Shampoo after keratin hair straightening without sulfates – which shampoo to use after the procedure

Many girls regularly do keratin straightening curls.
However, before them the question arises: “how to take care of hair after
procedures? “. In this article we will tell you about the care, as well as
We will recommend the best non-sulfate shampoos in different price

What is keratin hair straightening – the benefits and harms of

The content of the article:

  • What is keratin hair straightening – the benefits and harms of
  • What are the advantages of this procedure?
  • TOP 4 myths about keratin straightening
  • Hair care after the procedure
  • How to shampoo wash your hair after keratin straightening
  • Rating shampoos without sulfates TOP 23
  • Advantages and disadvantages of sulphate-free shampoos
  • How to style your hair after keratin straightening
  • Where to buy sulphate-free shampoos?

Keratin straightening works in two directions.

  1. First, it makes hair straight, smooth and
  2. Secondly, heals the curls by filling the structure

Ninety percent hair is made up of keratin. However this
protein tends to leach, causing hair
become brittle and dull. During the procedure keratin
straightening this substance is imprinted in the structure of the curl,
filling the gaps in it. It happens under
high temperature exposure.

Keratinizing can be done both in the cabin and at home.
conditions. The difference is in effect (at home it will be less
pronounced) and in price (the cost of a salon procedure is approximately
fifteen times higher). On average, the result of the operation is kept to
four to five months, with proper care can be shed

Also, the duration of keratin depends on the initial state.
hair: the smaller their porosity, the more effective
use of the drug. This substance tends to accumulate.
in the hair, so with each subsequent procedure you will be able to longer
enjoy the smoothness of your strands.

IMPORTANT: even if you want to save on
procedure and do it at home, do not buy drugs
from unknown sellers. It can cost you not only lost
money, but also lost hair.

What are the advantages of this procedure?

  1. First, keratinizing helps to cope with the hated
    for many curls. The result depends on
    used means. Today there are a lot of manufacturers on the market,
    who offer solutions for ethnic hair cope with
    which is difficult even with mechanical impact.
    Just one procedure is enough to become
    owner of straight strands.
  2. Secondly, keratin has a healing effect.
    It fills the hair, restoring its healthy structure.
    Therefore, this procedure is shown to girls with brittle and
    lifeless curls.
  3. Thirdly, hair gets dazzling shine,
    easy to comb and styling without use
    additional funds. The split ends disappear, therefore
    Keratinization is important for those who grow hair, because with
    using it, you can delay the trip to the hairdresser, at least on
    a couple of months.

Is keratin straightening harmful? | – this
the question often becomes the subject of discussion. To date
most facts about the negative impact on the hair and on the person
generally refers to myths.

TOP 4 myths about keratin straightening

Consider the most popular myths about keratin straightening:

  1. In the composition of keratin straightening is dangerous
    For man formaldehyde.

This statement is true for previous funds.
generations. Today, the vast majority of drugs do not contain
this component or is it present in the minimum

REFERENCE: formaldehyde is a chemical compound
providing a preservative effect. That is the content of this
ingredient in composition prolongs the life of keratin
straightening. Safe rate for humans – concentration up to 0.5

  1. Heat from ironing destroys structure

This is an absolute myth. The iron seals keratin inside the hair,
causing absolutely no harm to him. The main thing is not to save
composition and evenly apply it over the entire surface of the hair

  1. After keratin straightening hair quickly
    get dirty

It is not true. If the procedure is done according to the technology and
using quality products, the hair, on the contrary, will
longer keep a fresh look. According to reviews, most girls
notes that straightening helped them to give up everyday

  1. Loss of volume

Much depends on the composition used. On the market are
preparations that provide smoothing hair without losing
volume. Another way not to lose root volume – do not apply
composition on the scalp, and retreat from the roots by two to three centimeters.
However, some do not mind that their hair was
absolutely smooth. This effect can be achieved by using
concentrate with strong rectifying properties and only in salon
conditions have a good specialist.

Hair care after the procedure

Hair after enrichment with keratin requires special

  • First, you will need to change the usual
    shampoo on the one that does not contain sulfates, also
    it will be useful to abandon the silicones in the composition of the cleansing
  • Second, use masks and balms,
    which soften the hair after washing. It is desirable that their composition
    was keratin. So you can extend the validity of the procedure on
    quite a long time. Balsam or conditioner recommended
    use after each hair wash. Apply it only on
    length without affecting the roots.
  • Mask should be used once or twice a day.
    a week Masks can be not only industrial
    production, but also homemade. Use products and oils,
    that nourish and moisturize the hair. For example, argan oil, juice
    Aloe, honey, yolk, avocado.
  • Add to your daily routine indelible care.
    It can be in the form of oil, serum or spray. Part
    Your chosen remedies should include keratin. Apply it after
    each wash before drying. This will provide protection from thermal
    impact, and give the strands extra shine and
  • In the first two days after keratinization can not be collected
    hair in a ponytail or bun so that they do not form
    creases. In the future, we recommend using the popular now.
    gum in the form of “telephone wire”. They injure hair less
    and do not leave a trace of their stay on them.
  • You can wash your hair on the third day after
    procedures, it is not advisable to visit the bath or sauna,
    since the combination of high humidity and temperature contributes
    keratin dissolution. Also not recommended to fall under the pouring
    rain, the less water will touch your hair these days, the
    it is better.

