Shampoo for dry hair – the best rating, detailed list with description

Dry hair looks like they need a haircut. They
dull, lifeless and tough to touch. Most often, the reason
lies in the weak activity of the sebaceous glands, which is adjusted
able to properly selected shampoo.


Shampoo for dry and damaged hair

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  • Shampoo for dry and damaged hair
  • Professional shampoos for dry hair
  • Shampoos for dry hair
  • Shampoo for dry curly hair
  • Moisturizing shampoo for dry hair
  • Medical shampoo for dry hair
  • Shampoo for dry and porous hair
  • Male shampoo for dry hair
  • Shampoos for dry hair without sulfates
  • Best budget dry hair shampoo
  • Natural shampoo for dry hair
  • Shampoo for dyed dry hair
  • Shampoo for dry and brittle hair
  • Nourishing shampoo for dry hair
  • Pharmaceutical dry hair shampoos
  • Dandruff Shampoo for dry hair
  • Baby shampoo for dry hair
  • Conclusion

Elseve Shampoo “Complete restoration of split ends”

Country of origin: France

The special formula “LAK1000” penetrates deep into the hair
rod, filling the structural voids, and ceramides act
outside, smoothing the hair scales and sealing the sliced
the tips. Elseve Shampoo

Price: from 153 rubles.

Garnier Fructis “SOS Recovery with Kerafill and Oil
Amly ”

Country of origin: France

The effectiveness of the shampoo is clinically proven: just enough three
applications for repairing damage acquired in one year
improper care and regular staining! The secret is
vegetable protein kerafill that fills itself
microcracks, restoring a healthy hair structure.
Garnier Fructis

Reference! Kerafill is a protein identical to proteins
part of the hair shaft.

Gooseberry and amla oils restore the lipid protective layer and
prevent the subsequent section and remove a statics.

Price: from 135 rubles

Garnier “Botanic Therapy. Propolis and Royal Jelly”

Country of origin: France

Garnier laboratory experts created a unique shape.
restoration of withered hair, combining healing in one product
properties of propolis and royal jelly. Garnier

Propolis envelops every hair, giving them softness and
elasticity, and royal jelly fills curls with life force,
preventing the cross section.

Price: from 219 rubles.

Planeta Organica “Savon de Marseille”

Country of manufacture: Russia

For the detergent properties of the shampoo meets Marseilles soap, which
acts solely on pollution, without destroying the natural
protective layer of hair. Planeta Organica

Sea minerals saturate the curls with moisture and extract
Vervains smoothes irregularities of hair rods.

Price: from 123 rubles.

Professional shampoos for dry hair

TIGI Catwalk “Headshot Shampoo”

Country of manufacture: England

Rosehip extracts, ginseng and valuable amino acids
restore and revitalize the hairs that survived multi-act
lightening, staining and years of improper care. TIGI Catwalk Headshot Shampoo

As a result of regular use, complete
reconstruction of the cuticle and restoration of the lipid balance of the skin

Price: from 1218 rubles.

Pantene Pro-V Intensive Recovery Shampoo

Country of origin: Romania

Shampoo nourishes the strands with valuable trace elements and keeps
moisture inside the hair. Through regular use you can
minimize aggressive environmental exposure and hot
styling. Pantene Pro-V Shampoo

Reference! To achieve maximum
restoration experts recommend using shampoo
together with the air conditioner Pantene Pro-V “Intensive
recovery. ”

Price: from 252 rubles.


Country of origin: France

Ingredients are responsible for the healing properties of the shampoo
vegetable origin: prakakxi oil and quinoa bran. Shampoo
saturates hair and scalp with missing protein and recreates
natural protective microfilm thanks to which existing
The split ends are sealed, and new ones do not appear. Does not contain
weighting silicones and parabens. SCHWARZKOPF PROFESSIONAL

Price: from 838 rubles.

Kerastase “Resistance”

Country of origin: France

Kerastaz shampoo bath is an ideal remedy for those
wants to get rid of basal fat, but at the same time afraid to harm
heavily damaged length. Kerastase

Soft foam ideally washes every hair, and nourishing
the components compensate for the deficit of intercellular cement, strengthening hair
from the inside out and smoothing the outside.

Price: from 1377 rubles.


Country of manufacture: Russia

Panthenol in the shampoo strengthens and tightens the hair
rods, and biotin makes up for the lack of fluid and prevents
draining during hot styling. After several uses
hair becomes noticeably softer and more pleasant to the touch. Vichy

Price: from 245 rubles.

