Several ways to make hair smooth and shiny

The eternal desire of the beautiful half of humanity to have
irresistible appearance sometimes leads to the very opposite
result. The desire to constantly amaze with the novelty of their appearance
makes women experiment first with their
hair: cut, dye, curl, grow, etc.

Smooth hair The frequency of application of such procedures violates
the surface and structure of the hair, which becomes porous,
brittle, twisting in damaged areas. This leads to
that strands become naughty:

  • In the cold period they are electrified; (An article about how to overcome
    electrifying hair)
  • At high humidity fluff;
  • After washing the head is very confused.

An effective way to solve these problems is to regularly
applying a mask for smooth hair. The frequency of such
procedures are selected individually and depend on several

  • Hair type and degree of damage;
  • Work the sebaceous glands;
  • Sensitivity to components.

The most common regular use of the mask – times
in Week. Although there may be exceptions. For example:

  1. If the basis of the composition – vegetable oils, which are
    For a long time hair is impregnated with fat, then the mask is applied not
    more than once every two weeks.

  2. A common gelatin mask that laminates hair should
    be used once every two months.

The main components used for the hair mask
smooth and shiny are shown in the following table:

Component Useful property for hair
various natural oils (burdock, olive, etc.) fastens scales of a hair, levels its structure
apple or wine vinegar protects against loss; softens; fights dandruff;
restores damaged hair; removes cosmetic residues
funds; returns smooth structure
beer fights fallout; saturates with vitamins of group B, minerals,
trace elements; yeast gives a natural shine
egg yolks restore the structure; give elasticity;
banana creates a protective film that makes hair straighten
medicinal herbs (chamomile, linden, etc.) promote straightening and lighten slightly
bow contains zinc, silicon, vitamin C, which fight peeling
scalp; replenishes stocks of sulfur and phosphorus contained in

Some effective mask recipes

The content of the article:

  • Some effective mask recipes
  • The video is a bonus. Lamination of hair at home

Masks made on their own from natural ingredients
Fit for any hair. Their length matters – the shorter
haircut, the smaller the amount of makeup needed.

  • A banana mask includes five ingredients:
    half a banana, egg yolk, one tablespoon of honey
    (preferably liquid), lemon juice and olive oil. Carefully
    mixed mass is applied to the hair and washed off in an hour.
  • A very simple way to make smooth oily hair:
    mix flaxseed oil and kefir in a ratio of 1: 2, put on
    hair. After two hours, rinse with shampoo.
  • Effective oil smoothing mask: connect
    three oils – burdock (two parts), olive (two parts), almond
    (one part). Slightly heat this mixture, apply it to the hair,
    wrap with a towel, pre-coated with polyethylene. Through
    one and a half hours thoroughly rinse with shampoo for oily hair,
    rinse with cool water. If any of the oils cause
    allergic reaction, it can be replaced without serious consequences.
    to others.
  • Popular gelatin mask for smooth hair
    It contains only three components: gelatin, any hair balm,
    water, taken in a ratio of 1: 1: 3. In gelatin, completely dissolved
    in water, add balm. The resulting composition is applied to washed,
    slightly damp hair for one hour. Important nuances you need
    consider when using this mask:
  1. The proposed number of ingredients is designed for short
    haircut; for medium and long hair the numbers increase by two and
    three times respectively.

  2. Shampoo for washing off the mask does not apply, as for this purpose
    It includes balm.

  3. If instead of water to use chamomile decoction, the effect of smoothness
    will increase, and locks will be sated with useful substances and will look

Beer mask: one glass of light (preferably
unfiltered) beer mixed with two tablespoons of liquid
honey and a teaspoon of olive oil. After half an hour applied to
hair mixture, washed off with shampoo.

Their options to make hair smooth and shiny offer
also the world’s leading manufacturers of cosmetics.
The variety of their products, enriched with useful components,
promises users a fast and good result. However, picking up
such a tool should take into account all the individual characteristics or
consult a beautician.

The video is a bonus. Lamination of hair at home

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