Serum for eyelashes as medical and cosmetic a means for growth, strengthening and recovery

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Is serum for eyelashes included in the arsenal of your beauty? it
very effective therapeutic and cosmetic for strengthening,
recovery, volume and growth of cilia. It’s time to get to know
the best brands in this niche and choose something for yourself. Or
make homemade whey.

In recent years, various
means for growth, strengthening, restoration, lengthening of eyelashes.
Increasingly, refinished are increasingly refused, as they are very heavy.
own, forcing them to gradually fall out.

Mascara is still decorative cosmetics that works all over.
several hours throughout the day and not always the most
beneficial effect on the health of hairs. Perhaps the most
serum is considered useful in this niche for
eyelashes, which has a therapeutic and cosmetic effect.
It works not only on the visual volume: first of all it
nourishes the follicles, roots, from the proper functioning of which
depends on the state of cilia.

Serum for the growth of eyelashes

Why do eyelashes need serum

Many do not understand why serum is needed for
eyelashes, if along with it there are many other
regenerating, strengthening and stimulating growth of funds. On
in fact, there are serious differences between them. Serum (good,
high-quality, effective) – something between a medicine and
cosmetics. It is a concentrate of useful elements, which is complex
affects the eyelashes:

  • nourishes the root zone, hairs useful elements, eliminating
    lack of necessary substances;
  • strengthens the roots;
  • stimulates, accelerates the growth of eyelashes;
  • gives them thickness and strength;
  • gives natural volume;
  • protects against the harmful effects of decorative cosmetics and
    irritating factors from the outside;
  • cares for eyelid skin, eliminating and smoothing wrinkles;
  • restores weakened and dull hairs, eliminating
  • gives them a shining and rich color;
  • some contain coloring pigments and may impart
    a certain shade, others may be an excellent basis for
    makeup products.

If in doubt, does
serum for the growth of eyelashes, study first numerous reviews
on special sites and draw the appropriate conclusions for yourself.
But remember that the effectiveness of any remedy depends on
the current formula, i.e. composition, and individual characteristics

The term serum comes from pre-Slavic
the words * syrovat, which means “associated with cheese.”
Medical and cosmetic has no relation to the cheese,
but it is as concentrated and healthy as dairy

The composition of therapeutic agents

Many do not bother to study the packaging of the purchased product.
For them, the main thing is its popularity and the mass of positive reviews. BUT
perishing to poison yourself is better not to think about it so that once again
get upset Completely wrong approach to business. Sure to
Recognize, even before purchase, the serum composition for
eyelashes, which may appear as useful
ingredients, and not so. The first are:

  • amino acids restore structure;
  • antioxidants slow down the aging process;
  • biopeptides give volume, stimulate the growth of eyelashes;
  • vitamin complexes have a healing effect;
  • extracts from algae accelerate the process of cellular
  • hyaluronic acid makes the eyelashes elastic, prevents
    their destruction;
  • dexpanthenol has a rejuvenating effect on the follicles,
    strengthening the roots;
  • natural oils;
  • polymers give smoothness and shine;
  • plant extracts perform in serum for eyelashes different
    functions (green tea tones and soothes, pomegranate rejuvenates,
    pumpkin works to strengthen the roots, etc.);
  • moisturizers (same lecithin) prevent dryness, filling
    root zone moisture;

Any concentrated eyelash serum contains in its
comprising a huge amount of these nutrients, thanks
which achieved the effectiveness of the tool. However, there are
ingredients that doubt their safety. It goes
about prostaglandins, on the basis of which recently more and more often
produced serum for the growth of eyelashes.

What are the sera

Hormonal Serum for Eyelashes

“Hormonal” serums for the growth of eyelashes
called prostaglandin drugs. They are not hormones in
pure form – rather, hormone-like. They take part in
endocrine processes, but have a different effect. Bimatoprost
(the main substance in the composition of many serums for the growth of eyelashes)
synthesized artificially (brands Careprost, Vоlum, Dreamlash) or
made from sea corals (Xlash, Carelash). Visible effect from
prostaglandins appear faster than natural. Serum
as part of which there are not only prostaglandins, but also
nutrients (lash trick) will help to additionally make
eyelashes stronger and shiny.

However, the side effects of prostaglandins – a huge

  • provoke inflammatory processes;
  • reduce vision;
  • irritate the eyes;
  • stimulate hair growth even in places where they should not
    to be (for centuries, for example);
  • addictive.

So carefully study the composition of the serums for eyelashes to
do not become hostage to hormonal drugs. Better stop your
selection of natural ingredients. Yes, the result will have to wait
much longer, and the degree of efficiency will be less, however
As a result, the cilia will remain healthy and natural.

Be careful! One of the most
unpleasant side effects of prostaglandins, which often
are part of serums for eyelashes, – lowering of intraocular
pressure. So look for your chosen remedy
approved by ophthalmologists.

Hormonal serum

Rules of application

To maximize the effectiveness of an agent, you need to know
how to use serum for eyelashes. There is no
some general schemes, as each manufacturer lays in
own formula specific algorithm for the application. So that
carefully read the instructions for the purchased product – and clearly
follow her.

    1. The most effective means – pharmacy serum for growth
      eyelashes, which is developed under the vigilant control
      ophthalmologists. Check the availability of the certificate.