Londa Visible Repair Shampoo

Country of manufacture: Germany

The unique formula of the active components “Radialux” penetrates
deep into the hair, restoring a healthy structure and smoothness.
Natural almond oil and silk proteins make the strands softer and
more pliable to styling. Londa Visible Repair Shampoo

Price: from 431 rubles.

Shampoos for dry hair


Country of manufacture: Germany

Light shampoo with hyaluronic acid without silicones and parabens
gently cleanses the hair, preventing dehydration and ensuring

Ideal for lifeless, dull, dry and
injured hair. The hair becomes light, soft and
obedient without the effect of weighting.

Price: from 2250 rubles.

Gliss Kur “Extreme Recovery”

Country of manufacture: Germany.

Full recovery while preserving natural volume? it
possible with Extreme Recovery shampoo from Gliss Chick.
The regenerating formula with marine collagen penetrates deep into
each hair, making the curls softer, stronger and stronger.
Gliss Kur Extreme Restore

Price: from 167 rubles.

Natura Siberica “Protection and nutrition”

Country of manufacture: Russia

Nourishing shampoo based on natural rhodiola extracts
pink and royal jelly stimulates cell renewal
level Vitamin E, absorbs into the follicle, stimulating the growth of new,
healthy hair. Natura Siberica

Price: from 284 rubles.

Oriflame “Wheat and Coconut”

Country of origin: Sweden

Pleasant creamy texture of the shampoo gently envelops each
strand, eliminating pollution and moistening. As a result
dermatological tests have been proven that with regular
applying scalp becomes more saturated, and the hair itself
more healthy and shiny. Oriflame

Price: from 290 rubles.

Shampoo for dry curly hair

Natura Siberica “Sea buckthorn. Intensive moisturizing”

Country of manufacture: Russia

Gently cleanses the hair, returning it healthy elasticity and
shine. Removes static, prevents tangling and facilitates
combing. Natural Moroccan oil, as well as sea buckthorn oil
and organs contribute to the restoration of the natural keratin
layer, seal each rod and prevent breakage,
peculiar to curly hair. Natura Siberica Sea Buckthorn

Note! To create
natural styling with delicate curls, try shampoo in
tandem with texturizing sea buckthorn oil from the same series.

Price: from 225 rubles.

Londa “Curl Definer Shampoo”

Country of manufacture: Germany.

Shampoo effectively washes curls, returning them natural
mobility and springiness. Natural extracts of ginger and
olive leaves saturate hair with micronutrients and
seal the moisture inside. Every shampooing becomes double
more pleasant thanks to the light and tart citrus-ginger flavor.

Price: from 431 rubles.

Moisturizing shampoo for dry hair

SCHWARZKOPF PROFESSIONAL “Essensity Moisture Shampoo”

Country of manufacture: Germany

Creamy shampoo for intense moisturizing
and dry hair rods. Aloe vera essence will make hair
soft and docile, and Panthenol prevents the leaching of beneficial
trace elements and evaporation of moisture. SCHWARZKOPF PROFESSIONAL

Price: from 455 rubles

Kracie naive

Country of manufacture: Japan

Provides deep moisturizing and nourishing hair from the roots to
tips. Organic Peach Tree and Rose Hip Oil
combined with amino acids protect strands from drying out
return natural shine and smoothness. Kracie Naive

Price: from 737 rubles.

Medical shampoo for dry hair

Vichy “Dercos” Soothing Shampoo Care

Country of origin: France

From the first application, the scalp becomes more
moisturized and nourished. Double Action Molecule “SENSIRINE”
increases the resistance of the epidermis to aggressive effects
environment and smooths the scales to the hair shaft.

Panthenol in conjunction with keratin creates on each hair
breathable protective film, and apricot oil slows down
dehydration processes.

Price: from 842 rubles.


Country of manufacture: Russia

Gently cleanses hair from impurities and moisturizes hair
rods, making it suitable for daily use.
Moisturizing complex with betaine and amino acids True Aqua
Balance “helps retain moisture in the deeper layers of the hair

Price: from 495 rubles.

Shampoo for dry and porous hair


Country of manufacture: Germany

Remove from the hair the effects of three years of improper care and
it became possible to seal the hair texture with a range of peptides “BC
Peptide Repair Rescue “! In just a few hair applications
reconstructed, gain incredible smoothness, natural
shine and healthy look. SCHWARZKOPF PROFESSIONAL

Price: from 800 rubles

EGOMANIA with shea butter

Country of manufacture: Russia

Porous hair needs careful cleaning and compaction.
EGOMANIA shampoo with a high content of lipids, fatty acids and
Panthenol provides the necessary hair care and softness. The juice
aloe nourishes the scalp, relieves inflammation, irritation and
peeling. EGOMANIA with shea butter

Reference! Shampoo is suitable for washing hair after
perm and extension.

