Shatush coloring on dark hair – photo before and after, pros and cons, to whom the best shades are suitable for straight and curly hair

Coloring shatush began to gain popularity since 2015, and with
since then continues to be in trend. This article is dedicated to
dark-haired beauties planning shatush-style coloring.

What is it, the history of creation, the features of the Shatush technique on
dark hair

The content of the article:

  • What is it, the history of creation, the features of the Shatush technique on
    dark hair
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Cost of
  • Difference from other techniques
  • To suit
  • Types of shatush depending on the technique
  • Shades, photos before and after on different lengths of hair
  • The best colors, photo shatush on straight and curly curls
  • How to choose the right shade depending on the hair and
    having bangs
  • Trendy and trendy shades for different hair colors
  • TOP best flowers for dark hair shatush
  • How to do shatush on dark hair at home
  • Hair care after the procedure
  • Alternative treatments

Shatush Technique – The Invention of French Hairdressing Masters
art. The name “shahtoosh” comes from the eponymous soft
Cashmere, which is obtained from the wool of Tibetan goats. Coloring
really looks just as soft – curls get
extra volume and glow look very natural
and luxurious. Shatush on dark hair

This effect is achieved through the creation of smooth transitions
between dyed and natural hair. Due to the lack of sharp
The contrasts give the impression of strands burned in the sun.
In this case, the hairdresser does not use a cap or foil –
paint is applied in an open way on randomly selected strands with
a certain indent from the roots. Where are you going to do
shatush? DomaV salon

Advantages and disadvantages

Why shatush technique is so popular:

  • gives the hair elegant carelessness;
  • staining is obtained sparing;
  • rejuvenates and refreshes the image;
  • no restrictions on the type of face and skin tone;
  • helps to adjust the natural tone of the hair;
  • requires updating no more than 1 time in 3 months;
  • the procedure is carried out quickly – about 1 hour;
  • makes the hair more visually voluminous.


There are staining and its drawbacks:

  • a certain skill is needed when painting, otherwise
    damage hair without achieving the desired effect;
  • on short hair can not perform a smooth stretching;
  • not suitable for damaged and curled hair,
    because, although insignificantly, it injures strands;
  • refers to the complex types of staining, so the cabin is

Tip! Damaged curls before the procedure
should be “reanimated” by restoring masks, balms and

Cost of

In the capital’s salons the cost of staining shatush
short hair starts from 5 thousand rubles and reaches 10-12 thousand
for very long. In the regions, the service is cheaper approximately
by 30-50%. Often the price is indicated without the cost of consumables.
materials, so when recording a session should clarify this

Difference from other techniques

Shatush staining is often confused with other similar techniques:

  • balayazh – dye is applied superficial
    sweeping strokes with the creation of diagonal strokes in the form of the letter V.
    Using several close shades of paint, the master paints smooth
    color transitions on the hair;
  • booking is used as background
    dark hair color, and dyeing is carried out in warm shades,
    which differ from the original no more than 3 tones. Curls
    they are processed not chaotically, but with strict division into sections;
    Brondirovanie and Blondirovanie
  • Ombre – has not shaded, but more clear
    border color with a significant offset from the root zone.

To suit

Recommend technique can be:

  • owners of hairstyles from the chin and below, allowing
    perform gradient;
  • wishing to slightly update the appearance without drastic changes;
  • in the presence of gray hair, but not more than 30% of the entire mass of hair.

Hair care

The rest of the technique is universal and can
be realized on strands of different structure and color. But at
One condition – the selected shades should be in harmony with the female
color type.

Types of shatush depending on the technique

There are two ways to perform the painting in the style of shatush:

  • with fleece – the classic version in which
    each selected strand is combed at the roots, and then intermittently
    process the prepared pigment along the entire length; with fleece
  • no pile – correct paint application
    is achieved manually by a skilled master with a brush or
    gloved hands. An experienced specialist knows which strands you need.
    to separate and how to perform strokes to achieve the shatush effect.
    no pile

Shades, photos before and after on different lengths of hair

When performing shatush dyeing in the first place
baseline original hair color. But without attention can not be left and
the length on which implementation and presentation will depend
effect. before and after before and after before and after

Reference! Shatush looks great on
dark hair. Light strands will not grow as the roots grow
look as attractive as dark.


On “boyish” shatush haircuts, even
talented hairdresser, because to achieve a smooth stretch on
short length is impossible. To make the effect noticeable
hair should reach the chin. Short

Beautiful highlights on dark curls will help to create
saturated coffee and chocolate shades. Hot brunette
You can recommend options for eggplant and ripe cherries. If there is
the desire to look cute and fresh is worth choosing more contrasting
light options – platinum and ash.