How to shampoo wash your hair after keratin straightening

After straightening, you need to use only
sulfate-free shampoos, otherwise smooth
hair you have to say goodbye quickly enough. Funds without
sulphates with ease cope with pollution. Replacement
sulphates are components that have organic

REFERENCE: most often in the composition of sulfate-free
shampoo includes lauryl glucositis, sulfosuccinate, cocoglucose,
sarcosinate and acylglutamate.

How do sulfates affect the human body?

Sulfates are salts of sulfuric acid. If talk
in simple terms, these are the components that make the foam
shampoos, shower gels, washing powder and a variety of products
to wash something.

REFERENCE: the most dangerous sulphates are: SLES
(sodium laureth sulfate) and SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate.

These substances adversely affect the human epidermis. They
are derived from petroleum. And since oil does not apply to
organic matter, then getting on the skin and penetrating inside it
not included in metabolic processes. Therefore, its removal from
the body is extremely difficult.

According to some researchers, sulfates can become
the cause of the development of cancer. However, a special
these substances are dangerous for children and adolescents because
may lead to a delay in their physical development.

With regard to the effect of sulfates on the skin, they are cleansing it,
At the same time, a film is left that prevents the epidermis from breathing.
As a result, acne appears. Also sulfates destroy
the structure of the strands can cause dandruff or even

REFERENCE: sulfates are strong allergens,
so they increase the chance of allergic
reactions and to other components in the composition of the cosmetic.

Rating shampoos without sulfates TOP 23

Finding a good, sulfate-free shampoo is extremely difficult. Many
manufacturers deceive their customers by placing on ethics
inscriptions that their tool does not contain SLS and SLES, however this
is not true. We have selected for you twenty three best
shampoo, using which you can be sure that your
keratin straightening, as well as health is not threatened.

  • Natura Siberica (Natura Siberika) (Russia)

This manufacturer can find a whole series of shampoos, in
the composition of which is not sulfates. It is necessary to choose, proceeding from
existing problems, as well as hair type. Means promise to make
curls are smooth and silky, and also give them an unreal
shine. All this is provided, thanks to oils and vitamins,
part of the cosmetic

Cost: from 100 to 300 rubles.

  • Organic Shop (Russia)

In the shampoos of this brand there are no sulfates and silicones, so they
Great for those who have done keratin straightening. AT
Their composition includes many useful ingredients, including
means and with the addition of keratin.

Cost from 99 to 315 rubles.

  • Grandmother Agafi’s Recipes (Russia)

Enjoy special popularity on the web due to the combination of budget
prices and good caring properties. Shampoos washed well
hair, while not washing out of them precious keratin. Fits
for daily use.

Cost: 99 rubles.

  • Estel CUREX Classic (Russia)

Professional universal remedy that is intended
for all hair types. It has a pleasant creamy consistency.
transparent beige pearl color, light exquisite aroma.
Gives abundant foam, which oily envelops the hair.
Designed for regular integrated use with the purpose of
achieve the desired result. Intensive nutrition and hydration
hair protection from adverse effects is action
shampoo Intensively caring for hair, it makes them soft,
elastic and silky. Well conditioned as a result
Curls comb well.

Cost: 400 rubles.

  • Coco Choco (Israel)

Designed specifically for hair care after
keratinization. Gently cleans the hair, prolonging the life
caring procedure. Extracts of plant origin,
included in the shampoo make the curls shiny, smooth and
strong This tool is intended for home
of use.

Cost: 999 rubles.

  • KAARAL (Italy)

The shampoo is recommended for use by girls with dry and
porous strands that need intensive restoration.
Cleans hair without pulling moisture out of them.

Cost: 1350 rubles.

  • Bioderma (France)

Ideal for owners of sensitive scalp.
From the first time removes a tooth caused by the use of another tool.
The consistency is very liquid, with a pronounced floral

Cost: 1550 rubles.

  • VICHY (France)

1st shampoo, which not only soothes the scalp, but also
enhances its resistance to aggressive factors.

Cost: 842 rubles.

  • Schwarzkopf (Germany)

Sulfate-free, mild shampoo for a delicate and effective
cleansing dyed hair. Neutralizes chemical processes
which can take place in the hair structure after dyeing.
Returns hair to an optimal level of pH 4.5. Fixes color
pigments. Restores the hair structure and protects it from the outside and
from the inside. Great for home care.

Cost: 569 rubles.

  • Kapus (Russia)

Chemically tired tired shampoo
straightened or curled hair, as well as prone to repeated
staining and bleaching procedures designed to solve
three important tasks: nutrition and recovery, treatment of damaged
hair protection Combination of soft surfactants
delicately cleanses hair from impurities, preparing for the procedure
more intensive recovery. Thanks to being part of
keratin and fruit acids nourishes and protects damaged
hair, giving vitality and tone. Modified Fruit
acids serve to soften hair, moisturize and give
extra shine, keratin restores and gives
elasticity. Polyunsaturated amino acids provide
necessary nutrition to the scalp, prevent the accumulation of free

Cost: 420 rubles.

