Seven treatment procedures for hair healing

In the struggle for a beautiful and strong hair should adhere to
of a certain system, as simple attempts to influence
damaged hair or bald patches will not lead to noticeable
result. To make the changes truly visible
you need to radically change your lifestyle. If the body
healthy, working fine, then the hair themselves pretty quickly
grow back.

The most important thing is a positive attitude!

The content of the article:

  • The most important thing is a positive attitude!
  • The first procedure of the course: “Magic haircut”
  • Second procedure: proper combing
  • The third procedure: stimulation of the scalp
  • Fourth procedure: exfoliation
  • Fifth procedure: reduction of hair greasiness
  • The sixth procedure: how to wash your hair?
  • Seventh procedure: hair strengthening

Positive attitude on hair treatment Usually the most difficult
in the process of healing hair for many people is
the need to strictly comply with all rules and regulations
developed in this course, keep
vigilance and attentiveness. All procedures will be required.
continuously perform for 90 days. The same period requires
taking and remedies.

At first glance you might think that such a long period
like three months of control over my daily routine
performing procedures and taking medication is very difficult for
complete the task. But you should not be afraid. Actually a course of 7
procedures (his methods and useful tips) are designed in such a way
that easily fit into the normal mode of life and daily routine. AND
for some people, it can become an integral part
daily life and not a routine duty.

In order for the treatment and hair restoration to occur more
interesting and to support in difficult moments, you can attract for
such matters of all their households, as well as close friends. Change
It will be easier if there is a peculiar group nearby.
support This course is designed to strengthen vitality and
health improvement of the whole body, all relatives will receive from it
only favor. In addition, the greatest joy will bring an updated

The benefits will be from these procedures for all participating in
application of hair treatment course, regardless of the presence of split ends
tips, forms of alopecia or other hair problems. Some
people the first results of the course become noticeable almost
instantly. This will depend on the wake time of the hair.
bulbs from telogen hibernation. As soon as they become active,
begin to grow new healthy hair.

Many people begin to notice the emergence of new hair already in the first
weeks of initiation of treatment if they strictly comply
all prescriptions. For others, it takes longer. But for any
The results are accurate in 52 weeks.

Hair is an integral part of a person’s
ideas about yourself. As soon as the first ones start to appear
the results, the mood will rise, the state of mind will change,
increase self-esteem. Achievements in the fight for health and beauty
hair will best reflect on spiritual well-being.

The first procedure of the course: “Magic haircut”

Hair cutting is necessary in order for the appeared fluff on
bald head began to turn into a powerful head of hair. Baldness in many
cases begins under the influence of diseases of the hairy
heads. Dead cells on the scalp, mingling with excreted
sebum, form a barrier that prevents the growth of thin and delicate
hair, preventing nutrients and air from penetrating to their
to the roots. Because of this, hair cannot grow normally, and just
die off. Silky and weak, thin hairs that
still called fluffy, they simply cannot survive if they are constantly
you have to make your way through a layer of fat, dirt and dead
skin cells. Roots become weak due to lack of nutrition,
since blood cannot flow in sufficient quantities due to
skin contamination. The hair simply does not have the strength to break through the mouth

Haircut This course provides medical
preparations, correct head massage, careful combing of hair.
They help to remove excess sebum, dead cells and other
layering that interferes with the normal supply of hair necessary
substances. Medications normalize the release of fat,
which is necessary for the elastic lubrication of the hair and scalp.

Proper haircut should eliminate all obstacles on the way
regrowth of new healthy and strong hair. This is
the basis of the therapeutic course. It can be called magic because
Helps hair grow quickly and easily.

What is the magic of a regular haircut? Simply
A number of rules should be followed to stimulate strand growth.

  1. Very carefully should be trimmed hairline.
    The barber separates a thin strand with a comb, cuts off, then too
    He does the next strand and continues to do it right up to
    crown. If a person does it on their own, they cut it.
    just the tips every three weeks. Should lift hair
    comb and gently cut with scissors just a little bit, even with
    vellus hair.

  2. After trimming the hair horizontally on the crown,
    a similar procedure to hold vertically, cutting off hair under
    corner on each side. Hair cut front to back with both
    sides. Thanks to such careful handling of the shearing volume
    looks very harmonious and the hair at the same time fit

  3. The hairdresser should cut the hair, starting at the top of the head,
    dividing them into thin strands vertically. If the haircut will be
    occur independently, you should lift the strands with a comb and
    make cuts over it. It is necessary to alternate horizontal and
    vertical sections, gradually reaching the nape.