Medium length shoulder length

Long caret and cascading haircuts – more suitable
options for shatush than short hairstyles. For creating
natural soft effect choose shades that will
lighter than the original color of the curls by 2-3 tones. Brunettes fit
palette options such as chocolate, coffee, gold,
copper, brown, brandy and liqueur. Dark blond hair
will look great in the palette of wheat, walnut, caramel,
pastels and ashes. Medium length shoulder length


Long hair up to the shoulders and below – fertile ground for anyone
complex staining. They can create multi-color streamers and
transitions using 3 or more tones. The most organic
Looks a combination of dark chocolate with a rich copper tint.

If there is a desire to carry out coloring in light tones on very
dark hair, the master can pre-use the wash,
to partially neutralize the “native” pigment. But
owners of hair close to natural blonde, can
to experiment with both light and dark palette.

The best colors, photo shatush on straight and curly curls

Shatush technique is suitable for strands of different structure.

For direct

Lightness will help to add a light hairstyle
palette. It looks interesting shades of honey, wheat,
light brown, chestnut, golden, nutty. For direct

For climbing

On curly hair, you can use any shades, because
due to the different arrangement of the curled dark strands of play and
light tones will be noticeable anyway. Hue can
choose literally 2 tones lighter than the original, then the result
will be as natural as possible. For curlers

Tip! Withstand the dye on curly hair
should be less than straight. Due to the porous structure of the curls more
susceptible to pigments and faster traumatized by “chemistry”.

How to choose the right shade depending on the hair and
having bangs

Another aspect of the implementation of the Shatush technique is hairstyle features,
its structure and geometry.

Hairstyles with bangs

Shatush does not impose special requirements on the coloring of bangs – her
can be processed with pigment, and can be left unchanged. If a
the bang is short, it is not necessary to color it, otherwise it will turn out
spot or effect of false hair. But for long and oblique bangs
staining is required. Gradient runs on tips either
several strands are distinguished across the entire width of this hairdo zone.
Proper coloring bangs will combine in one
the image of naturalness and originality. With a bang

Copper and nut shades are the best option for haircuts with
bangs. A lover of bold images fit
extraordinary colors – red, red, pink. They tint the strands
already after staining.

Hairstyles without bangs

Hairstyles without bangs are the easiest to paint, because the risks to be mistaken with
color and technique are minimal. Some masters
they prefer to single out separate strands of a light palette from the face – so
the image is more fresh and youthful. Dark curls
will harmoniously look with the “bread” shades, gold and
color beige. In principle, all the tones of the natural palette will do –
red, blond, copper, wheat, honey.


On the square shoulder-length shatush looks most presentable.
At the request of the client, you can make a different indent from the roots, up to
to the maximum with the selection of only the tips of the hair. Beauty
brown hair emphasizes such shades as copper, honey, chestnut, amber,
chocolate, muffled reddish. Caret

If the strands are dark blond, you should look at the palette with
shades of beige, ashen, wheat, pearl,

Bob car

Bob-car combined with the technique of shatush only if
The hairstyle has a maximum length and a well-defined graduation. AT
otherwise, the result will be unfinished and unbalanced.
A smooth transition can be achieved with the help of natural
shades, and also light tones which are painted
graduated areas. Bob-car


Pixie refers to ultrashort haircuts, so realize
multi-level coloring on this hairstyle is very difficult, and sometimes
is impossible. Shatush on short hair is recommended to perform with
combing, this will help avoid full staining to the roots.
Make your hair expressive and emphasize its geometry.
shades that contrast with the original will help – this is all light
palette. Pixie

On the extended square

Shatush on asymmetric, graduated and elongated car should
perform an experienced master. Only he will be able to accurately calculate
the proportions of hair treatment and the desired shade of dye.
You should be guided by the color type, choosing a shade from
natural light or dark palette. Brave persons can
recommend color shatush – it is considered universal and does not have
restrictions on the type of appearance. extended caret

Trendy and trendy shades for different hair colors

Fashion for a particular hair color changes over time, but
This moment in the trend will be the next shades.

On black hair

It is worth looking at the chocolate, caramel, copper, various
shades of walnut, eggplant and cherry. On black hair

Tip! Cold female color type will be organic with
ashen and platinum tones.