  • Yves Rocher (France)

Carefully clears hair, thanks to hawthorn extract.
Caring for each strand, giving it a natural glow and

  • Logona (Germany)

Mild shampoo without sulfates. It has a pleasant aroma. Good
washes hair, makes it soft and docile. Facilitates the process

  • Paul Mitchell (USA)

Professional shampoo provides proper hair care.
after keratinization procedure. Saturates the strands useful
trace elements that feed it from the inside.

Cost: 1500 rubles.

  • CHI Infra Shampoo (USA)

It has an excellent soft cleansing effect, restores
balance moisture and gives hair strength. Ideal for hair
any type and recommended for daily use.

Cost: 980 rubles.

  • L’Oreal Professional Delicate Color (France)

Protects hair from exposure to the external environment. Helps for a long time
keep intense color of previously dyed hair.

Cost: 980 rubles.

  • Matrix Biolage Repair Inside (USA)

Shampoo for heavily damaged hair – this reconstruction is strongly
damaged hair at the intracellular level. Shampoo Renders
the restoring influence not only outside, but also inside.
The double formula acts on the surface of the curls, nourishing and
saturating them with proteins and amino acids, and also provides complete
regeneration of the hair structure. Hair reconstruction seventy five
percent immediately after the first application.

  • Lakme Teknia Gentle Balance (Spain)

Suitable for daily use. Moisturizes the hair,
softens it and protects from exposure to harmful environments. Possesses
antiseptic properties.

Cost: 997 rubles

  • Macadamia natural oil rejuvenating shampoo

Restores hair of any type, especially useful for dry and
damaged curls. Deeply penetrating the hair structure,
provides high-quality, gentle cleansing of all kinds
pollution and skin sebum. Intensively moisturizes and nourishes
vitamins and antioxidants. Thanks to exotic argan oils
and macadamia, which is part of the product, and Omega 3,5,7, is achieved
high therapeutic effect. Contributes to easy combing and
styling, hair is not heavy. It gives shine shine, radiance and
well maintained look. Protects against the negative effects of UV rays and
other environmental factors. Consists of only
natural ingredients, without parabens and sulphates.

Cost: 1600 rubles.

  • Nouvelle Every Day Regular Herbs Shampoo

Casual shampoo. Gently cleans and restores
damaged hair structure.

Cost: 1050 rubles.

  • Belita-Vitex Professional Organic Hair Care

Designed for everyday care of hair. Thanks
beneficial ingredients in the composition, moisturizes and nourishes the strands from the roots
up to the tips.

Price: 250 rubles.

  • Estelle Aqua Otium (Russia)

Suitable for dry and lifeless hair that requires
special moisturizing. Sulphate-free formula makes shampoo suitable
for those who have done keratin hair restoration.

Cost: 350 rubles.

  • Aubrey Organics (USA)

Well cleans hair, has a disinfectant effect. The
shampoo will suit those who struggle with dandruff, at the same time wants
keep the keratinization result for a long time.

Cost: 800 rubles.

  • Weleda (Germany)

Natural shampoo that is great for caring for
brittle and weakened lokanami. Does not cause dandruff, irritation and
can be used as an everyday care routine

Cost: 760 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages of sulphate-free shampoos

Shampoos that do not contain sulfates have a number of

  • They do not dry out the scalp, as a result decreases
    the likelihood of itching and dry dandruff.
  • Do not leave behind aggressive components that can
    provoke an allergic reaction.
  • Suitable for use after keratinization, as it is not
    wash out this important protein from the structure of the hair follicle.
  • Hair looks healthier, gain shine and lively
  • They have a healing effect on the hair, gradually strengthening them
    from the inside.
  • Do not provoke the appearance of cancer.

But there are 2 drawbacks:

  • Sulphate-free shampoos in the composition foam worse, so the consumption
    such a detergent can be great compared to
  • Also, you need to get used to these drugs, because at first
    there may be a feeling that your hair is badly washed.

How to style your hair after keratin straightening

The fact that you did the straightening does not mean that you need
give up different hairstyles. On the contrary, this procedure
only facilitates the styling process. You can use stylers,
texturing tools to change the look according to your

IMPORTANT: experiments with hairstyles can begin
about a week after keratinization.

Where to buy sulphate-free shampoos?

Buy shampoo without sulfates can be in a specialized
hairdressing shop. Also, some of the marks are presented in
cosmetic stores and large hypermarkets.

Beautiful hair is not only genetics, but also the right care.
behind them. Choose non-sulfate shampoos that aren’t just
take care of the beautiful appearance of your curls, but also provide
all of them useful vitamins and minerals. Besides, it will help
you protect yourself from a number of dangerous diseases. Therefore always
Carefully read the composition of the cosmetic.

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