Shatush coloring – photo before and after, the most matching shades and hairstyles

Today the fashion for full hair coloring is already moving away.
into the background. Smooth transitions are becoming increasingly popular.
various shades. Therefore, more and more often you can see girls with
hairstyle made using the shatush technique. What is it like
on the hair, consider in more detail.

What is hair shatush?

The content of the article:

  • What is hair shatush?
  • Who came up with shatush: the history of the procedure
  • Shatush technique – coloring scheme
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Who is suitable?
  • Types and methods of staining with shatush technique
  • Before and after pictures
  • Depending on hair color
  • The most popular colors and shades
  • Color shatush
  • The most suitable hairstyles
  • How much is shatush?
  • How to make a shatush at home?
  • Hair care after the procedure
  • Frequently asked Questions

Shatush is a type of hair coloring, which is
in a smooth transition from a dark shade of curls to a lighter one. This
the technique gives the effect of strands sunburned in the sun in a natural way.
Hairstyle looks more lively, volumetric and natural.

Who came up with shatush: the history of the procedure

This method of dyeing strands came up with an Italian hairdresser
Aldo Coppola. Название “shatush” дословно переводится как “очень
a rare kind of wool “. In this case, it means – quality
luxury class. Aldo Coppola contributed to the unique
painting techniques with an appropriate selection of colors. shatush

Interesting! The first to try shatush on yourself
there were such famous personalities as: Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer
Aniston, Jennifer Lopez.

Shatush technique – coloring scheme

Shatush is not an ordinary procedure, unlike simple
highlighting. It begins with a pile of hair, so
100% effect of sun-bleached hair is obtained. Further
the following actions are performed:

  • curls are divided into small strands –
    approximately 2 centimeters;
  • strands on the roots strongly comb;
  • on the remaining tips is applied coloring composition in a chaotic
  • the paint is kept on the hair for about 10-30 minutes
    it all depends on the base color;
  • then the curls are washed out.


Shatush technique is performed by the open method, during painting
hair does not wrap foil, other types
wraps. So you can get the most natural
result. If desired, additional painting is done after painting.

Note! With the help of shatush technology you can
correct unsuccessful experiments with staining curls.

Advantages and disadvantages

Shatush, like the rest of the painting techniques, has its
Advantages and disadvantages. The advantages include:

  1. Minimal harm curls. Not all hair
    exposed to the dye composition.
  2. Natural effect. Shatush makes appearance
    more natural, even reduces age. No sensation
    unnatural hairstyle.
  3. Efficiency. After shatusha not seen regrown
    roots, so there is no need to visit the salon often
  4. Visual increase in volume. Even rare
    hair will change, will look more voluminous. well and
    the owners and so thick head of hair extra volume is also not
    will hurt.
  5. Masking gray hair. First gray hairs (if
    there are not so many of them) you can hide with the help of a shatusha
    using cold ash shades.

beautiful melirovka

The disadvantages of the shatush technique are:

  1. Not for everyone. To paint in this way is not
    It is worth girls, which recently did perm. Also
    This technique will not look spectacular for short
  2. It is not washed off. If shatush after some time
    get bored, you have to paint the strands in a different tone, close to
  3. Technically difficult procedure. Without special
    skills to make shatush will not work. Therefore, for painting should
    turn to professionals.
  4. Cost The price of the procedure is enough
    high because of its complexity.

Important! Shatush – ideal for women
who do not want to change drastically. It will only help to refresh
hairstyle, give the image texture.

Who is suitable?