  4. Gently trim the top and sides so that it turns around
    head smooth line. It is necessary to comb and trim even
    down so that it does not spoil and does not dry out as it grows.

  5. Angled haircut on the sides will help strengthen the hair at the temples. And her
    regular execution will provide the hair style necessary form. After
    completion of the treatment course “magic haircut” will look like

Carefully separating the hair into strands and shortening it in horizontal
direction, and then, again dividing and slicing, but
vertical, you can create a kind of “tunnels” in the layer, which
adjacent to the scalp. As a result of this procedure is formed
the air space at the roots of the hair, which contributes to their rapid
growth. Weakly fluff hair will not be crushed by the main
weight hairstyles and will be able to grow normally. As healing hair
will become stronger, healthier, and as a result they will have to cut everything
less often.

It is best to have a haircut every three or four weeks, not once.
in two months. At first it may come as a surprise, but then after
the first month of treatment, you will notice that the hair grows much
faster than before.

Second procedure: proper combing

Proper combing hair To stimulate growth
healthy hair need to increase their blood supply from the inside
bulbs. If it is debugged well, then the hair will be luxurious.
In the presence of obstructed blood supply due to hormonal
violations of this will not happen. So due to hormonal disorders
Androgenic alopecia may appear, because of stress – telogen.
As a result, nutrients are not supplied to the hair follicle.
and oxygen. A significant role is played by bad hair care. With
improperly combing hair follicles and sebaceous glands
inflamed, clogged with grease and dirt. Without the necessary nutrients
substances and oxygen bulb dies, the hair stops growing.

The right massage brush for hair

The right choice plays an important role in stimulating hair growth.
massage brush. Should look at all available in the house
combs and brushes and ask the following question: “When do these items
been washed for the last time? “. Most often, people can’t even
remember when it was done. This is fundamentally wrong.
Use a dirty comb or massage brush after
the hair was washed, it is practically the same as putting on
dirty clothes after taking a bath. All the dirt, bacteria, fat,
which are on the comb, again fall on the head and clog pores.
Therefore, you need to wash the comb every time you wash your hair.
Shampoo perfectly removes all fat and dirt from a massage.

Massage brush To rinse the brush, you need to apply to
stubble a small amount of shampoo and rub it to the full depth.
Next, comb the bristles with a comb to remove all dirt and grease.
Wash with hot water, shake well to remove excess
water and dried on a terry towel.

It is recommended to wash the brush every day. If there is no time for it
or banal laziness interferes, you can wrap it in gauze in front
combing Fat and dirt will remain on the gauze, then it can be removed
and throw away. Gauze should be changed daily.

The stores sell a large number of massage brushes, but
the best ones are made of natural pork bristle. She is very similar to
keratin, which consists of human hair, absorbs
dirt and grease. This brush has rounded tips, does not scratch
the scalp does not tear the hair. And nylon bristles usually have
sharp teeth that can damage the scalp,
inflammation of follicles and brittle hair. Once a year comb or
massage brush should be changed, because the bristles lose their elasticity,
breaks down that will negatively affect the state

How to comb?

We do not recommend combing immediately after the washing procedure.
Wet strands are very easily deformed when combing
stretch, tear.

Need to be able to comb hair and in a dry state. It is important
for the prevention of baldness, keeping the scalp in good shape. When
a man is combing his hair, his scalp is slightly stretched,
this stimulates her blood supply and the work of small muscles,
that squeeze the secret out of the sebaceous glands. There is a natural
smearing hair with sebum, they acquire a natural shine and
healthy look. Also, combing removes dead skin.
cells of the epidermis, fat and dirt from the head.

  • Better comb comb with wide rounded
  • To stimulate the scalp you need to comb
    brush twice a day: once in the morning and once in the evening.
  • It is necessary to comb hair depending on their length, for
    three minutes are enough for short, you need at least five minutes.
  • Greater brushing efficiency when head
    tilted forward. So the blood flow increases.
  • You need to comb your hair from the neck to the forehead and from the sides to
    top of the head.
  • At the end of the procedure, the hair is combed from the forehead to the back of the head.
    If there are so-called vortices or mats, then they too
    gently comb from the tips.

The third procedure: stimulation of the scalp

For your hair to grow strong and healthy you need to completely
rid of such debris as dead cells and excess skin
bacon Hair roots should also receive adequate nutrition. To
achieve this result need rubbing into the scalp
special oils, tinctures that contribute to the improvement
blood supply to the scalp and accelerate hair growth. Such procedures
should be spent every day before bedtime. Rubbing oil in the hair and scalp You should know that when
rubbing tincture or medicated oil the scalp will simply
to burn This is due to the very strong blood flow
did not have. Carefully massage the forehead, neck and hairy area.
part of the head. The tincture should be thoroughly absorbed so that it
began her magical effect. In the morning will be necessary
rub a special daily stimulant, and immediately before
sleep – night. Once a week you need to use a super-stimulator.