  1. Apply 1 time per day, in the evening after washing the face, an hour before
    sleep. It is recommended to apply many products on eyelashes twice, t.
    e. also in the morning (half an hour before going out, as the basis for
  2. Apply with a brush, starting right from the roots, on top and
    lower lash line. Enough 1 stroke.
  3. Some sera do not require flushing (and this is correct, since
    they should ideally be completely absorbed). Others because of their greasy
    consistency must be removed with a cotton pad.
  4. The usual means for skin care eyelids (cream), as well as
    decorative cosmetics (mascara, shadows) can be used later
    20-30 minutes
  5. The effect is achieved after a month of use, although the very first
    changes should be noticeable after a couple of weeks.
  6. If the desired results are achieved much earlier, specialists
    recommend reducing use to 1 or 2 times per week.

So the best eyelash growth serum
– one that is properly used, in accordance with the instructions.
Especially carefully read the contraindications that may
turn into unpleasant consequences. Serum deficiency on
There is no modern beauty industry market, so here advisers
You will become ratings and tops.

According to statistics. If you read reviews
those who used serum for the growth of eyelashes with prostaglandins,
often complain about the vascular grid in the eyes and the fluff of small
hairs growing right on the eyelids.

How to use serum for eyelashes

Overview of the best brand tools

Below is the top growth serum.
eyelashes, since it is this function that makes these tools such
popular: everyone wants to have as a result of long, voluminous,
super luxurious eyelashes.

  1. Lash MD – eyelash growth serum. Lurey
    Company. USA. $ 81.8.
  2. Eyelash Serum XLash – growth serum
    eyelashes. Almea. Great Britain. $ 48.2.
  3. Eyelash Enhancing Serum – serum to accelerate the growth of eyelashes.
    RapidLash. USA. $ 47.
  4. Lash & Brow Building Serum – growth serum and
    eyelash modeling. Mary Kay. USA. $ 33.
  5. Eyelash Booster Stimulator Elixir – Elixir
    to stimulate the growth of eyelashes. Pharmatheiss cosmetics, Dr. Theiss
    Naturwaren GmbH. Germany. $ 25
  6. Platinus Lashes (Platinum) – serum for
    eyelash growth. Russia. $ 17.
  7. Long Lash active-serum – the extension serum for growth of eyelashes.
    L’ambre (Lambre). France. $ 15.4.
  8. Careprost (the same famous Kareprost) –
    serum for the growth of eyelashes. Russia. $ 14.
  9. Eyelash Enhancer – serum to enhance the growth of eyelashes.
    Feg. China. $ 10.4. (Available on
  10. My Lash Serum – Korean Serum for
    eyelash growth. Etude House. Korea. $ 9.6.
  11. Growth of eyelashes and eyebrows.
    Alerana (Alerana). Russia. $ 9.4.
  12. Pro Visage. Deluxe Lash Serum – Serum for Luxury
    eyelash extension. TianDe. China. $ 8.1.
  13. Lash plus Grow Serum – serum for the growth of eyelashes.
    Catrice. Germany. $ 4.4.
  14. Faberlic Expert Serum for
    active growth of eyelashes. Faberlik. Russia. $ 4.
  15. Advance Volumiere – active serum for eyelashes 3 in 1.
    Eveline cosmetics. Poland. $ 2.6.
  16. Lash Natural growth Stimulator Serum Eyelash Eyebrow Grow
    Longer Thicker – serum to stimulate natural growth
    eyebrows and eyelashes. Available in roller form. Promises a fantastic
    lengthening and thickening. Genive. Thailand. $ 1.8.

See also: Korean care system
skin: features, tips, stages

Well, a small rating of serums for eyelashes
restorative and restorative actions that are not
fixated only on growth stimulation.

  1. Full Lash Serum – serum for strengthening and volume of eyelashes.
    Shiseido. Japan. $ 44.3.
  2. Diorshow Maximizer – Serum for the volume of eyelashes.
    Dior. France. $ 43.9.
  3. LiftActiv Serum 10 yeux & cils – serum for active
    lifting eyelashes and skin around the eyes. Vichy.
    France. $ 36.
  4. Therapy Bio – active serum for eyelashes.
    Triumph. Russia. $ 2.8.

So choose those serums that you can afford, and
go to the pharmacy. Of course, you can always order a product in
numerous online stores, but this method is always
a certain risk to purchase for considerable money a cat in a bag. If a
do the same prostaglandins and other chemicals frighten you?
formulas in the composition of such funds, despite the abundance of positive
reviews and certificates of quality, you can always do something like
own hands.

We read the packaging. Serum – Eyelash Serum
or Lash – eyelashes, Booster (booster) – amplifier.

Rating of the best brand serums for eyelashes

Homemade Serum Recipes

Many are interested in how to make a serum for eyelashes in
home conditions. There are different recipes, but to name
their concentrated means can only be stretched. In its own way
composition, consistency and action, they are more like masks,
which require mandatory flushing.

  • For the growth of eyelashes

Rather easy to prepare serum for the growth of eyelashes in
home conditions. To do this, mix a teaspoon
olive (or coconut) oil, 2 teaspoons of aloe juice,
half a ampoule of tocopherol, a teaspoon of vaseline. All carefully
beat up Store no more than a week in the refrigerator, but an hour before
application to get the tool to be at room temperature.
Apply with an old brush from under the carcass, having previously washed it, as

  • To strengthen the eyelashes

Mix oils: castor and emu (1 teaspoon each), coconut
(half a spoon). Heat slightly in a water bath. To add
contents of 2 tocopherol capsules. Store in a dark, cool place.
in dark glass containers for no more than 2 weeks.

  • To restore eyelashes

Mix equal proportions of burdock and almond oil.

So serum for eyelashes can be bought in pharmacies, ordered in
online stores or do it yourself at home
conditions. The main thing is that they act and justify the assigned ones.
hopes for them. Long, voluminous, elegant eyelashes – the dream of each
women, and with these means it is possible to achieve just
few weeks without resorting to drastic measures in the form
building up.

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