Shatush long hair – photo before and after, price, pros and cons, suitable shades and hairstyles

Shatush dyeing is a great solution for long hair. It
involves the creation of the effect of naturally burned curls.
Coloring helps to refresh the hair, gives it pomp and volume.
Also its advantage in the sparing influence on locks and absence
need to constantly tint the roots.

Shatush staining

Features of long hair shatush technique

The content of the article:

  • Features of long hair shatush technique
  • Duration of the procedure
  • Hair preparation
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • How much is the long hair shatush
  • Types of techniques for performing long hair shatusha
  • Shatush for long hair of various colors
  • The best colors, and photo shatush on straight and curly long
  • Hairstyles for long hair with a shatush
  • TOP best and bright colors for long hair shatush
  • How to make a long hair shatush at home
  • Top Paint Brands
  • Precautionary measures
  • Hair care after the procedure
  • Difference from the technician: balayazh, booking, ombre

Shatush for long

Coloring was invented by French stylists. Him
feature in creating the effect of burning hair in the sun with
minimal effect of reagents on them. Shatush makes curls more
brilliant and bright, at the same time, it looks very natural.

Shatush is a subspecies of highlighting, suggesting stretching
colors. But the difference from classic highlighting is that for
Such coloring is not used foil or cap. Paint
affects open hair, more precisely, random strands when
indenting from the roots. Random highlights and give a unique effect.
burnt strands.

On long hair, dyeing looks especially attractive,
emphasizing their volume and radiance. And it will look good
both on the straight strands and on the curls. The girl who chose shatush,
will not have to frequent the hairdresser because the problem
regrown roots in this case is absent.

Duration of the procedure

Shatush for long duration of painting

The duration of the painting is determined by the thickness and length of the hair, and
also qualified by master. It can take from 40 minutes to a couple.
hours, which is faster than with other types of staining.

Hair preparation

Shatush for long training

It is better to take care of the health of curls in advance. A couple of weeks before
dyeing is recommended to use a reducing mask,
shampoos and balms, including keratin. If previously selected
dye was not used, it is recommended to test for
allergic reaction.

In the presence of protection in the form of natural lubrication strands less
are damaged, and the oxidizer gets into their structure better. therefore
It is recommended not to wash your hair for a couple of days before painting, but
Also avoid the use of varnishes and foams for styling.

How much is holding up

Shatush long hair how long does the color hold

Technique shatush, above all, suggests naturalness
therefore, it’s not worth fearing that regrown roots will spoil the image. how
As a rule, the visible effect after painting is noticeable for several

How often can you do

Shatush long hair how often you can paint

Coloring is gentle and makes it possible to update it less often than
other options. The best option is to do it every 2.5-3
of the month. So you can keep a bright and attractive color while
Do not spoil the hair.

Advantages and disadvantages

Shatush long hair pros and cons

  • Dyeing a long hair shatush has a number of advantages:
  • Hair becomes visually bulky.
  • It is not required to update the painting frequently, which minimizes
    hair damage.
  • Curls will look attractive even without styling.
  • Painting can hide gray hair.
  • Shatush helps to emphasize the dignity of the face and hide
    certain disadvantages. Dark locks highlight eyes, and light
    soften the features and refresh the look.
  • In the process of dyeing, you can control the intensity
  • The technique looks beautiful on both straight and wavy

As for the shortcomings, it is quite a high cost, and
also that on the initially light strands the effect will not be too
noticeable. In addition, the shatush is not too suitable for short
hairstyles, as it looks unnatural and sloppy.

How much is the long hair shatush

Shatush for long cost

The cost of the procedure depends on the skill of the master and the length
hair. The price starts from 2 500 rubles. Long hair coloring in
the average costs 5,000 rubles. You can save by doing
him at home.

Types of techniques for performing long hair shatusha

Shatush long hair

There are two options for dyeing – with and without wool

With fleece

Shatush for long dyeing technique

When painting is not used foil. Process looks like
in the following way:

  • The upper part of the hair is fixed on the back of the head, as the coloring
    starts from the bottom.
  • Strands 2 cm thick are separated and combed out.
  • Each of them is applied uneven strokes dye from
    tips and smeared in length without affecting the roots.
  • The dye is aged for 10-40 minutes.
  • The composition is washed off and applied conditioner.
  • If you get an unwanted yellow tone, you can
    tint. Tinting agent lasts for 20-40
  • A nourishing mask is applied at the end.