Several recipes for tinctures and oils:

  1. Daily stimulator for the scalp (rubbed with

  1. Alcohol-Free Day Stimulant

  1. Night stimulator for the scalp (rubbed before

Pour two teaspoons of stimulant into a glass bowl. Tips
fingers rub it into the scalp. Split hair into small
spinning along the growth line and starting to rub the stimulator in the direction
from the forehead to the crown, especially paying attention to bald places.
The rest of the oil should be distributed along the hairline and on
the tips. Such a stimulant can be left on all night. Fat not
bedding will get dirty, since most of the stimulant
immediately absorbed into the scalp and into the locks. But for reinsurance
You can put a terry towel on the pillow. Morning head follows
wash with shampoo.

  1. Dandruff Stimulator

It should be applied one to three times a week instead of night

Mix a tablespoon of cayenne pepper and a glass of preheated
vegetable oil (you can take almond, sunflower,
olive, sesame). The resulting mixture is rubbed for 10 minutes in the head and
leave overnight.

Night stimulator rubbed daily at bedtime, super-stimulator
– once a week. Apply both. Super stimulator
has a powerful effect on the scalp and
used in conjunction with other important procedures, such as
mud and protein compresses, peeling. But similar
weekly procedure does not replace nightly nightly applications

  1. Daily Super Stimulator

It will take two teaspoons of rosemary oil or basil, 2 tea
spoons of night stimulator, half a teaspoon of castor oil
and a teaspoon of white iodine. All ingredients are poured into a container of
dark glass with dispenser. Close it tightly and shake to
obtain a homogeneous mass. Stick the label.

Super-stimulator is rubbed into the scalp as well as night.
Massage the head for 10 minutes and leave for another 10 minutes, but in no way.
case do not wash off. And immediately proceed to the next
a procedure that involves rubbing in the exfoliating

Fourth procedure: exfoliation

Peeling is the most effective way.
getting rid of dead skin cells that appeared due to
improper combing of the head or improper washing of the hair.
The pores of the scalp are clogged with fat, dirt and dust. As a result
This hair does not receive the necessary substances, grow very slowly or
their growth stops. Peeling mixture must be applied.
on the scalp with a massage brush. The composition reduces flaking,
which accompanies seborrhea. The mixture must include
below are the ingredients. The fact is that each
component has a specific purpose and in the aggregate
they completely clean the scalp.

Peeling blend designed for weekly
of application

It will take 10 aspirin tablets, a quarter cup of vodka, 1
teaspoon cayenne pepper, 2 teaspoons shampoo, 2 tablets
acetylsalicylic acid. All ingredients are placed in a glass.
bowl and stirred until complete dissolution of the tablets. Should
separate the little strand along the hairline. Using soft
a toothbrush, apply the exfoliating mixture to the scalp and rub
its circular movements until the whole is covered
head. Just do not do it very much.

Scalp Exfoliation The remaining mixture is rubbed into the tips.
strands. It will help to dissolve all the remnants of fat and sebum.

  • An alternative option of exfoliating mixture for prone hair
    to fat

You must take 2 tablespoons of white willow bark, half a liter of water,
a glass of Virginia witch hazel juice. Dunk bark in half a liter
purified water, put on fire, boil. After this fire
should be turned off and for an hour the mixture is constantly
mix. Cool, strain, pour into glass bottles. AT
can from the aerosol pour a glass of witch hazel juice, add to
him a tablespoon of white willow bark infusion. There you can pour
a little rosemary or lavender oil for the smell. The resulting mixture
should be sprayed from the spray onto the hair roots to dissolve
excess sebum. If hair becomes greasy during
of the day, then in this way it is quite possible to refresh them at any moment,
just sprinkling head composition. Do not rinse the mixture should
proceed to the next procedure.

Fifth procedure: reduction of hair greasiness

Fuller's landFuller’s land is
substance that is a powerful absorbent. Consists of clean
clay and mineral, which is very similar to the finest sand. In that
The recipe also contains colorless henna, which is already a lot
millennia used for cosmetic purposes. Henna depending on
fortress prepared solution can be used as
shampoo, hair dye or rinse. Henna leaves
(minced) mixed with other herbs to obtain
various shades for hair coloring. To reduce greasiness
hair colorless henna is best. She creates with hair
truly magical acts. Henna and Fuller’s earth possess
the ability to absorb fat.

