Shatush hair on medium length shoulder length – photo to and after, price, pros and cons, suitable shades and hairstyles

Sometimes any woman wants to change something in herself, but not
each is ready to drastically change the image. In that case, shatush
will be an excellent option because its goal is maximum

Shatush on medium hair

History of creation

The content of the article:

  • History of creation
  • Features of shatush technique for medium hair
  • Duration of the procedure
  • Hair preparation
  • How much is holding up?
  • How often can you do?
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • How much is shatush for medium hair?
  • Types of techniques of performing shatusha on medium hair
  • Shatush on medium hair of medium length in various colors
  • The best colors, and photo shatush on straight and curly medium
  • How to choose the right shade depending on the hair?
  • TOP best and bright colors for shoulders
  • How to do shatush on medium hair at home
  • Top Paint Brands
  • Precautionary measures
  • Hair care after the procedure
  • Difference from the technician: balayazh, booking, ombre

Shatush on average hair story

The historic birthplace of the Shatush is England of the sixties.
The name literally translates as “top quality fluff”, which is not
surprisingly, the result of staining looks easy, soft and
by air.

Features of shatush technique for medium hair

Shatush middle hair dark

Shatush is a kind of highlighting, the essence of which is partial chaotic
lightening strands. Observed a small indent from the roots that
provides the smoothest transition from darker crown to
brightened tips that look as if they were natural
burned out in the sun.

In most cases, two tones are used, similar in color
gamma Due to the fact that the ends are light and the roots are dark, it creates
interesting effect: hairstyle visually looks more voluminous than
there really is.

Features of the technique is that shatush does not have a standard
scheme that must be followed. Master focuses on
the length and color of your natural hair.

Duration of the procedure

Shatush middle hair dyeing time

Shatush is a difficult technique of coloring, and therefore time
it takes quite a lot to do. If you decide to upgrade
your image then get ready to spend in the beauty salon on average
about two to three hours, given that your hair is not lower than

Remember that you should not customize and rush master-colorist.
Also, as you should not blindly trust those who promise you to do
shatush for forty to sixty minutes.

Hair preparation

Shatush Medium Hair Preparation

  1. For a couple of days, refuse to use funds for
  2. Try to be as careful as possible and not injure.
    scalp because any scratches and irritations can cause
    noticeable discomfort after paint application.
  3. Because for a persistent effect, the coloring matter should
    penetrate the hair structure, it is not recommended to apply balms
    and conditioners two to three days before the procedure.

How much is holding up?

Shatush average hair how much keeps

Depending on the growth rate of your hair, the shatush will
please you about the next six to seven months. Provided,
that once in two months you will tint the curls – do it
can be both in the cabin and at home, but the first option
is preferable.

How often can you do?

Shatush how often to update

Once every six months, updating shatush will be quite enough. More often
– not recommended because they are used during dyeing
lightening agents that still harm your condition

Advantages and disadvantages

Shatush pros and cons


  1. With the help of a shatusha you can disguise hair that has
    about thirty percent gray hair.
  2. The result of staining looks natural – like your curls
    themselves burned out in the sun – which is relevant now, because in
    modern time in the fashion of naturalness.
  3. The hair does minimal damage. Totally safe can not
    name any staining, but due to the fact that the growing
    roots do not spoil the overall look, visit the master colorist you will be
    necessary not so often.
  4. This technique is considered universal: depending on
    selected shade, it can be adapted to almost any
    type of appearance.


  1. Since a brightening compound is used during dyeing,
    there is a harmful effect on the hair. Therefore, using
    substandard materials, you can spoil your curls by turning them
    in lifeless dry strands.
  2. If the goal of your transformation is to drastically change your
    appearance, then with the help of the shatush you will not succeed, because
    This technique gives a natural effect. Therefore, if you want
    dramatically change hair color, it is best to choose a different look

How much is shatush for medium hair?

Shatush on average hair prices

The price depends on many factors, ranging from the exact length of your
curls, and ending with the level of a beauty salon. In the middle cabin
Shatush will cost you about three or four thousand rubles. Of course,
staining is quite possible and at home
independently, as there are no special devices for
This procedure is not required. In this case, the shatush will cost
about one thousand rubles – for materials. However, note that, not
having the necessary skills and experience, you should not count on the desired

Types of techniques of performing shatusha on medium hair

How is shatush

With fleece

Shatush on average hair bouffant

The essence of this technique is that immediately before
hair dyeing is divided into strands, on which is done bouffant,
thanks to which the master can get as smooth as possible
color transition.

No fleece

Shatush on medium hair without pile

But without a pile dyeing can only be done
master colorist with great experience, because in this case
It all depends on the specific technique of applying paint.

Shatush on medium hair of medium length in various colors

Shatush on medium hair color

For medium length dark hair

Shatush on average dark hair

The dark-haired results of the shatusha are most noticeable. Selection
colors depend on which goal you want to achieve: you want brightness
and spectacularity – give preference to wine shades, strive
create a romantic image – choose golden, honey,
caramel tones.

On light brown hair

Shatush on medium blond

Fair-haired beauties have a very wide choice of colors – ranging from
wheat and gold, ending in ashen and pearl white.
However, it is very important to choose a shade based on its color type.
For example, if you are the owners of dark skin, then stop your
choice on golden tones, but if you have very fair skin, then
Give preference to cool shades.

For redheads

Shatush on average red hair

A great solution would be a combination of honey and caramel.
shades. Also, if you have peach skin, then pay your
focus on golden tones.

