Shatush on red hair – photo before and after, price, pros and cons, suitable shades and hairstyles

Created by the master of the Italian hairdressing salon Shatush is
coloring technique with the effect of sun-bleached hair. With
This method of color “stretch” in length, combining 2 or more
shade, leaving the root zone darker. Shatush unlike
ombra and other types of complex staining creates a natural
effect and smooth transition.

red shatush

Features of shatush technology for red hair

The content of the article:

  • Features of shatush technology for red hair
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Service cost
  • Suitable shades
  • TOP 5 best colors for the rods on red hair
  • Hairstyles for red hair with a shatush
  • How to do shatush on red hair at home
  • Equipment
  • Walkthrough
  • Instruments
  • Tools / Paints
  • Hair care after the procedure
  • Conclusion

Ginger Shatush features

Shatush looks great on the hair of different shades of red,
he will emphasize its brightness and expressiveness. However, it is on the red
curls technique is the most difficult, since this hair color is small
subject to fading in the sun, respectively, difficult to pick up
desired shade for coloring.

Advantages and disadvantages

Red hair

To the main advantages of this method of coloring on red
Hair refers to its harmlessness to hair. Most
owners of copper locks hair structure is porous, therefore
partial staining will be an option for those who want to update
your image. Also to the advantages of technology shatush include

  • the use of ammonia-free agents for dyeing;
  • due to the deep tone of the root zone, the hair can
    paint every 3-4 months, as it is not visible growing
  • will help to hide gray hair, if it is not more than 25%;
  • gives visual volume;
  • the dyeing technique does not include foils, which reduces
    aggressive effects on hair;
  • Coloring procedure takes about an hour.

The disadvantages include the difficulty in choosing a good master,
as not all hairdressers perfectly own this

Service cost

The cost of painting

The price in salons for coloring according to the Shatush technique varies from
two to six thousand rubles. The difference is determined by region and status

If coloring occurs at home, it all depends
from the price of the dye. From cheap mass-market dyes (from 100
rubles) to professional paints (from 800 rubles).

Suitable shades

Shades of shatush on red

On short hair

Shatush on short red hair

For a short hairstyle, you should choose the most natural
shades, otherwise there is a risk that the shatush will look like
regrown roots.

Medium length shoulder length

Shatush on the hair is medium shoulder-length

For owners of medium-length hair fit
golden brown shades and brighter. Ideally, strands
2-3 tones different from the base color.


Shatush on long hair

On long hair the master will be able to work with a large number
shades. Bright red strands, bright shades – to such length
fit almost everything.

Straight hair

Shatush on straight hair

For dyeing straight hair should choose a professional.
Only such a master can create a natural and natural hair
smooth transition from one shade to another.

On curly

Shatush on curly hair

On curly hair shatush looks harmonious and natural.
Practically all types of shades will do, especially if the hair at
it’s long.

TOP 5 best colors for the rods on red hair

Shatush shades for red hair

The most popular shades for red hair:

  • red (for bright images);
  • golden (for smooth tints);
  • violet;
  • yellow
  • wheat shades.

Hairstyles for red hair with a shatush

Hairstyles for red hair


square red shatush

Short length hair coloring requires special skill from
hairdresser. With a hairstyle, it is more difficult to create smooth transitions
shades, so they pick up the shade as close as possible to
the main. You can also select strands near the face or strands,
included in the fringe.

It is easier for the master to work with the extended frame – there is a place for
create a natural color transition. With such a hairdo shatush
Looks spectacular and creative.


Pixie Red Shatush

Despite the fact that pixie – short hair, shatush can
make and on it. You can focus on bangs – lighten the ends.
Or paint the ends along the entire length of the hair.

Long caret

square red shatush

It is easier for the master to work with the extended frame than with the usual one – there is
A place to create a natural color transition. Work in style
mazhishesh (gentle coloring) using shades not
different from the base color, it will look advantageous on the red
curls. With this hairstyle shatush looks spectacular and

How to do shatush on red hair at home

Red Shatush house

Shatush technique is complicated in execution. To the final result
looked harmonious and beautiful, it is better to trust a professional. If a
there is no such possibility, but try the coloring technique on yourself,
which is used by almost all the stars of Hollywood, I want to
you need to know all the subtleties of this method of coloring hair.
Important! You can not change the color or lighten the hair,
stained with henna or basma. At best, there will be no effect
Worse – shade can be unpredictable.