Mud compress for daily use

Colorless Henna Take a glass of colorless henna and fuller’s
land. They are poured into a tight bag or jar with a screwed
a lid. Very carefully shaken up for complete mixing.
powders. Two tablespoons of the mixture put in a glass bowl,
Pour in a couple of tablespoons of boiling water. If there is little water, then
pour it until a homogeneous paste-like mass or
oatmeal porridge. This paste with confectionary brush should
lubricate the hair, thoroughly rubbing it into the scalp. Leave on
half an hour, and then rinse with warm or cool water.

The sixth procedure: how to wash your hair?

Washing headSuch a simple procedure as washing the head,
allows you to clean the hair, removing from them and the scalp dirt, dust,
who have settled deep inside the hair, in the hair follicles behind
day. For normal functioning of the papillae
it is necessary to wash out dirt and dust daily.

After such a procedure, the skin will be renewed, since
on the place of dead cells are formed fresh. Dead cells
must be permanently removed so that the skin breathes. That is to flush them
with shampoo or another hair wash each
day. This is especially important for people who suffer from

Many of the balding people think that they are constantly
detergent provokes further alopecia, and their condition
only get worse. They prefer to rinse their hair
water However, this is wrong. If you do not wash your hair with
special detergents or shampoos, then sebum, dirt and
dust will gradually accumulate, clogging hair follicles. From
This hair, which can grow, slow down its growth or even
stop growing.

It is necessary to wash the head and finger pads daily.
to massage her. It is not necessary to massage the hair with the whole palm, since
This is a very rough massage and as a result, hair can begin
break down that provokes baldness. But light massage tips
fingers is a great way to tone the scalp. After
wash should be rinsed with warm or cool water.

The detergents that are presented here are not harmful.
hair, unlike industrial shampoos. At first
self-made means may not seem so
thick as purchased and after them the hair may not seem
so clean. But the feeling of complete purity is achieved by
washing out the entire protective layer from under the hair cuticle and at the same time
remains virtually unprotected. Shampoos Cooked
on their own, remove only grease and dirt from the strands, but at the same time
leave them protected and so the hair will be soft.

Washing head It is best to wash your hair with two different
shampoos One should be for hair and the other for
scalp. This is the best combination. The fact is that the scalp
and hair need different care and they need different means. And
Each detergent has its own purpose. Skin shampoo
heads will enhance the effect of the exfoliating mixture. Daily his
application, backed up with weekly exfoliation, remove
any pollution on the scalp, including dirt, dust, excess
fat If they are not removed, the pores will clog. Also
shampoo for the scalp has an antiseptic effect, has
astringent effect that helps normalize the condition of the head.
Hair shampoo removes any impurities, washes the strands gently,
without drying, gives volume.

First you need to wash your hair with shampoo for the scalp,
rinse with warm water and rinse with hair shampoo, then again
rinse. After completion of the procedure should be applied to the head
therapeutic and prophylactic lotion and if necessary, the gel for
hair with the effect of giving volume.

The technique involves washing the head once a day. If by virtue of
circumstances have to wash your hair more often, for example, when visiting
pool or after training in the gym, then the second bath
hair should be done using only shampoo for hair.
If you don’t have time to wash your hair properly, it’s best
use dry shampoo. The most basic and important
An ingredient of these shampoos is Castilian soap, which
happens in the form of lotion or just liquid. Castile soap is considered
very gentle on the skin. It is suitable even for children, so
as composed of 90% olive oil. Castile soap usually
made from the highest quality fats and at the same time
contains the minimum amount of alkali. Better not to buy it with
various additives, as they can negate the whole
positive effect of medicinal herbs added
on their own, and only harm.

If you can not buy Castilian soap in the form of lotion
or in liquid form, it can be prepared independently. For
This is taken a piece of Castilian soap without additives from pure
olive oil. It must be planed with a knife or
grate and dissolve the resulting chips in warm water (1
liter). Next, the solution should be boiled on low heat until
the chips will not dissolve completely or just cover and
leave it overnight for complete dissolution. The resulting viscous
the liquid will serve as the basis for shampoos. If not available
Castilian soap in any form (liquid, in the form of lotion, in bars),
you can use a plant like soapworm that has
naturally foaming and cleansing properties.