Shatush is suitable for many girls, due to its naturalness and

On thin hair

For shatusha on thin hair, choose shades
close to natural color. This technique is visually
will give volume to the hairstyle. thin

On bleached hair

Shatush on light curls allows painted blondes
gradually grow a natural color. To do this, make more
smooth transition from natural shade to white. clarified

On dyed hair

Any failed painting experiments can be corrected by
help shatusha. Also this technique allows you to slightly change the image
girls with fully dyed hair. painted

During pregnancy

Although doctors and do not recommend dyeing his head in the period
pregnancy but the woman wants to look good anytime
time. Some modern dye formulations do not contain
composition of ammonia, namely, its vapor is so harmful to inhale by future
moms. In addition, shatush is a partial painting, which
will not have a negative impact on the future baby.
pregnant girl

Shatush for brown-haired with brown eyes

Many owners of dark hair want to try on
image of blondes. But the result after full coloring is not always
pleases Shatush in this case will help to lighten up a bit, making
appearance more expressive. eyes

Types and methods of staining with shatush technique

Consider the possible methods of staining with this

With instant manifestation

This technique is suitable for girls with natural hair color.
For painting selected compositions to 4 tones lighter. AT
As a result, the paint appears on the curls within 10 minutes. After
achieve the desired result can be washed off. With instant manifestation

With darkening roots

This option is suitable for natural blondes. The bottom line
dyeing consists in applying a darker paint on the roots
shade. The color is matched to 2 tones darker.
darkened roots

On the growing roots of the blonde

To minimize the sharp transition from bleached hair to
natural tint is applied to the curls neutral color in
mid length. As a result of this painting is not so noticeable
contrast, the hair looks more natural. grown-up blonde roots

Easy shatush

This way is perfect for hot brunettes. Paint
Up to 2 tones lighter than the base color. After the procedure
the curls of the girl look slightly faded in the sun. Light

Before and after pictures

On curly hair

For girls with curly hair, shatush is perfect for
changes in appearance. Different arrangement of each curl allows
more clearly see the bright colors of the curls. During
the procedure to keep the paint should be less than
owners of straight hair, because curly curls have more
porous structure. curly

Note! If a woman is very
Intense curls, then combing before the procedure can not

Straight hair

A little bleached hair with the help of shatush technology will allow
refresh straight curls, make them easier, more alive, will give
Textured hairstyle, clear lines. straight

Important! Shatush on straight hair is done with
mandatory pre-pile at the roots.

Depending on hair color

The base color of the curls also plays an important role in
staining shatusha. It is necessary to choose the most suitable
shades for painting.

On dark hair

Dark-haired beauties are well suited for shatush, because
helps to refresh your hair, make it more textured. For
painting on dark curls are selected compositions lightening up to 2
tones. dark

Light brown

Girls with light brown curls also suit shatush due to the fact that
He will make the image more vivid. Monochrome brown hair gives effect
“gray mouse”. You can get rid of it by shatush without resorting
to radical changes in appearance. blond

On blonde hair

For natural blondes, this technique is a way to try it on.
image of a cute brown-haired woman. Strands at the roots turn dark
2-4 tones. A smooth transition from dark to light creates an effect.
the fact that the woman just came from the rest. light

On red hair

Fire beauties should be careful when painting
such a technique. Too bright a red tint can give
unpredictable result when painting in a different color. red

For brown-haired women

Shatusha looks good on brown-haired because it gives
The extra volume hairstyle makes it more textured.

On auburn

For women with brown hair shatush fit as it is impossible
it is better. Lightened tips will make the image more natural,
natural, visually increase the volume. Brown hair

On gray

Of course, this technique does not spare a completely gray head, but with
With the help of a shatusha, you can disguise the first gray ones
hairs. To do this, choose a cool shade of paint.

The most popular colors and shades

Consider the shades that are most popular
to date.

Light shatush

Brightening up to 2 tones is well suited for brunettes and
girls with dark-colored curls. Visually
increases the volume, gives ease hairstyle. Light shatush


All shades of gray will help disguise gray hair. This
option also suitable for women who prefer cold
tones. Gray


White shatush is used when coloring girls with light
hair or when many colors are used for the shatusha.

Cool blond

Cold blonde on the tips gives the female image
mystery, unpredictability. It looks very original.


This shade is also preferred by women, in whom
there was a problem in the form of the first gray hairs. Ashen


Red shatush – an unusual combination of rigor and youthful enthusiasm,
as best suited for brown-haired women, brunettes and
owners of chestnut curls. Redhead


With a copper shade can experiment fair-haired
beauties who want to diversify the solid color of curls.


