Shatush hair on the square – photo before and after, suitable types and colors

Shatush is a popular coloring technique that allows you to refresh
any hairstyle, including such an expressive, as a car. how
looks like a shatush on different types of caret, how to choose the right one
shade, and whether it is possible to carry out the procedure yourself? Read
Further. Shatush on the square

The history of the appearance of shatush coloring, pros and cons, to whom

The content of the article:

  • The history of the appearance of shatush coloring, pros and cons, to whom
  • Types of squares with a shatush
  • Types and methods of staining with shatush technique
  • Four different hair colors
  • Selection of shades shatush on the square
  • On the car of different lengths
  • How much is the hair shatush in a beauty salon
  • Shatush on the square in the home, tools and step by step

Progenitor of shatush technology is considered an Italian barber Aldo
Coppola, who was a naturalist in coloring
hair. Subsequently, this highlighting technique slightly changed,
but remained the same natural. Achieved effect for
through the use of light dyes that lighten the original
tint at 2-3 levels. In this case, the master leaves the roots
not painted area, which allows to delay color correction.
Lightened strands look as if they were sunburned with a light
glare in selected areas.

Advantages of technology:

  • there are no global changes in the image, only easy
  • suitable for covering gray hair;
  • correction is rarely required – once in 3-4
  • due to dyeing only parts of the hair, the bulk is not
    traumatized by the pigment;
  • has no restrictions as to appearance, color
    strands and shaped faces.



  • on a very short square staining with a stretch to perform
  • the use of ammonia chemical dyes still hurts
  • Completely change the image with the help of a shatusha will not succeed.

Important! Correctly made highlighting of shatush
creates a smooth stretch from root to tip without a sharp
contrast between shades.

To suit:

  • owners of elongated and graded car;
  • Ladies with a gray hair, the volume of which does not exceed 30%;
  • wishing to achieve elegant negligence hairstyles;
  • owners of thin hair with a shortage of volume.

Types of squares with a shatush

Cleverly executed shatush will look spectacular on any type.
kare. But if the hairstyle is very short, dyeing is best done.
in the cabin.

Caret with lengthening

Long caret – the best option to perform
shatusha. Adequate hair length allows for smooth
transitions, and the coloring will turn out to be held even at home
conditions. Car with lengthening

Kare with bangs

With a bang when staining come differently. If a
the length allows it to be stained with the chosen technique.
Short bangs can be left untouched – when hair regrowth
hairstyle will still look neat. Kare with bangs

Bob car

Bob-caret has a clear structure, but add a hairstyle
volume will help clarification literally 2 tones. Too contrasting
shades are not recommended. Bob-car


Kare on the leg – the shortest version of the haircut, so the shatush
may not work. Colors should choose natural – even if
staining will be unsuccessful, misses will not be as noticeable.
Rack on the leg

On graded square

Graduated haircuts are considered fertile ground for
carrying out any complex staining. Shatush will help
give hair extra volume and colors will be interesting
Glare on different levels. On graduated car

Asymmetrical car

Emphasize the originality and asymmetry of such a haircut.
creative coloring will help. For example, process
You can separate zones to create an emphasis on the geometry of hair.
On an asymmetric car

Types and methods of staining with shatush technique

The principle of highlighting shatush is to dye hair on
pre-finished fleece. Nacel allows you to leave
raw roots and achieve a soft stretch of color.
Allocate at least another 4 techniques of fashionable coloring.

With instant manifestation

This type of shatusha involves the use of more powerful
clarifiers, which differ from the “native” shade to 4 tones.
In this case, the result of staining will be noticeable after
10 minutes. With instant manifestation

Important! Shatush with instant manifestation fits
only for girls with natural hair color that is good

With darkening roots

Blondes who want to experience the fashionable version
staining, the master will recommend to darken the roots. In this case
the main length of the hair remains intact (fair), but stretching
too it turns out expressive. With the darkening of the roots

On the growing roots blonde

To regrown roots do not spoil the appearance of hair on
blond hair, extra color is used
intermediate tone. It is applied to the middle part of the hair, creating
natural effect even with regrowth strands. On the growing roots of the blonde

Easy shatush

An interesting solution for owners of very dark hair.
– black or dark chestnut. For them is chosen
dye, lighter than the original no more than 2 colors. Hair will be
look slightly faded in the sun. Light shatush

Four different hair colors

Shatush – a versatile technique that will be advantageous
Look at the curls of different colors. The key point is the choice
the correct shade of paint.

On dark hair

To get a natural look will help golden, caramel,
copper and nut palettes. Should be considered
Color type – for girls like “spring” and “autumn” shades
should be warm. For “winter” and “summer” it is worth staying at
cold gamma. On dark hair

On blonde hair

Blonde will look organic with colored strands
warm palette with a predominance of honey, beige and gold tones.
If the hair is very light, darkening the root zone is performed.
On blonde hair

On light brown hair

Dark blond hair will go shades lighter than the base with shimmer
gold, copper, honey or reddish. If the curls are light blond,
for the rod better to select thin strands, coloring them by type
looks in cold or warm colors. On blond hair

For brunettes

Very dark hair and fair skin are an ideal base for
chocolate shatusha and shades of coffee with milk. But pre
hair bleaching may be required. Ash and platinum
shatush will face brunettes with fair skin and bright eyes.
For brunettes

Selection of shades shatush on the square

Classic shatusha involves the use of light shades.
paints. But the technique is not forbidden staining in more
extravagant colors are popular options below.