Preparation of the solution from soapwort (replacing Castilian

Shampoo from soapwort

Would need

  1. 4 tablespoons of stalks and leaves of soapworm

  2. half a liter of clean water

Mylnyanka put in a saucepan, pour so much water
so that it completely covers the raw material. Water should be cold and in
it must be given to the brewer for 4 hours, then boiled and
simmer for 10 minutes. Then the solution is allowed to cool and must be drained.
Leaves and stems should be squeezed out and thrown away. Remaining
the solution should be used to prepare the shampoo.

Shampoo making

To make shampoo, you need to make herbal tea,
strain the resulting infusion and pour it into a container where already
is half a glass of Castilian soap or tincture

Shampoo for the scalp, designed for daily
of application

It will take one tablespoon of the following

  1. lavender flowers

  2. basil leaves

  3. rosemary leaves

It is also necessary to take half a glass of liquid Castilian soap 3
cups of boiling water.

Herbs should be boiled in boiling water and kept on the fire no less.
10 minutes or even longer. Then strain the infusion, and squeeze the leaves
throw away. Allow the solution to cool and then pour into the prepared one.
container with Castilian soap. Shampoo pour into bottle for
storage and stick the label. No need to wash your hair
more teaspoon cooked shampoo. It should be applied
on wet hair, gradually adding water to the composition constantly
foamed After the procedure, the head should be rinsed with warm water and
further rinse with hair shampoo.

Daily hair shampoo

Would need

  1. tablespoon (with a hill) of nettle leaves

  2. similar amount of crushed sage leaves

  3. tablespoon with a hill of daisy flowers

  4. three glasses of boiling water

  5. half a glass of liquid castilian soap

Herbs are brewed in boiling water, kept on a slow fire, no less
10 minutes or longer. Infusion filter, squeeze the leaves and
throw away. Let stand until cool and then pour over.
in a saucepan with castilian soap. Everything is stirred and poured for
storage in a plastic bottle. Shampoo get pretty
concentrated, so no more tea is required for washing
spoons. The composition should be gently rubbed into the scalp and sweat.
rinse out the tea thoroughly. After all these
great procedures are unlikely to want to use again
purchased shampoos.

Dry shampoo

If it is not possible to wash your hair in the usual way, then completely
useful recipe for dry shampoo. For him
would need

  1. 50 grams of rhizomes of iris of Florentine ground in

  2. a drop of peppermint oil

  3. 50 grams of arrowroot powder

All ingredients are poured into the bottle and shaken thoroughly for their
full mixing.

Hair should be divided into small strands and rub shampoo into
head with a soft toothbrush. Then the hair follows
Comb with a massage brush for 5 minutes (to remove the powder) and
make styling. Comb after this procedure should be
wash up

Seventh procedure: hair strengthening

Lasion A good completion of all previously described therapeutic
prescriptions will become therapeutic and prophylactic lotion that
will restore approximately 2% of the acid mantle of the hair and smooth them
cuticle. This balance is very easily disturbed, especially if
after washing on the head and hair remains soapy sediment. Head
wash according to the instructions given here and carefully
rinse until the foam is completely washed off and the water becomes
absolutely clean. And in the end it is necessary to rinse hair
lotion diluted in warm water. The following recipe
the medication should last for 2 weeks, since it is very

Therapeutic and prophylactic lotion for every day

Would need:

  1. Liter apple cider vinegar

  2. on a tablespoon with a hill of dried leaves of rosemary, sage,
    nettle, basil, chamomile flowers

Grass should be rubbed between the palms, put them in a pan,
where to add pre-warmed apple cider vinegar.
Cover the pot and put on a slow fire for half an hour.
After that, the composition is filtered, cooled and poured into a bottle.
from under vinegar. Stick the label and put it in the fridge. For
need to use half a cup of lotion in a liter
warm water. Hair washed with lotion and tea
rinse aid.

Tea-based Rinser

Would need

  1. a tablespoon of nettle leaves, dried horsetail, leaves
    rosemary, sage leaves, basil leaves, dried herbs
    Indian Cannabis

  2. 500 ml. water

Bring water to a boil. Then turn off the heat and fall asleep in the water
a mixture of herbs. Wait until you get a strong infusion. Ready
Rinse filter and pour into container. Stick the label.

To use, wash your hair with half a cup.
tea rinse. Then vigorously wipe the head
a terry towel. The cloth will remove excess water and the rub will
stimulate blood flow to the scalp. Hair combed clean
comb and stack.

Performing regularly seven simple procedures can be achieved.
excellent result in the improvement of hair. In the next part
the course we will tell about the benefits of herbal shampoos made in
home conditions of herbs.

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