beginning of the application, the work of the glands on the contrary, more
intensify more and this process will take about 2-3 weeks. Then
she is normalizing and her overall condition improves significantly.

For fans of traditional medicine and its means, you can also
offer a number of recommendations that can solve the problem of fat
hair and normalize the sebaceous glands.

Folk remedies for the treatment of oily hair

folk remedies Fat treatment
hair folk remedies can not only normalize
glands, improve the condition of the hair, but can also serve as excellent
seborrhea prevention.

Means What to do How does
Tincture of calendula Rub into the scalp after washing Normalizes the glands
Castor oil Rub into the scalp before washing (30 minutes) Relieves itching, reduces fat production
Cherry or sweet cherry juice (natural) Rub into scalp before washing (only for dark hair,
as it has the ability to dye hair, for 30 minutes)
Regulates the glands
Infusions of coltsfoot, nettle, plantain, St. John’s wort, sage,
oak bark
Rinse washed hair, do not rinse Normalize the glands
Bodyaga Boric acid solution mask is thorough and long
rubbed into the surface of the scalp before washing (30 min)
Reduces sebum and dandruff, relieves itching

The peculiarity of all folk remedies for
treating oily hair is that they are pretty fast
lead to the desired result, but for its final
fixing, they need to be applied for a long time (1-2

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