Shatush coloring on light brown hair – photo before and after, price, pros and cons, TOP best colors and hairstyles

Make your blond hair bright and the natural color of the hair –
saturation and expressiveness can be achieved by staining in
fashionable technology shatush. This procedure will refresh your hair any
lengths, virtually no adverse effect on the structure

Shatush on brown hair: what is it, the history of creation,
features of technology

The content of the article:

  • Shatush on brown hair: what is it, the history of creation,
    features of technology
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Procedure cost
  • The difference between the Shatusha and other techniques: balazha, brondirovaniya,
  • Who is suitable for brown hair shatush
  • Shades and photos before and after on hair of various lengths: short,
    medium, long
  • The best colors for coloring and photo of shatush for light brown straight and
    curly curls
  • How to choose the right shade for light brown hair, depending
    from hair and bangs
  • Trendy and trendy shades for light blonde and dark blonde
  • Top of the best colors for the lace on the blond curls
  • How to make shatush on light brown hair at home
  • Hair care after the procedure
  • Alternative treatments

Blonde color of curls is considered the most suitable for
coloring in the technique of shatush, allowing you to use the most
different shades of color schemes. That is why this method of coloring
became so popular and fashionable among the fair-haired women
beautiful sex.

Shatush is a careful method of coloring
separately selected sections of the hair, using
dyes multi-tone. Tone Kohler as
typically selected from a single color palette, creating a dramatic
view of a smooth transition of a darkish gamma at the roots to light tips.
Such coloring looks very bright, spectacular and at the same time
natural enough, because the root zone remains almost
without changes.

This staining originated as an alternative to the classic
highlighting that involves stretching the color and creating
gradient effect, thanks to which the coloring looks very
interesting and unusual.

Especially stylish and trend phenomenon in recent times.
is to create the effect of slightly sun-bleached hair. For
such coloring in this method is chosen, as a rule,
nut, caramel or coffee palette in several tones,
which are distributed in curls and carefully shaded,
trying to create the softest play of shades.

However, often the curls are painted and bright original
multicolored tones of red, pink, purple or lilac.
Such non-standard options are suitable for lovers of youth
image and bold experiments.

! Important The main feature of this technique
brightening up your hair is about 2-3 tones
paint that stretches and creates a dramatic look smooth
color transition from dark to light. In addition, this procedure
usually carried out in an open way, without using foil or
hairdressing caps for dyeing that allows you to achieve
maximum natural look and soft contrast between
painted and natural areas.

Advantages and disadvantages

This type of coloring has gained high popularity due to
its numerous strengths and minimum
contraindications and deficiencies.


  • the universality of this method allows you to apply it to
    curls of any length. Thanks to the possibility of creating a natural
    of a kind, such coloring will suit as young girls,
    prefer a bright image and solid ladies who choose
    classic or business style;
  • a variety of shades makes it possible to gently lighten the curls,
    or add eye-catching contrast and color;
  • the possibility of masking gray hair;
  • adding a head of hair volume, pomp and grooming;
  • fits both straight and curly strands;
  • does not require constant tinting of the growing roots;
  • gently affects the hair structure without overdrying
    head of hair;
  • perfectly refreshes the usual hairstyle and rejuvenates the face.


  • correct selection of suitable shades for painting can
    require consultation with a specialist Kohler, since
    it is quite difficult to do it yourself;
  • This method may not be suitable for those who want to completely change the image.
    and drastically change the color of the entire head of hair;
  • price category for owners of long hair can
    turn out to be slightly higher than other types of painting.

Non-ammonia is usually used for this coloring.
paints that have almost no harmful effects,
however, after the procedure, the curls in any case will need
extra care, nutrition and hydration.

Procedure cost

The cost of this coloring in the beauty salon varies from 2
up to 8 thousand rubles, depending on the length of the curls and qualifications

At home shatush cost much cheaper: from
500 to 1,500 rubles. The exact price depends on the used
paint and its brand.

The difference between the Shatusha and other techniques: balazha, brondirovaniya,

Gradient staining methods such as shatush, balayazh,
brondirovanie and ombra, have their own characteristics and differences
as in the performance of technology and paint application, and in the very final
the result. The most natural and natural look allows
create shatush, while other methods look a little brighter and
more contrast.

  • balayazh. Features of the technique of this method
    lies in the accuracy of applying the coloring agent on the tips
    hair all over the head of hair, while the master performs smooth
    sweeping brush movements. The result looks bright enough, but
    while the boundaries of transitions tones should be blurred;
  • booking Reservation implies
    lightening strands very close to the roots. In addition, sites for
    Paintings are not chosen in a chaotic manner, but according to the scheme,
    avoiding painting the back of the head and curls at the temples;
  • ombre Ombre colors strands from the middle
    lengths, while the boundaries are practically not shaded, due to which
    hairstyle looks contrast, and painted areas quite
    stand out. The number of tones used colors can reach 9

Shatush, in contrast to other similar methods, lightens only
separately selected strands, with the bulk of the hair remaining
unchanged. That is why this method is considered the most benign
and careful among all kind of gradient coloring.