Auburn trick staining technique

On the strand of hair, retreating from the roots, they make a bouffant, on which
subsequently applied paint. In some cases, the strand remains
flat. It depends on the technique. Nace makes the transition between
smooth shades, coloring even strands – will make the result

The use of shades 2-3 tones lighter than the base,
will give the result of natural strand overflow. For girls who
strive for bright colors, you can experiment with different
shades: red, purple, yellow.


Ginger press coloring guide

Classic shatush (with a hair):

  1. The first thing to do is carefully comb the strands.
  2. Then from the neck and crown collect hair in the tail closer to
  3. Make up to mid length with a special comb or
    brush with rare teeth.
  4. Start to paint combed strands. Apply paint need
    uneven, careless, to get the effect of sunburned
  5. For a brighter color, bouffant can be made not strong to
    the dye grabbed more hair.
  6. Leave the dye on the hair for the time given in the instructions to
  7. Wash off first with warm water, then using shampoo.
    Shampoo is desirable to use a special with reduced
    acidity for dyed hair to fix the color in the cuticle
  8. Use a mask or balm.

Important! Hair with nothing painted on it
do not cover. Otherwise, you can damage the hair and not get the desired

Shatush on straight strands:

Red Shatush dyeing strands of strands

This staining method is more complicated. The difficulty is to
evenly distribute the paint on individual strands. In this case
it is better to contact the master or ask someone to help. AT
the rest of the shatush on straight strands does not differ from the method of “with

Important! Hair roots when staining does not affect.


Ginger press tools for dyeing

What you need when painting at home

  • dyes of different shades (depending on the desired
  • comb for hair or normal, but with frequent teeth;
  • paint brush;
  • brush for paint distribution during dyeing (for
    direct strand technology) of any material other than metal;
  • plastic or glass dye bowl;
  • gloves vinyl, silicone, nitrile or
  • clips for hair (not metal).

Tools / Paints

Auburn tack of coloring products

The most popular tools for this coloring technique
are ammonia-free paints. Damage when using them
hair is minimal.

Ammonia-free professional paints:

  • Schwarzkopf Essensity;
  • Schwarzkopf Vibrance;
  • Londa Professional;
  • Selective professional evo;
  • LOreal Professionnel Majiblond ultra;
  • Kaaral Silk Hydrolyzed Hair Color Cream and others.

Ammonia paint:

  • LOreal Casting Gloss;
  • Schwarzkopf Essential Color;
  • Syoss Olio Intense;
  • Wellaton and others.

Brightening can be used to achieve bright strands
powder followed by toning hair. Powder in that case
It is better to purchase ammonia-free and not use with an oxidizing agent.
more than 4%.

If you purchase a professional brightening paint for
hair, it is better to consult a consultant in the store, which
Oxide to pick it up for shatush technology. Important!
It is necessary that the paint or toning does not differ drastically from
your original hair color. They should be on a few tones.
lighter than the base.

Hair care after the procedure

Auburn tent care after dyeing

It is important to remember that shatush is, at least, sparing, but still
lightening hair. Therefore, it is advisable to start before this procedure.
hair restoration, if damaged, in about two weeks.

After dyeing it is also necessary to take care of the hair with
using shampoos, balms and masks. It is advisable to purchase
a series to preserve the color of dyed hair, since the red shades
quickly washed off the hair. Use the above tools with
regenerative properties are undesirable because they accelerate
leaching of pigment from the hair.

Particular attention should be paid to the ends of the hair. Indelible
oils and fluids will help maintain healthy hair and delay
the appearance of split ends.


Red Shatush

On red hair shatush looks spectacular. This technique
ideal for those who are afraid to experiment with appearance,
but wants change. It will emphasize fiery curls and add volume.
hair. And with proper care, hair will remain alive and

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