For brown-haired women

The palette for this type of hair is much wider – all coffee and
milky shades, amber, bronze, honey, titian, brandy, chestnut and
beige. For direct

Chestnut strands

Owners of brown hair most often belong to
autumn color type. Therefore, they can be recommended warm
the palette consisting of red shades – copper, gold, beige. But
You can pay attention to the range of light brown, chocolate shades,
dark caramel, pearls, wheat and cognac. Chestnut strands

TOP best flowers for dark hair shatush

There is an opinion that shatush should be performed only light
palette. In fact, the technique does not impose strict requirements for
the choice of pigment. This is confirmed by a variety of
trendy shatush-color – from pink and red to red and


Fashionable red color for shatush represented by such shades:

  • wheat red;
  • chocolate red;
  • caramel;
  • natural red;
  • red maroon;
  • bronze-red.



Сделать эффектный “copper” шатуш помогут оттенки:

  • classic copper;
  • copper-brown;
  • dark honey;
  • copper brown;
  • copper blonde;
  • titian.



Purple shatush on dark hair perform in a muted scale
– Blueberry, eggplant, brown violet. Violet


Trendy colors in chocolate style:

  • golden chocolate;
  • milk chocolate;
  • chocolate caramel;
  • light chestnut;
  • bitter chocolate.



Creative pink shatush on dark hair is performed in

  • rosewood;
  • rose quartz;
  • ash pink;
  • golden pink.


Tip! Unusual shades of pink better
use in the form of tonics. In case of unsuccessfully selected color
they can be easily washed off.


Cold color type will be spectacular with the right choice
rich ash palette:

  • dark ashen;
  • Gray;
  • ash brown;
  • dark blond ashen.



Shatush on dark hair with a red tint:

  • copper red;
  • Dark red;
  • cherry;
  • burgundi;
  • burgundy;
  • ruby;
  • pomegranate;
  • chocolate red.


How to do shatush on dark hair at home

Although shatush is considered a difficult technique, if you wish to hold
The procedure can be at home. The main thing is right
choose a dye and strictly follow the step by step


For a home session, it is best to apply the technique with a pile.
It will help control the process of applying the dye – you do not
make skin stains and can achieve a smooth transition of tones.
Pumping is done with thick scallops in the opposite direction.
hair growth. To make it easier to work, all hair needs
divided into several zones – the more the better – and each
fix with clip. Equipment


How to paint:

  1. Wrap your shoulders with a cape.
  2. Run the bouffant as described above.
  3. Wear gloves and dilute the dye according to the instructions.
  4. Start staining from the occipital zone, moving to the crown and
    temples. At the last turn bang.
  5. Apply paint should be confident sweeping movements from
    tips to the base of the pile, trying to slightly shade
  6. If several dyes are prepared, the darkest color
    put at the roots, paint the middle with a lighter shade and
    the lightest process the tips.
  7. Dye soak from 20 to 40 minutes, focusing on
    instructions to the drug.
  8. After the allotted time, the dye is washed off with soap
    water and put balm.

Tip! If the hair has appeared undesirable
red or yellow, curls can be toned with a cool shade.


A set of devices for staining:

  • massage comb;
  • thick comb for a pile;
  • hairdressing clips;
  • containers and brushes by the number of dyes;
  • gloves;
  • cape on the shoulders.

Paints and means

Shatush in contrasting shades of dark hair at home
conditions are not recommended. Such curls require
pre-clarification or flushing, and correctly calculate the type
oxide can only experienced master. The best solution is the choice
shades close to the original hair tone. They act less
aggressively and reduce the risk of injury to the strands.

In home staining sessions, they have worked well.
funds from:

  • Palette;
  • LOreal;
  • Estel Professional;
  • Matrix;
  • Kapous Professional;
  • Garnier;
  • Schwarzkopf Professional Igora et al.

Hair care after the procedure

Specialists advise special care for the strands that have undergone

  • to maintain health and rich color will help the line of products
    specially developed for melirovanny and dyed hair;
  • to smooth brittle and split ends help
  • keratin is designed to restore damaged areas
  • to fill the deficiency of nutrients and vitamins will allow
    home and factory masks – they are used twice a week.

Hair care

So that the pigment from the hair is not washed out, you can not wash your hair
too hot water. During water procedures hair
need to protect the shower cap.

Alternative treatments

Shatush technique has much in common with such procedures.
staining like ombre, balayazh, brondirovanie and classical
degraded. All these techniques allow you to achieve a smooth stretch with
preservation of natural hair color at the roots. Differences
concern only the features of paint application and the base palette
shades that are suitable for use on dark

In general, shatush coloring is more aimed at underlining
The natural beauty of a woman is the natural color of hair, skin and eyes.
Therefore, if you crave cardinal changes, it is better to turn
focus on more extravagant staining options in
contrasting tones.

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