Price: from 1600 rubles.

Male shampoo for dry hair

Pure Firming Line

Country of manufacture: Russia

A powerful charge of vigor, freshness and energy of herbs for your
shag and body. Oak and juniper extract saturates the follicles
beneficial trace elements and promotes the growth of thick and healthy
hair. Clean line

Price: from 108 rubles.

Londa Care Men Hair & Body Shampoo

Country of manufacture: Germany

Menthol and medicinal herbs perfectly tone up the hair, moisturize
skin and give a feeling of indescribable freshness and purity. Light
cooling effect relieves itching and irritation, preventing
dandruff. Londa Care Men Hair & Body Shampoo

Price: from 431 rubles.

Shampoos for dry hair without sulfates

Elseve Low shampoo “Full Recovery 5”

Country of origin: France

3 in 1 Universal Shampoo: Full Recovery
damaged hair, deep cleansing and combing.
Light creamy texture is simply distributed through the hair and
foaming The chemical composition does not contain sulfates and parabens.
Elseve Low shampoo Full Recovery 5

Price: from 329 rubles

Nano organic

Country of manufacture: Russia

Shampoo from “Nano Organic” is a real gift of nature for
your hair! Coconut oil, argan oil and vitamins of group B, F,
A, E and C deeply nourish and moisturize the dried strands. Shampoo
even suitable for sensitive and allergenic skin
heads, as it does not contain dyes, perfumes,
silicones and parabens. Nano organic

Price: from 299 rubles.

Best budget dry hair shampoo

Grandmother Agafya Shampoo-nourishing hair

Country of manufacture: Russia

Return natural elasticity of softness to exhausted hair and
shine can be with the help of shampoo from Grandmother Agafi! Contains whole
complex of active organic components:

  • Amaranth oil – nourishes the skin and hair
    oxygen at the cellular level.
  • Cranberry Seed Oil – Restores
  • Evening primrose oil – saturates
    organic acids.
  • Ginseng extract – tones hair
  • Siberian Flax Oil – nourishes with vitamins
    and omega-3 fatty acids.

Grandmother Agafya

Price: from 63 rubles.

Gliss Kur “Deep Recovery + Serum”

Country of manufacture: Germany.

Real salvation from seemingly inevitable haircuts
with an extreme degree of damage. Amino Protein Formula
serum penetrates the hair cortex and returns the hair to
life in just a week of active use. Curls become
noticeably softer, smoother and more resilient. Gliss Kur

Price: from 173 rubles.

Natural shampoo for dry hair

Grandmother Agafya “Nutrition and Strengthening”

Country of manufacture: Russia

Baikal sync restores natural
the lipid balance, and the soap root provides deep
cleaning of traces of styling products, fat and sweat. With regular
hair becomes smooth, soft and pleasant
touch Grandmother Agafya Nutrition and Strengthening

Price: from 102 rubles.

Pure Restoration Line

Country of manufacture: Russia

Shampoo from the “Clean Line” consists of more than 80% of the decoction
herbs and plants. Phytokeratin molecules thicken
hair and fill the structural voids caused by
damage. Burdock oil nourishes the follicles, lifts
hair from the root, and chamomile extract gives the hair a healthy shine
and softness. Clean line

Price: from 106 rubles.

Shampoo for dyed dry hair

Garnier “Botanic Therapy. Cranberries and Argan Oil”

Country of origin: France

Natural argan oil and cranberry nourish from the inside and protect
hair from the aggressive effects of temperature extremes, hot
styling and regular staining. This tool is a godsend for
lovers to change the image and experiment with hair color. С
With each application, the curls become smoother, softer and
nourished. Garnier Botanic Therapy. Cranberries and Argan Oil

Price: from 219 rubles.

EGOMANIA with argan oil

Country of manufacture: Russia

Shampoo gently cleanses the hair without washing out the color pigment
and replenishes the amount of moisture lost at the time of staining. Vitamins
A, F and E soothe sensitive skin, and natural aloe juice
Faith promotes tissue regeneration. EGOMANIA with argan oil

Does not contain sulphates and parabens. Suitable for washing
bleached, chemically curled and hair extensions.

Price: from 1600 rubles.

