Shatush ashen color – pros and cons, photo to and after what it is, how much it holds and to whom it goes

Ash Shatush is a coloring that is different.
using light and dark shades of ashen color. Hair
look faded in the sun, but not the usual ashen color.
In addition, the curls are painted randomly, which creates
negligence effect. shatush

Who is the ash shatush

The content of the article:

  • Who is the ash shatush
  • Photo before and after effect after the procedure
  • How much is in the beauty salon
  • How much time is done
  • How much is holding up
  • How often can you do
  • How to make an ashen shatush at home
  • Popular hairstyles with ashen shatush
  • Hair care after the procedure

The technique is suitable for almost all girls, those who have curly
curls and those who have direct.

Important! When choosing this technique should be paid
attention to hair length. Such staining can look ridiculous.
on short hair. Before the procedure, you should consult
with a hairdresser.


It should abandon the ashen shatusha and red-haired
beauties, owners of red hair shade.


  • Dry and damaged hair;
  • Use prior to henna staining;
  • Scalp disease;
  • Intolerance of the components that make up the paint.

Pros and cons of the procedure

Like any coloring, the Shatush technique has its own
advantages and disadvantages.


  • Hair look thicker;
  • It allows you to forget about dyeing your hair for a long time, because even
    regrown roots look elegant and natural;
  • Suitable for any thickness and structure of the hair;
  • Gray hair blends perfectly with dyed;
  • Coloring is considered sparing as it is not applied to the roots.



  • Focuses on the face that is not always
  • Not suitable for ladies with a warm skin tone.

Photo before and after effect after the procedure

On dark hair

Ash Shatush is considered ideal for dark
hair. This combination looks advantageous due to
cold-type owners of dark curls. On dark hair

On blonde hair

Ashy shatush creates an unusual play of light, refreshing
hairstyles Young fair sex such
technique will give boldness and courage in the image. On blonde hair

On light brown hair

Technique will look elegant and relevant.
Ash staining noticeably highlights natural hair color and
will give an image of freshness. On blond hair

On curly hair

Curly hair is a highlight any
women. Ash Shatush will give the image of playfulness and
freshness. A beautiful shade will flow on cute curls,
giving them pomp and volume. curly hair

Straight hair

Straight hair after such a dyeing look thicker and
Possess a beautiful modulations of color. On straight hair

On short hair

Ash shatush does not suit owners of short hair,
technique looks inappropriate and funny. On short hair

Medium length hair

The average length allows you to reveal all the beauty and
opportunities ashen shatusha. Therefore, the owners
this length can safely experiment with this technique

Long hair

On long curls, this technique looks spectacular and
interesting. Hair gain extra volume and
look even thicker. For long hair

How much is in the beauty salon

The cost of dyeing depends on the length of hair used
materials, as well as on the qualification of a hairdresser. In the cabin with
good service and experienced professionals ashen shatush will
cost about 10 thousand rubles. Where are you going to do
shatush? DomaV salon

How much time is done

The procedure can take from 60 to 120 minutes
The duration depends on the length of the hair and the materials used.

How much is holding up

Shatush dyeing does not require a salon visit each
month, regrown roots do not look pretentious. With the wrong care
color can wash out, then you should contact a hairdresser for
color update.

How often can you do

Repeat the procedure preferably after 3 months to update
hair color and hairstyle. May need more
frequent dyeing, then you can visit the hairdresser as soon as
only, the curls began to look gray and dull. How much is holding up

How to make an ashen shatush at home

At home, the technique of shatush can be done by several
ways: with a pile or without. Experienced hairdressers easily
do painting without a pile, do it yourself better all the same
use the technique with a pile of individual strands.

Required tools:

  • Wooden or plastic comb (preferably with frequent steps
  • Paint brush;
  • Paint;
  • Cookware for paint preparation;
  • Elastic bands, hairpins, clips and various clamps for hair;
  • Cape or towel so as not to stain clothes;
  • Gloves;
  • Tinting agent.

tools for highlighting

Step-by-step instruction

  1. Wear a bathrobe or a special cape;
  2. Carefully combed hair divided into four
    zones (2 temporal, occiput, parietal);
  3. Select a few strands that will
    painted and secured with clips at the roots;
  4. The first should be painted area of ​​the head.
    The selected strand should be heavily combed up to about the middle of the length,
    paint on it. Thus dye all strands
    back of the head.
  5. All the same done first with the parietal part and
    bangs, and then with the temporal;
  6. After a certain time, prescribed in the instructions,
    rinse off with water and apply balm.
  7. Toned curls.

Price of the procedure at home

The cost of highlighting at home consists of the price:

  • bleaching composition – 200-300
  • tinting agent – 150-1200 rubles;
  • paints without ammonia – from 450 rubles;
  • combs – 100-200 rubles;
  • tassels – 80-300 rubles;
  • non-metallic capacity – 200 -300

It should be noted that the capacity may be much more, depends
from the choice of painting techniques.

Popular hairstyles with ashen shatush

Popular hairstyles with ashen shatush

  • Hollywood wave looks great in combination with
    ashen shatusha. Wavy hair attached to the image
    elegance and glamor. You can use this combination not only on
    solemn events, but also to delight themselves in working weekdays.
  • Hairstyle Falls decorate coloring and create
    romantic image. Hair looks unusual, and the owner
    such a combination will not go unnoticed.
  • Also, this technique fit various tails, braids, so
    called “explosions in the pasta factory” and others.

Hair care after the procedure

Shatush technology is considered a gentle procedure, but requires
certain care after its implementation. The owners
dark curls traumatize the hair structure by the fact that before
paint curls should be clarified. Besides,
lightening causes the hair to become porous and empty
from the inside. In order to reduce harm to hair,
use for tinting semi-permanent dyes that
Fill hair with new pigment and make it more dense.

Preserving the health of hair depends not only on the correct
dyeing techniques, as well as from competent care after

Choosing the right hair cosmetics

Perfectly suitable for a special line for highlighted hair,
which is designed precisely for such damage strands. If a
purchase such a line is not possible, then you need to discuss the choice
care products with your hairdresser.

  • The shampoo should contain keratin,
    protein or ceramides that help restore
  • After washing the hair with shampoo should be applied to it
    conditioner that moisturizes dry and damaged
  • Once a week you should do nutritious
    masks. Suitable on the basis of oil or reducing for
    severely damaged hair, which, thanks to proteins in its
    composition reanimate the structure from the inside.
  • It is worth treating hair with sprays and serums for
    daily care. gray

Properly wash your hair

  • Water should be comfortable for the head temperature, but not
  • Apply conditioner to towel-pressed hair.
  • Do not comb raw hair so as not to add
    mechanical damage.
  • Be sure to minimize the use of irons and ploek,
    curls can be created with the help of curlers, and straighten with
    cold mode hair dryer.

Carefully monitor the condition of the hair

Trim hair regularly to avoid them.
delamination and breakage. To maintain the result, many
advised to laminate hair.

Technique ash shatush help update the image and
emphasize the individuality of its owner.
It is advisable to carry out such changes in a proven cabin,
an experienced master to get the desired result and eliminate
rework unsuccessful staining.

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