Who is suitable for brown hair shatush

Such a universal coloring suits almost everyone.
owners of fair-haired curls, with the exception of pregnant and lactating
women, as well as hair loss, scalp irritation or
with problems with excessive dryness of the hair.

This type of staining can be used in the following

  • if necessary, add thin curls of volume, pomp and
  • for masking the beginning of gray hair;
  • for refreshing your favorite haircut and adding an image of style and
  • to emphasize the beauty and color saturation of natural
  • to give your hair a well-groomed, bright and healthy

The ideal option for such coloring is cascade
Medium length haircut with straight or wavy curls,
pre-soaked and devoid of dryness.

This technique allows you to achieve both natural and bright
colorful effect, so shatush has almost no age
or style restrictions, successfully fitting into any image.

Shades and photos before and after on hair of various lengths: short,
medium, long

The hue of the coloring agent is selected by several
criteria, including the length of the curls, as the result on the hairstyles
different lengths will look different. Short haircuts
usually add brightness by coloring the tips, and long
try to curl effect of naturalness, by shading
color schemes and create invisible color transitions.

  • on short hair. As a rule, very
    short curls are difficult to color using the gradient method,
    therefore, the stretching of the color in this case will be minimal.
    A short haircut will take on a very bright and original look, while
    This is the most suitable shades are light wheat,
    ashy and gray tones;
  • on curls medium length to the shoulders. Average length
    considered the most convenient and optimal for this type
    colorings, so the tones in this case can be used
    any – from classic chocolate, caramel and golden to
    bright pink and red. The result will look colorful,
    beautifully shimmering with natural strands;
  • for a long head of hair. Long hair fit
    chocolate, coffee and nut shades that will refresh your hair and
    add to the image of dynamism. Color purple or
    reddish color scheme will make the view mysterious and attractive.

! Important. As in the Shatush technique, brightening can
begin with the middle of the length of the curls, and with a small indentation
from the root zone, the end result can be bright and
contrasting, or smooth, soft and natural. Long hair
allows you to stretch the color, achieving maximum naturalness,
whereas a short hairstyle makes it possible to lighten the tips
strands, or paint over the whole strand, adding to the haircut beauty and
color saturation.

The best colors for coloring and photo of shatush for light brown straight and
curly curls

Coloring of this type is perfect for both direct and
curly curls that distinguishes such coloring from
many other hair dyeing methods. In addition, this method
brightening is fairly easy to perform even on naughty
curly hair that allows you to dye yourself
any woman.

  • on straight. Straight curls will gain
    additional volume, pomp and will look more interesting and
    brighter thanks to a properly chosen shade of paint. Direct
    hair is suitable as natural tones of chocolate, wheat and
    honey and bright pink, red and purple;
  • on curly. Curly hair such
    Coloring will add neatness, gloss and shine. Most
    suitable colors for this type of curls are ashy,
    gray and reddish tones. The red shade also successfully diversifies
    curly strands, adding color and originality.

The most universal tone for any type of curls is
chocolate shade with golden or caramel tint. Such
Kohler looks good on light brown hair, adding shining shine and
gloss, favorably emphasizing and shading natural color.

How to choose the right shade for light brown hair, depending
from hair and bangs

Kind of hairstyle plays an important role in determining the desired shade
coloring agent. Due to its uniqueness, this species
Coloring will suit almost any haircut, refreshing and reviving
hairstyle However, the selection of paint tones is often done by
matching the selected color with a particular type of haircut, so
As one types of hairstyle bright colors are best suited, and others
– the muffled natural shades.

Choosing the right shade for hairstyles of various types:

  • With a bang. Straight hair with bangs
    Clarified by this method will look thicker and more voluminous, with
    This bang is desirable to slightly brighten thin strands by selecting
    natural shade of chocolate, reddish or wheat.
    Asymmetrical bangs, in turn, perfectly complemented by a shatush in
    red, reddish or gray tones. This option looks like
    quite boldly and perfectly fits into modern youth
  • without bangs. Haircut without bangs can be refreshed
    using the classical method of coloring, starting
    coloring from the middle of the length of the strands. It is recommended
    use caramel, honey, chocolate and nut tones, or
    pink or purple colors;
  • kare. Caret will look more interesting and
    More original when diluted brown strands gray or
    chocolate and nut color. Gray tone will look colorful and
    unusual, whereas shades close to natural color
    heels will create a soft radiant effect;
  • bob quads. Bob caret brightens well
    reddish or reddish tones of paint. Such staining
    transforms a hairstyle, making it dynamic, bright and expressive.
    At the same time, the areas to be painted should be thin and not too thin.
  • pixie. Pixie Fashionable Hairstyle Best
    complemented by bright original colors with red, pink,
    ashen or purple tint. This option will decorate
    trendy bright and bold image, giving its owner
    unforgettable stylish look;
  • on the elongated car. Extended caret
    can be painted in restrained tones of chocolate, mocha, or
    light reddish color. A bright palette is suitable here only when
    coloring rare thin strands.

Almost all types of modern haircuts are perfect
light wheat, caramel or chocolate tint of color scheme,
which, depending on the selected tone, will look
most natural, or contrasting and bright.