No fleece

Shatush long hair without pile

With such a technique is important accuracy in the work. Correct feathering
ensured by the correct application of the dye on the strands. Technology

  • Randomly selected strands are fastened with clips.
  • Brush, sponge or hands smear extinguishing movements
    dye is applied.
  • Exposure is controlled visually. When the desired shade
    received, the paint is washed off.

Shatush for long hair of various colors

Shatush long hair color difference

Coloring can be done on long hair of any color.
For each of them, you can choose the appropriate option.

On dark hair

Shatush long dark hair

When dyeing dark hair, the right choice of oxidant is important,
otherwise it is possible to damage the structure of the strands or not to get the desired
result. When choosing shades you need to consider the original color, color
skin and eyes.

Dark hair can use chocolate, caramel,
copper, beige, gold, ashen, silver tones.

REFERENCE. Those who love courageous experiments can
pay attention to the red or pink tones.

Light brown

Shatush long brown hair

For blond strands need to pick up a shade a couple of tones lighter
his. Often used wheat, caramel, walnut,
pearl, ash tones.

Beautiful will look shatush on dark blond hair. In that
In case the main length is not touched and clarified, only a few

For redheads

Shatush long red hair

In the case of red hair can be used saturated
red tones, or those that are a couple tones lighter than their own.
In some cases, prior discoloration is required.

On light

Shatush long blonde hair

On blond hair, painting will look different than on
dark. The effect will be less pronounced, but a good master can
find the right colorants. There are several
options shatush for blondes:

  • Shade dark paint and add light strands.
  • Reverse shatush. In this case, the roots remain natural
    light tone, and to the ends it gradually turns into dark.
  • Brightening your own tone (but it can spoil

On black

Shatush long black hair

Shatush effectively looks on black hair. Can do
contrast transition in ashen, pearl or platinum, and you can
– more natural coloring with a gradient in chestnut or

The best colors, and photo shatush on straight and curly long

Shatush long hair the best colors

There are many subspecies of shatush that allow you to choose
ideal for both straight and curly curls.

On straight

Shatush American long hair

For straight hair are suitable such options:

  • American or Californian. In this case, is created
    the effect of burnt hair through the gradual application of more
    light colors from root to tip. The roots themselves are not stained.
    This style looks good on light and red hair.
  • Zonal. Assumes coloring of individual zones. Palette
    can be varied: from natural honey and golden tones
    to extreme bright.
  • Degraded. This creates a sharp transition with a clear horizontal
    line. The color is matched to the main contrast. Looks spectacular
    on light and dark strands.

On curly

Shatush long curly hair

For wavy hair, the following are suitable.

  • French style. It assumes chaotic staining of small
    pryadok in the middle layers. Only individual sections are colored.
    curls, which allows you to create the most natural effect.
    The color scheme may be different, most often used
    natural warm tones.
  • Ombre. The style resembles a degrade, but the transition is made smooth and
    blurry, so it looks especially on wavy curls. Color
    The solution can be any. The classic version – the transition from the dark
    colors at the roots to light at the tips.
  • Venetian. Style is similar to French, but different
    by dyeing the whole length of the strands in addition to the roots. Colors in this
    The case is used on several tones lighter than the main one.

Hairstyles for long hair with a shatush

Shatush long hair hairstyles

Shatush looks spectacular even on the simplest hairstyle. Hair
You can both straighten and curl. Also underline the transition
can complex laying, braids, high tails. Looks good
pile and volume.

TOP best and bright colors for long hair shatush

Shatush long hair top flowers

Although the classic version assumes naturalness, nothing
forbids experimenting and using bright juicy


Shatush long hair red color

The use of red tones is appropriate if the original hair color –
warm, such as chestnut or nut. This technique will add
image brightness and refresh it.


Shatush long hair copper color

Saturated copper tones suit brunettes. They will make external
kind of perky and stylish. It is important to choose a shade that will
harmonize with the color of the skin and eyes.


