Shatush coloring on blond hair – photo before and after, price, pros and cons, suitable shades and hairstyles

Add light curls of saturation and brightness, making them even
more expressive and lively using the original
staining procedures called shatush. This kind of coloring
perfect for creating soft natural or bright
contrast effect.

Shatush on blonde hair

What is shatush, history of creation and features of this technique
on blonde hair

The content of the article:

  • What is shatush, history of creation and features of this technique
    on blonde hair
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Procedure cost
  • Differences shatusha from other techniques: balazha, brondirovaniya,
  • Suitable shades: photo before and after
  • Top of the best colors for shatush for blonde hair
  • Hairstyles for blonde hair with a shatush
  • How to do shatush on blond hair at home
  • Hair care after the procedure

This type of staining is a gradient method.
changing the color of the strands from dark to light. Looks
This effect is very bright and at the same time natural, recalling the look
slightly sunburned curls.

Shatush on blonde hair as he sees

This coloring first appeared in Europe for several years.
back, so this technique is considered fairly new. But,
despite her novelty, she has already managed to catch the fancy of many
the fair sex for their spectacular appearance and

The peculiarity of such a technique for light curls is
first of all in creation of the smoothest and softest color
transitions by carefully stretching the color and feathering
light wheat or color tones.

In this coloring, the roots are usually not stained,
so after this procedure, you can not worry about
growing roots.

In the classical method of coloring used shades
Kohler, close to the natural color of the hair, which allows
Create a natural look and gently refresh your haircut. In the last
time, along with a light wheat and gold palette, a large
non-standard tones of violet,
pink and gray.

Shatush on blond hair color close to the native

Advantages and disadvantages

Such staining, like any procedure, has its
positive and negative sides.


  • spectacular result, which is usually suitable for women
    any age and type of appearance;
  • versatility. This staining can be used for
    short and long haircuts;
  • variety of shades;
  • visual addition of volume and density to the hairstyle;
  • painting gray hair;
  • a delicate and gentle dyeing method minimizes harmful
    exposure to coloring products;
  • emphasizing natural hair color and adding brightness to it
    due to contrasting areas;
  • Shatush rejuvenates the face, slightly adjusts its shape, and
    allows you to hide fine wrinkles and other skin problems.

Shatush on blonde hair pros


  • the difficulty of selecting a suitable color tone, especially when
    creating a natural effect;
  • cost in a beauty salon can be quite high,
    especially for owners of long curls;
  • This method is not suitable for anyone who wants to drastically change color.
    hair, completely repaint them from root to tip. Besides,
    Shatush is not suitable for painting over gray, which occupies more than half

! ImportantBefore such a coloring
on your own, be sure to make sure that
allergic reactions to any of the components in the composition
used means. To do this, apply a small
the amount of chemical on your wrist and wait for some
time. If no unpleasant symptoms in the form of itching, redness
or peeling is not revealed, then the tool can be used by

Procedure cost

The cost of such coloring in the beauty salon depends on the length
curls and is determined individually. On average, the price varies
from 2 to 8 thousand rubles.

At home coloring the cost will be significantly lower: from
200 to 1000 rubles, depending on the means used.

Differences shatusha from other techniques: balazha, brondirovaniya,

This type of coloring is often confused with some other
staining techniques: with balayazhem, brondirovaniem and ombra. Despite
for some similarity, each of these methods has its own
feature and uniqueness.

  • balayazh. During the ballad painting master
    paints with sweeping movements, as if painting on strands
    the letters W or V. This is a distinctive feature of this type of coloring
    allows you to achieve the original effect with soft transitions

balayaz staining

  • booking In this method, each strand
    painted in a separate shade that looks interesting and
    unusually. Most often brondirovaniye apply on dark hair,
    alternating various tones of caramel and coffee shades;

brondirovanie staining

  • ombre Ombre is best suited dark
    strands, because this technique involves staining from the middle
    length of the curls, leaving the root zone unpainted and
    contrasting. Transition usually stretch is not strong, so it looks
    he is much clearer and more colorful than shatush.


Shatush allows multiple colors
the color of the colored strands is usually close to
natural color of hair. The result of this method looks like
most natural, and transitions of tones remind soft smooth
modulations from one shade to another.

Suitable shades: photo before and after

Most often, such coloring is performed on the curls of the average
length, because on a short hairstyle the result may not be so
expressive. However, even a shortened haircut can pick up
perfect coloring and suitable shade that will liven up
and decorate the hair.

Shatush coloring coloring selection of shades for short hair

Shades for curls of different lengths:

  • on short hair. Short hair is perfect
    light wheat tones with a reddish or silver-ash tint.
    With such coloring, a short haircut will acquire a dynamic and bright
    a look that fits easily into any style and image;
  • on curls of medium length. Average length will look
    bigger and more magnificent due to this coloring. This hairstyle
    is universal, so absolutely every tone is suitable for it –
    from natural light with red tint to gray and platinum and
    bright pink;
  • for a long haircut. Long hair is best suited
    light caramel or wheat tones with a golden hue. White
    discoloration can also be used on long strands by adding
    locks of originality and brightness;
  • on straight. Straight hair painted in ashy or platinum
    blond will look well-groomed, getting more dense and volumetric
  • on curly. Light wheat color scheme with gold or reddish
    tint gives curly locks of color, highlighting the beauty
    natural color and adding hairstyle colorful and fresh.