Trendy and trendy shades for light blonde and dark blonde

Choosing a shade for dyeing is essential first
decide what result should be after the procedure such
painting. So, if you want to achieve naturalness and
naturalness, Kohler should choose wheat, honey or
nut tones.

If the curls need to be diluted with brightness, making the haircut dynamic
and original, shades can be non-standard: platinum,
ashy tone, gray, and also fashionable color options in this
case will be the best solution.

In addition, the color type of appearance is important,
after all, fair-haired women can have
both warm and cold.

  • tanned or tanned skin is recommended to choose coloring
    compounds with a golden sheen: honey, reddish, chocolate,
  • owners of fair skin suit ashen, wheat and
    grayish tones, as well as beige and pearl shades.

In this staining technique, the tone of the color should not be much
differ from the natural color of the curls, so usually the master
advised to choose a color palette of paint no more than
a couple of tones are lighter than the natural shade of the hair.

Among the most trendy tones for light brown hair can

  • wheat and beige shades;
  • ashy, gray and pearl tones;
  • chocolate, nut, honey and amber to create
    natural look with a golden sheen.

Interesting! Very popular lately!
also use colored colors in red, pink and purple

Top of the best colors for the lace on the blond curls

Among the most fashionable and common colors for
staining of blond hair can be distinguished a pair of natural
options and several original color tones in rich

Top shades for shatusha:

  • red color. Red Kohler is the brightest
    among natural shades, so it is suitable for both
    natural look, and to give the curls a contrast
  • gray shatush on light brown hair. Gray color scheme
    Often used for masking gray hair. This option allows
    successfully paint over the desired areas, successfully shading the natural color
  • purple hue. Violet color scheme
    used to create a stylish and unusual mysterious
    image. This shade looks best on an elongated haircut,
    adding shag shines;
  • chocolate. Chocolate palette is considered
    universal and suitable for every haircut and any type
    curls. It is used to achieve the effect of light contrast and
  • pink. Pink tones look unusual,
    adding to the image of tenderness and color. Ideal to use this
    youth style option on medium hairstyles;
  • red. Red strands will transform the head of hair
    of any length, fitting perfectly into most modern looks and
    styles Thin strands of burgundy color can be
    relevant even in a business-style business, perfectly combined with
    elongated car.

The color palette in pale, pripylenny tones will add tenderness,
whereas the dusk tides of burgundy, wine or
dark purple will make the image more deep and expressive.

How to make shatush on light brown hair at home

Such staining can be done both in the cabin and at home.
conditions, saving a significant amount and at the same time getting the result
no worse than a professional.


  • the hair is divided into parting;
  • the necessary number of strands is allocated and combed out, after which
    paint applied;
  • After dyeing, the curls are tinted and washed with shampoo with


  • the curls are carefully combed and parted;
  • using a sharp comb stand out strands of about 1.5
  • comb with frequent teeth gently comb each
    strand, with the upper layer of the selected area is separated and
    stabs off. It will need to paint over separately;
  • prepare the dye composition following the directions for
  • process the strand with staining material, stepping back from the roots
    a few centimeters, or starting to paint from the middle of the length
    curl. Smears need to be applied short fast, but at the same time
    smooth movements;
  • paint over the separated top coat in a similar way
  • apply the tool to all selected areas and wait for about 30
  • when the paint ends, rinse your head with warm water,
    then, if necessary, toned hair to avoid
    the appearance of yellowness or dullness;
  • wash your hair with a mild shampoo and moisturizing balm.

Required tools:

  • combing kit including combing tool
    curls, separation of strands and pile hairs;
  • plastic containers for mixing the composition;
  • clips or hairpins;
  • gloves.

Means and paints used:

  • ammonia-free paint of a suitable shade;
  • tinting agent;
  • shampoo and balsam for colored hair.

!Important. Before the procedure, you should make sure
no allergy to any of the components used
means. To do this, the product should be applied to the wrists or
inner elbow bend and wait about an hour. If redness,
itching or peeling does not appear, then the tool is suitable.

Hair care after the procedure

Regular care after the procedure, consisting in applying
moisturizing and nourishing masks, balms and lotions will make
a shaggy hair shiny, docile and soft while maintaining brightness and
color saturation for a long time.

All care products must be designed for
dyed curls and not have strong
harmful chemicals, silicones and parabens.

Laying is desirable to do without the use of electrical appliances,
However, if this cannot be avoided, before drying it with a hair dryer, use
ironing or curling should be applied to the strands
Thermal spray.

You should protect your hair from direct sunlight, hot
air and water, as well as frost. During the heating season
It is desirable to further moisturize the hair balms, not
requiring flushing.

Alternative treatments

Alternative procedures shatusha can be called gradient
staining balayazh and ombra, as well as light highlighting, allowing
to achieve the effect of sun-streaked strands: Californian,
Brazilian, Venetian and French. Classic highlighting
It can be an alternative to a bright contrasting shatusha in ashen or
gray tones.

Shatush on light brown hair looks very impressive and stylish,
transforming and refreshing haircut of any length. Due to clarification
a few strands, the natural color will become even more expressive,
bright and attractive.

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