Looks perfect on painted blondes who gradually
They want to grow natural curls. Caramel


Chocolate strands give volume to natural brunettes or ladies.
with brown hair. Smooth combination of shades visually
will make the hair thicker. Chocolate

Color shatush

Colorful shatush is suitable for brave young girls. But
It should only be done by a professional hairdresser to
get the desired result. Consider what shades you can
choose. Color


This shade is more suitable for dark-haired beauties, gives
originality of the image without extremely bold, extravagant accents.


Looks gorgeous, a woman’s hairstyle with a burgundy shatusha looks
just a million. Bordeaux

Pink Shatush

It is used when coloring blonde girls. But with this
shade need to be careful: pink gives the image
infantilism. Pink


With red color can experiment self-confident
ladies who like to attract public attention. Red

The most suitable hairstyles

Consider what kind of hairstyle is best suited


Long hair, trimmed with a cascade can be dyed when
assistance of such a technique. Shatush will make the hair more
the original, hair – thick. cascade

On the extended square

If we are talking about cutting below the shoulder blades, then shatush is the ideal
the option of painting, which will make the hairstyle more textured and
bulk. extended caret

On hair with bangs

The bang is subject to painting in this case, if it allows
its length. Short bangs usually remain intact. bang

On the square

It is this one that will help to make an ordinary car more original.
procedure. It will make the image more vivid, especially the owners
dark and blond hair. car

Bob car

This haircut is short enough for the shatush, but, nevertheless,
You can try this technique. Only for bob kare should choose
not too contrasting shades, it is enough to lighten up to 2 tones.
Bob car

How much is shatush?

Shatush due to the complexity of implementation – quite expensive
procedure. On average, its price is about 4,000 rubles. AT
at home, it will be cheaper – about 1500-2000
rubles, it all depends on the number of shades used. money

How to make a shatush at home?

Experts do not recommend this method of highlighting to perform in
home conditions, especially for the first time. But if there is confidence
in their abilities, you can try to do it. at home


  1. In a chaotic order, divide the curls into strands the size
    about 2 centimeters. Secure them with clips. Upper
    strands pressed to the top, because the painting starts from the bottom.
  2. On the remaining strands make bouffant, otherwise
    Shatusha effect will not work. The only exceptions are
    curly hair.
  3. Apply a random brush strokes with
    brightening composition, stepping back from the roots a couple
  4. Leave the paint for 10-30 minutes, depending
    from getting the desired result.
  5. Wash hair.


The tools you will need for a home treatment

  • comb for comb with frequent teeth;
  • disposable gloves;
  • coloring brush;
  • container for coloring composition;
  • locking clamps.

Required Tools

Tools / Paints

For the shatusha is better to choose non-ammonia paint, which will reduce
harm to hair to a minimum. As for bleaching
oxide, the best option would be 6%.

Hair care after the procedure

Although shatush is a gentle coloring technique for curls,
This hairstyle still requires appropriate care:

  1. Choose line-ups for dyed
    hair “. They contain all the necessary substances
    which will feed the hair, keep the color.
  2. Regularly make moisturizing and nourishing
  3. Periodically trim split ends.
  4. Minimize use of hair dryer, ironing or

Frequently asked Questions

Shatush, romb and ombre: what is the difference?

These techniques have similarities among themselves, but the differences are all
there is. Ombre provides full staining
tips, and when shatusha strands overflow not completely, but in
chaotic order. Balayazh is a game of contrasts. Bottom part
hair color is fundamentally different from the top – no smooth
transition peculiar to shatushu.

How is shatush different from highlighting?

Classic highlighting is the complete coloring of individual
strands over the entire length. Shatush also involves chaotic painting
curls, creating the effect of sun-bleached hair.

Shatush and reservation: what is the difference?

When brondirovaniya curls are painted in several
shades, creating a smooth transition effect. Wherein
hairs are exposed to the entire length, unlike

Shatush is a great way to revitalize monochrome hair, give it
more volume, naturalness. This is one of the safest.
treatments that do not require monthly trips to the beauty salon,
because over time is not visible regrown roots.

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