Shampoo for dry and brittle hair


Country of manufacture: Germany

BC Oil Miracle Barbary shampoo is a luxury care for dry
hair at home. Light, low fat berber oil
Figs eliminate brittleness, making the strands really strong, while
this does not affect their airiness and basal volume. Liquid
keratin identical to natural keratin prolongs life
hair rods, eliminating bumps, creases and sealing
section along the entire length. SCHWARZKOPF PROFESSIONAL

Does not irritate or dry up even sensitive scalp,
promoting cellular respiration.

TIGI Catwalk Oatmeal & Honey Shampoo

Country of manufacture: England

Soft shampoo formula based on acacia and wheat honey
protein penetrates under the hair scales, strengthening and preventing
the appearance of creases in length, tangling and section at the tips.
Thanks to hydrolyzed vitamin E, the curls find unprecedented
smoothness and shine. Your natural styling looks like you
just back from the beauty salon. TIGI Catwalk Oatmeal

With TIGI Catwalk shampoo, hair always looks
impeccable, regardless of weather conditions, whether
withering heat, perceptible humidity or cold wind.

Price: from 1218 rubles

Gliss Kur “Oil Nutritive”

Country of manufacture: Germany

Shampoo gently envelops each hair and saturates the cortex.
valuable natural oils. Already during the wash you will notice that
strands became noticeably smoother and more pliable. They are not confused and
do not electrify during scratching or from contact with
synthetic clothing. Gliss Kur

Reference! According to clinical studies,
regular use of shampoo “Oil Nutritive” section is removed
more than 85%.

Price: from 149 rubles.

Nourishing shampoo for dry hair


Country of manufacture: Germany

Hair that does not receive nutrients differ from
healthy dull color, unpleasant, porous texture and dryness.
Eliminate the effects of three years of improper care (Read more about
proper care for dry hair), regular dyeing and
hot styling is possible with the shampoo “BC Peptide Repair Rescue”!
Formula enriched with peptides, compensates for the lack of moisture in
deep layers of hair, fills the follicles with oxygen and
nutritious elements, and covers each core of the protective

Each time the hair becomes smoother and more saturated.
and alive. It is pleasant to touch them, they are easy to comb and
put in hairstyles.

Price: from 2250 rubles.

LOreal Paris Elseve “Elseve, Luxury 6 oils”

Country of origin: France

The concentrate of six natural oils gives hair luxurious
transfiguration, mirror shine, softness and smoothness. Despite
oil composition, shampoo does not create the effect of weighting and
congestion, but only fills the structural voids in length.
The follicles become stronger and the rods stronger, so that when
each combing on the comb remains less and less hair.
L'Oreal Paris Elseve

Important! When hair loss during dryness is important
understand – the hair falls out with the bulbs or break in length.
Each of these cases implies a different therapeutic approach.

Price: from 153 rubles

Garnier Botanic Therapy “Legendary Olive”

Country of origin: France

The experts of the cosmetic laboratory “Garnier” are already several
decades actively use the healing properties of herbs and plants in
their products. The shampoo line “Botanic Therapy” is a combination
intensive cleansing and deep saturation of hair rods.

Shampoo for dry hair “Legendary olive” is enriched with oily
acids and antioxidants of olive oil, thanks to which
intensively restores hair, without the effect of film and weighting.
Garnier Botanic Therapy

As a result: healthy, smooth, soft and silky to the touch.
strands. They shine well-groomed and become more attractive day
by day

Pharmaceutical dry hair shampoos

Kerastase “Nutritive”

Country of origin: France

Dry, thick and thick hair needs intense
moisturizing and softening. shampoo bath “Nutritive” from Kerastase
gently relieves thick hair from dust and dirt without disturbing
water and fat balance. A unique combination of rice extract and
vegetable oils “Irisome” cares about the integrity of the structure
each hair and prevents premature aging and
impoverishment of hair. Kerastase

Price: from 1377 rubles.


Country of manufacture: Italy

To turn naughty straw into flowing silk
the cloth, multistage and intensive leaving is necessary. First
level of hair care – high-quality cleansing. GUAM shampoo
– This is the perfect solution for hair that needs to be replenished.
It does not contain aggressive detergent components, sulphates and
paraben, so that not even the most whimsical and
allergenic scalp. Extracts of seaweed (ficus
blister and laminaria) saturate the strands with hyaluronic acid,
Aloe vera extract soothes the skin, and the body oil intensively
moisturizes and seals open hair scales. GUAM

Price: 1110 rubles.