Shatush is ideal for both straight and curly
hair, creating a soft contrast and dynamism. Straight hair
will acquire the necessary volume and pomp, and curly curls will become
more bright and well maintained.

Top of the best colors for shatush for blonde hair

Shatush coloring coloring selection of shadesMost popular and
The actual colors for creating a shatusha on blond hair are
colored colors with the original palette of pink, purple and
red, and also reddish, gray and platinum tones.

Current colors:

  • red tint. The red shade helps to add natural
    result, gently and harmoniously shimmering with the main color
    shag This tone will add to the curls of any length dynamism and
  • gray shatush. Gray color will emphasize saturation and beauty.
    natural color, adding strands of radiance. This color looks like
    originally and perfectly refreshes the usual haircut;
  • platinum. The platinum shade will give the locks a distinctive and
    bright look. Strands painted in such a tone will look very
    contrasting even with careful stretching of the color. Very often such
    color is used to mask gray hair or to create a spectacular
    elegant look;
  • Violet. Fashionable option in purple color will give
    mysterious and irresistible lovers of bold experiments and
    bright youth style;
  • pink. Pink Kohler will make the hair gentle and well-groomed,
    adding pomp to colored and natural strands. Shades of pink
    can vary from pale to bright. A pale tone is suitable for
    women of mature age, while a bright palette would be appropriate in
    youth image;
  • shatush on light curls with a red tinge. Reddish
    modulations look very impressive on a short hairstyle, making
    the hair is very original and unusual. Also given shade often
    used for dyeing asymmetrical haircuts.

The pale colors of the color tones of pink, purple and gray
can be used to create an unusual and bright effect,
close to the natural look. The unusual and brightness painted
strands will give hairstyle irresistible look.

Hairstyles for blonde hair with a shatush

Shatush stainingUniversality of this coloring
allows you to use it on hairstyles of various kinds, enlivening as
elegant car and complex cascading haircut.

Hairstyles for shatusha:

  • With a bang. The bang makes the hair visually thicker and
    lush, and when using light tones Kohler with red shimmer,
    you can add a natural and natural effect slightly
    sun-touched curls;
  • without bangs. Option without bangs allows you to create a very
    expressive and vivid image, especially when coloring direct
    Curls in pink or purple hues. Haircut without bangs makes
    the look is more open, so the color tones of the color scheme in this case
    will be very helpful;
  • kare. Four of a kind, both normal and bob four of a kind, great for
    staining in red shatush with burgundy or berry tone. Maroon
    option will give the image of elegance and stat, and berry shade
    will bring color and color;
  • pixie. The original look of the pixie hairstyle can be varied.
    in a platinum or purple tone, adding dynamism and
  • extended caret. The long caret looks perfect with gray and
    reddish shades of color scheme, creating an unusual effect,
    close to natural. Pink tone can also be used
    for a haircut of this type, carefully stretching the color border.

For curly curls, elongated haircuts are best suited
bangs that allow you to use red or purple

How to do shatush on blond hair at home

Shatush coloring techniqueThis staining can be done
self at home using safe
soft dyes.

Coloring technique.

The classic technique of this procedure involves the creation
small fleece, thanks to which soft and smooth are created
tint transitions.

  • first of all prepare a head of hear, getting rid of
  • allocate strands of desired thickness, which before applying
    dye slightly combed;
  • the paint is left to affect the hair structure from open
    without using foil or barber cap for
  • removal of the agent with a cleansing and moisturizing curls
    suitable balm.

! Important If you want to create clearer and brighter
borders of colored strands, bouffant can not do, confining
thorough pre-combing the entire head of hair. Drawing
means should be performed soft, smooth strokes,
direction from midpoint to tip, carefully shading
paint along the entire length. When using colors of natural tones,
Be sure to paint over strands framing the face.

Shatush painting


  • comb your hair, parting it if necessary, or just
    combing the curls back;
  • Highlight several strands with a sharp comb, each of which
    should be fixed with a small comfortable hair clip;
  • prepare the coloring composition, following the directions on the package;
  • take the first strand for painting and comb it;
  • put the prepared remedy on the curl, then repeat
    similar effect with the other selected areas
  • wait for the required amount of time, usually it is about 15-30
    minutes, after which the product is washed off with warm water and shampoo;
  • apply a moisturizing balm to soften the strands.

Required tools:

  • set of combs without metal elements: for combing
    head of hair, for separation and for pile combing;
  • hairpins for strands;
  • gloves;
  • plastic brushes and utensils for mixing and application

Shatush toolsUsed means and

  • a dye of a suitable tone;
  • shampoo and balsam for colored hair.

Hair care after the procedure

Shatush coloring painting careAfter this procedure
shampoos, masks and balms are recommended,
designed for dyed curls, trying to avoid products
with parabens, silicones and a large number of flavors.

It is advisable to trim the tips in time and feed them
oils and moisturizing masks.

Regular use of means to prevent the appearance
yellow on painted strands, will allow longer to enjoy bright
rich color of hair.

Shatush color saturation

Using a hair dryer, ironing or curling should be significantly
cut necessarily put before using them
thermal protection.

Shatush on blond hair looks very impressive, adding any
haircut color, brightness and dynamism. A variety of colors and
the simplicity of this procedure makes it possible to find
ideal for any woman and bring it to life
by hands.

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