Light shatush is performed in shades:

  • walnut;
  • caramel;
  • beige;
  • pearl;
  • wheat;
  • golden.



For dark highlighting with glare is an excellent choice.
will be:

  • chestnut;
  • chocolate;
  • copper;
  • coffee with milk;
  • brown;
  • hazelnut.

On dark hair


Girls of the winter color type can try on themselves:

  • ash brown;
  • platinum;
  • ash brown;
  • ashy blond;
  • Gray.



Fashionable red palette includes these colors:

  • bright red;
  • natural red;
  • copper;
  • reddish red;
  • red honey


Reference! Any type of dye is suitable for the rod
– ammoniac, ammonia-free, tint and natural.


A red shade palette includes:

  • pomegranate;
  • ruby;
  • chocolate red;
  • dark cherry;
  • Bordeaux;
  • burgundi;
  • copper red.



Violet highlighting of shatush – the choice of brave personalities. But also in
In this case, the shades should not be defiant. Better to choose from
such tones:

  • subdued eggplant, dark purple, inky –
    used on dark hair;
  • lavender – suitable for fair-skinned and fair-haired;
  • brown-purple – goes well with chestnut


On the car of different lengths

Conventionally, all variants of the caret can be divided into several groups of
hair length: short, medium and long. On each of them
certain skills can implement the technique of shatush.

On a short square

Short haircut is the most difficult basis for the procedure
gradient staining. An experienced master holds shatush on a short
caret manually – distributing the paint with finger pads without a pile.
This allows you to get the effect of glare and accent on individual zones.
hairstyles On a short car

Important! Shatush hair shorter than 5 cm is not carried out,
otherwise, staining will look like normal highlighting.

On the average square

Medium bob is the traditional hairstyle, which is sometimes
required to revive. Shatush just help refresh haircut, make
its more voluminous and expressive. You can paint the entire volume
hair or focus on bangs, strands of the face. With instant manifestation

On a long car

Long is a car, in which the length of the hair comes to
blades. This hairstyle should make a beautiful
gradient transition from dark to light shade. With
You can optionally add an extra tone, intermediate between
dark and light. On a long car

How much is the hair shatush in a beauty salon

The price of a shatush in salons depends primarily on the length of the hair.
Coloring short haircuts will cost 5 thousand rubles,
hair of medium length will be processed for 7 thousand. It is average
cost for Moscow, which in the regions is often different in
the smaller side. The price of the procedure is sometimes indicated without cost.
coloring drugs, so this nuance should be clarified with

Shatush on the square in the home, tools and step by step

As a rule, shatush staining is done in an open way,
when the coloring composition is in direct contact with air. But
at home, experts recommend using
useful devices – a cap or foil that will facilitate

On foil

Tools and materials:

  • foil cut into wide strips – each
    the strip should be 2 times longer than the strand;
  • hairdressing clips;
  • hairbrush with thick teeth or bristles for
  • paint brush;
  • color mixing dishes
  • gloves and drape;
  • preparations – paint, oxide, shampoo,

Coloring with foil

How to perform highlighting shatush:

  1. The hair on the crown is collected in a high tail,
    leave strands on the back of the head, bangs and at the temples.
  2. Occipital hair divided into wide or narrow
    strands (optional), observing the same width.
  3. On each strand to perform bouffant.
  4. To prepare the coloring drug on
  5. Brush paint on each strand,
    making light strokes from the pile to the tips. Apply too much
    dye is not worth it, otherwise shading will not work.
  6. Each treated bundle is wrapped in foil in the form
    Envelope and fasten with clips.
  7. Similarly, dye hair on other
  8. After the time indicated in the paint instructions,
    the foil is removed, the dye is thoroughly washed.
  9. Wash the head with shampoo and apply a balm.

Important! If after coloring in a light shade
yellowness appeared, hair can be tinted with purple

On the hat

Shatush on this technique perform the same set of tools
only instead of foil you need to prepare a hook and special
hat It has openings throughout the area for
threading strands.


  1. Wear a hat, tightly pressing it to
  2. Special crochet (it is sold in a set with a cap)
    dragging strands into holes throughout the area using
    every first or every second hole.
  3. As pulling the strands combed,
    preparing them for the next stage.
  4. When all the bundles are removed, prepare
  5. Put the mixture directly on top of the cap, trying
    observe the basic technique – work with sweeping strokes, not
    soaking hair thickness.
  6. When the entire hairstyle is processed, the paint will need
    To sustain the put time on hair.
  7. Wash off the dye twice – the first time in the
    cap, the second – already without it using shampoo.

Shatush has another advantage – high speed.
performance, because in the cabin will have to spend no more than an hour.
Therefore, this type of staining can be called the fastest and
an effective way to bring zest to your image.

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