Dandruff Shampoo for dry hair

Vichy “Dercos”

Country of origin: France

Shampoo “Vichy Dekros” is an intense moisturizing and 100%
elimination of all visible dandruff after the first washing of the head.
Means is developed taking into account influence of ecology and modern pace
life on the health of hair rods. Shampoo effectiveness
clinically tested under the supervision of dermatologists. More
no dullness due to smog, and no wrinkles in length due to
constant stress. Eliminates the first signs of seborrhea and
prevents fall of the cornified skin layer. Vichy Dercos

Price: from 1220 rubles.


Country of manufacture: Russia

Shampoo “Alerana” has a truly unique composition
natural ingredients. Liquid wheat proteins nourish intensely
hair, restoring them with a natural structure. Tea oil
wood – destroys bacteria and prevents
reproduction of seborrheic fungi.

Organic nettle and burdock extract prevent
dehydration of the scalp and provide follicles access to
nutrients and oxygen. Alerana

Provitamin B5 restructures the hair shaft, saturating it
lacking moisture, and stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin,
increasing the bond strength of the collagen fibers inside the hair.

Shampoo gently absorbs particles of sweat, dirt and cleans
the horny layer of the skin, increasing the blood microcirculation in the hairy
parts of the scalp.

Price: from 378 rubles.

LAKME k.therapy Peeling Shampoo Dandruff Dry Hair

Country of manufacture: Spain

Dry scalp constantly itches and peels off, leaving on
shoulders white dandruff scales. Shampoo from “LAKME” enriched
unique complex of active substances “Octopirox”, which
effectively clears the horny zone from the stratum corneum and
prevents its reappearance. Sandalwood extract normalizes
sebum production, restores water balance and exerts
intense conditioning effect on strands. LAKME k.therapy Peeling Shampoo Dandruff Dry Hair

In the manufacture of shampoo plain water was replaced
concentrated glacier water with minerals and
oligo \ elements that naturally soften the upper
layers of the epidermis and saturate the hair follicles with oxygen.

Price: from 1521 rubles.

CLEAR VITA ABE Intensive moisturizing with cactus extract

Country of origin: France

Intensive nutritional formula “Pro Nutrium 10” penetrates into three
the top layers of the hair, eliminating existing dandruff and preventing
re-development of seborrhea. Strengthens local immunity and
resilience to the negative effects of the environment.
CLEAR VITA ABE Intensive hydration with cactus extract

Price: from 271 rubles.

Baby shampoo for dry hair

Natura Siberica “From the crown to the heels”

Country of manufacture: Russia

Every parent wants to give her baby the best.
and natural. Gel-shampoo from “Nature Siberika-Biberika” with
organic extract of calendula, yarrow and linden is
a gift of nature for kids with sensitive scalp and
stiff hairs. Soft foam effectively cleans the head from
pollution and sweat after an active day, without causing allergies and
irritations. Hair follicles are getting stronger, so
the shag of the little restless is growing thicker. Natura Siberica From the crown to the heels

Biberik’s Natura Siberica shampoos are marked “No tears”, and
therefore suitable for the care of active and restless babies,
who strive to open eyes while washing the head.

Price: from 105 rubles.

Bubchen with chamomile extract and wheat proteins

Country of manufacture: Germany

The formula of shampoo was designed specifically for the little ones.
No harsh chemicals, parabens, or fragrances,
draining delicate skin and hair. Only natural ingredients
wheat proteins and pharmaceutical chamomile extract. Thin curls baby
become stronger, easier to comb and get natural
silky shine. Proven and proven
dermatologists. Bubchen with chamomile extract and wheat proteins

Price: from 329 rubles.

Important! If a child’s hair is hard, like
straw, and the scalp is constantly flaky and itchy – immediately
show it to a dermatologist. This may be a sign of seriousness.
skin disease or beriberi.

Weleda Calendula Shampoo Gel

Country of origin: Switzerland

Soft composition, neutral acidity and large
the concentration of natural oils in the composition – this is what moms for
Weleda baby shampoos are loved all over the world. Sesame oil and
Almonds help to keep valuable moisture in the skin, as well as give
fragile and delicate baby hairs incredible softness and
silky They are easy to comb and styled in hairstyles.
Thanks to the gentle smell and the formula “without tears” hygienic
procedures bring the baby only pleasure. Does not contain
synthetic additives and chemical irritants. Weleda Calendula Shampoo Gel

Price: from 596 rubles.


Choose a quality shampoo for dry hair – the task is not
from simple ones. The product must wash the strands, and
it does not deprive them of their natural protective layer and softness.
Be sure to pay attention to the chemical composition of detergent
products – priority shampoos with a high content of vegetable
oils and organic proteins.

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