On light

Shatush on medium blonde hair

Most often, fair-haired girls prefer pearl,
ashen, nut, wheat, caramel or beige

On medium black hair

Shatush on average black hair

On medium black hair, this technique looks the most
well – this length is ideal for creating a smooth transition.

The best colors, and photo shatush on straight and curly medium

Shatush curly hair

Looks very stylish balayazh on light brown curly hair.

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Most noticeable result on dark hair.

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How to choose the right shade depending on the hair?

Shatush on the hair with bangs

Shatush looks great regardless of hairstyle, however
a multi-layered haircut (for example, a cascade with bangs) given
staining will add a visual volume.

TOP best and bright colors for shoulders

Shatush on the hair on the shoulders

Auburn / Copper

Shatush red-haired on dark hair

These shades are perfect brunettes with dark skin.
Choose the first color if you want to add some bright notes to
your image, and second, if your goal is to achieve elegance.


Purple Shatush

This color will suit both fair-haired and dark-haired.
to girls. The only condition is that you should be prepared for this.
non-standard solution that is guaranteed to attract attention



Perfect for dark brown-haired girls who want to
achieve the most natural effect.


Shatush pink

If your goal is to create a gentle and romantic image, give
preference is pastel pink as well if you want to look bright
and extravagant, then choose a shade closer to the crimson.


Ashen Shatush

This shade is best suited for fair-haired girls,
however, brunettes may prefer it if they want
achieve spectacularity and brightness by contrast.

With a red tint

Shatush with a red shade

Scarlet is usually chosen by red-haired girls to make
your image is even more interesting and creative.

How to do shatush on medium hair at home

Shatush on average hair at home


Shatush bouffant

Without the necessary experience and qualifications, do not try
make a shatush without a fleece, as this method is different
complexity. Better use the classic technique – to share hair
on strands and bouffant to achieve a smooth transition.


Shatush painting rules

Comb your hair and throw it forward.

Separate the strand near the neck and comb it to the middle.
Do this with the entire volume of the hair. If this is inconvenient or
does not work, then in order to facilitate the task itself, you can
collect curls in the tail.

Dissolve the clarifier (if you are blonde or light blond, then
You can skip this step) and carefully blot your bouffant.

Rinse and blow dry your hair.

Blow dry

Using a special brush, apply paint on the combed strands,
starting from the crown. It is important that the inside composition does not fall –
apply it on top with light movements.

Wait for the right time and rinse your hair with shampoo.

Be sure to use a balm.


Tools Shatush

  • Paint;
  • Brush;
  • Capacity for mixing of structure;
  • Comb with frequent teeth;
  • Towel;
  • Gloves;
  • Cape


  • Brightener;
  • Shampoo;
  • Balm.

Top Paint Brands

The best brands of colors for shatush

Wella Koleston Perfect – the embodiment of German quality. Big
selection of shades.

Matrix SoColor is capable of creating juicy and saturated tones.
Lies even on gray hair.

Igora Royal is made in Germany especially for resistant

Selective Professional – paint from the Italian brand, which
presented in a hundred shades!

Precautionary measures

Shatush test for allergies

It is very important immediately before staining to test for
allergies. Check for reaction in a small area of ​​the skin – not easy
reinsurance manufacturers.

Hair care after the procedure

Shatush hair care

In order for the new color to delight you and admire others as
can be longer, properly chosen care plays a very important role
for curls. It includes a whole range of actions that
must be carried out regularly.

  • Pay attention to how you comb your hair. Not
    It is recommended to comb the wet curls, because at these moments
    hairs are especially brittle, and you can damage them. It is better
    In total, if you get a good quality comb with wide
    teeth, which will comb one strand after another, not
  • You will have to change the shampoo – use the one on the package
    which is marked “for colored hair.” This is due to the fact
    that the usual shampoo that you used before can be very
    quickly wash the dye pigment out of your hair and instead of the shatush you
    after a few days, get an unpleasant tint when the paint
    will start to go.
  • It is recommended to buy products (shampoo, balsam, conditioner)
    from one manufacturer, because the means of one line
    designed in such a way that complement and improve the action of each
    a friend.
  • Do not underestimate the importance of masks. Dyed hair often
    are overdried, and therefore they need moisture.
  • It is recommended not to use a hair dryer, pleyok and
    irons, because they are even more dry and hurt your hair.
    If this is not possible, for example, you simply do not have time to wait,
    until the curls dry naturally, then dry the hair
    cool stream of air, not hot.

Difference from the technician: balayazh, booking, ombre

Shatush balayaz ombre

Due to the variety of different procedures many women confuse
titles. So, what is the difference between shatush and ombra? The essence of the ombre –
smooth or sharp color transition. In other words, the tips
painted completely. When the shatusha strands are painted in
chaotic order, because the main purpose of this coloring –
create the effect of naturally burnt strands.

When dyeing balayazh lightened hair ends, but coloring
the composition is applied to the entire lower part of the hair – this is the technique
similar to an ombre.

When coloring shatush brightening strands begins much
further from the roots than when brondirovanii (strands painted already in
two centimeters from the scalp). Another important difference is
In the first case, the locks are chosen randomly, and in the second, by
specific system (hair is divided into sections, the back of the head and the temples are not

If you still decide to update your image, try
take care of your hair, care for them, follow
recommendations of his master colorist, and then the new color will be
please you for a very long time.

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