Shatush long hair purple color

Dark purple tones can be used brunettes. Blondes
may opt for pastel lilac and mauve.
It’s a bold choice, but with a properly created transition, it
looks incredibly beautiful.


Shatush long hair chocolate color

Chocolate shatush will suit burning brunettes. Also exists
variant of reverse staining, when the light tone at the roots will be
go to chocolate.


Shatush long hair pink color

If the soul asks for tenderness, you can pay attention to pink
tones. They are perfect blondes, make the image of tender and


Shatush long hair ashen color

Cold ashy will look good on light black
or fair-haired strands. It is important that the original color was

With a red tint

Shatush long hair with a red tint

Warm reddish tones will give a special hairstyle
expressiveness. Particularly advantageous this option looks at
brunettes. You can also choose red-haired ladies.

How to make a long hair shatush at home

Shatush long hair technology

You can make staining and at home. Important
Take into account all the recommendations so as not to spoil the hair and get
desired result.


Shatush long hair bouffant

At home, you can use only the classic technique.
dyeing with pile. It is important to use quality dyes and
keep them as long as the instruction requires.


Shatush long hair bouffant preparation

Home coloring is performed in such

  • Hair must be collected in the tail, placing it as close as possible.
    to the forehead.
  • It is necessary to randomly select individual strands from the tail not thick
    more than 1.5 cm. Then they are combed from the tips to the top.
  • Next you need to prepare the paint. If the hair is thick and long,
    need at least two packs.
  • The dye is applied unevenly on the strands.
  • After the tail is wrapped with plastic wrap. Time
    Exposure paint is indicated in the instructions.
  • The paint is washed off and applied balm.
  • If necessary, you can apply a tinting agent.
  • After washing it, the hair is dried. It is also recommended to do


Shatush long hair tools

For painting need such tools:

  • comb and scallop to separate the strands;
  • brush;
  • glass container for mixing paint;
  • gloves;
  • elastic bands and clamps for fixing the strand;
  • cape on the shoulders.

Tools / Paints

Shatush long hair paint selection

! It is important to choose the right paint. If hair
long, need at least two packs. There are complex
variations of shatush, in which several tones of dyes are applied,
but at home to make them quite difficult.

Top Paint Brands

Shatush dyeing long hair brands

It is recommended to choose high quality dyes that
have a sparing effect on the hair. Many manufacturers
produce special kits designed to create
transition. Well proven products from such brands,
like Matrix, Schwarzkopf, Wella, L’oreal, etc.

Precautionary measures

Shatush dyeing long hair precautions

When conducting staining at home it is necessary
Consider the following precautions:

  • Coloring can be carried out only on healthy hair.
  • The paint must be prepared and used clearly.
  • Dye residues cannot be stored.
  • It is first important to do a sensitivity test for
    prevent allergies.
  • If the paint got on the skin or mucous membranes, they need
    rinse immediately with plenty of cold running water.

Hair care after the procedure

Shatush long hair care

After staining is recommended to use
hair care professional products designed to
stained strands:

  • shampoos with silicone in the composition, if the strands are brittle and
  • balms, including surface-active ingredients;
  • rinsing masks and serums.

IMPORTANT! To wash your hair you need to use warm
but not hot water. It is also important to minimize usage.
irons, ploek and hair dryer.

Difference from the technician: balayazh, booking, ombre

Difference balayaz ombre booking

There are similar methods of staining, such as balayazh, ombre
and booking. A person unfamiliar with all the subtleties
to distinguish them can be quite difficult. But some difference still
there is. In the technique of shatush, only small ones are painted, randomly
selected padding with indentation from the roots. The transition is smooth and
Recalls the effect of sun-bleached hair.

Ombre staining is similar to shatush, but the difference is that the transition
has a clearer border. Balayazh also looks like shatush, but there is
some difference in technique. In this case the paint is applied.
surface strokes in the area of ​​the tips. Master as if sweeps
brush and, although painting seems very simple, it requires high
skill. Reservation involves the creation of a deep surround
tones with the appearance of burnout. In this case, all hair is colored.
and creates a smooth transition from brown to light.

Long hair hair coloring – stylish and modern
option that will preserve the health of the strands. Can
use both natural shades and non-standard solutions.
Painting is possible at home, but when in doubt
As a result, it is better to entrust it to a professional.

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