Shatush red color – the pros and cons, photo before and after what it is, how much it holds and to whom it goes

Coloring shatush recently very popular. It
assumes maximum naturalness. If you want to add
colors and make the image more vivid, you can pay attention to
red shatush that will look very impressive.

Red Shatush

Who is the red shatush, contraindications, pros and cons

The content of the article:

  • Who is the red shatush, contraindications, pros and cons
  • Photo before and after effect after the procedure
  • How much is in the beauty salon
  • How to make a red shatush at home
  • Popular hairstyles with red shatush
  • Hair care after the procedure

Red Shatush pros and cons

Coloring will suit owners of dark and blond hair. Also
It is ideal for red-haired girls, because in this case you can
use a rich palette of shades. As for the length,
The most suitable technique for girls with long and medium
hair For short strands, use this coloring too.
possible, but you need to ensure that the transition is not too

The advantages of the red rod are as follows:

  • the ability to paint over gray hair;
  • creating a beautiful effect of burnt hair;
  • no need to constantly tint the roots;
  • giving hair volume and brightness;

As for the minuses, it is worth noting only the relative
the cost of the procedure, as well as a long time staining.

IMPORTANT! Technique does not suit blondes. Also worth using
her gently on short hair. To other contraindications
damaged hair belongs – first you need to restore them, and
after that, otherwise their condition can only
get worse

Photo before and after effect after the procedure

Red shatush before and after

Red shatush allows you to achieve excellent effect – coloring
looks bright, but natural. The result will be different.
depending on the original color and hair type.

On dark hair

Red shatush on dark hair

On dark hair, the technique looks very unusual and gives
her hair beautiful volume, refreshing the image of its owner. In that
It is recommended to use auburn tones close to
coffee or chocolate.

Red shatush on blond hair

Red shatush on light

Despite the fact that many experts advise against this
technique on blond hair, however, sometimes it can be
A good solution to brush up on a hairstyle. Use in this
the case is recommended as light tone red.

On light brown hair

Red shatush on light brown hair

Blonde strands painting will add extra shine and provide
beautiful play in the sun. Often used wheat tone.

On curly hair

Red shatush on curly hair

Coloring looks good on curly hair, emphasizing their
volume and giving a beautiful glow, and regardless of whether
what is involved – small curls or large curls. In the first
Variant the image will be stylish and playful, in the second you can achieve
awesome color game.

Straight hair

Red shatush on straight hair

It looks good painting and on straight smooth curls. In that
case, it must be executed flawlessly, as any
imperfections will be noticeable. Perfectly combines red shatush with
graded and cascading haircuts.

Short hair redhead

Red shatush for short hair

In the case of short hairstyles, it is important that the transition is not
overly contrasting. As a rule, masters highlight specific
zones, for example, bangs and individual strands.

Medium length hair

Red shatush hair of medium length

The technique is well suited for medium length hair. Usually create
Classic shatush with smooth transitions.

Long hair

Red shatush for long hair

Long hair makes it possible to experiment with
staining. All transitions stand out on them amazingly beautiful. AT
In this case, you can use both classic technique and complex
multi-color painting.

How much is in the beauty salon

Red shatush cost in salons

How much the procedure will cost depends on the selected
shades, length, original hair color. On average painting
will cost 2-3 thousand rubles, but if the strands are long and thick, the price
may be higher.

How much time is done

Red shatush time staining

Duration also depends on length and complexity. For painting
short hair can take about an hour, and for long and
medium – 2-3 hours.

How much is holding up

Red shatush how much keeps

The problem of regrown roots when painting shatush is absent.
Durability staining will depend on the quality of the dye. Usually
the effect lasts for several months.

How often can you do

Red shatush how often you can do

Shatush – a sparing technique that can be updated less frequently than others.
painting. Enough to do it every 2.5-3 months. It will help
keep an attractive shade without damaging the condition

How to make a red shatush at home

Red shatush hair dyeing

More affordable will be staining at home. In that
In this case, it is important to comply with technology so as not to spoil the hair and
get a beautiful result. Self staining is possible
on the classic technique with a pile.

Technique and step by step instructions

Red shatush painting house

To make the coloring red shatush, you need to prepare
following materials:

  • brightener;
  • paint for toning;
  • wooden comb;
  • tank for mixing the dye;
  • paint brush

The technology of staining is as follows:

  • First you need to comb the strands that you plan to dye.
    Fine strands are separated from the neck and, thus, need to move to
    top up. Pumping done until the whole head is gone.
  • In accordance with the instructions, it is necessary to prepare a clarifier.
  • The brightener is applied to pre-combed strands. Whiskey
    painted last.
  • Keep clarifier need no more than 40 minutes. Can be washed off
    dye from a small section of hair to see how they
  • After flushing the brightener tinting paint is applied, keep
    which need for 20-30 minutes.
  • When the time expires, wash off the paint with shampoo.
    and use air conditioning.

ATTENTION! In the process of staining need to follow
so the paint does not get to the roots.

Price of the procedure at home

Red shatush price home

Performing staining at home can significantly
to save. It will be necessary to spend money only on the clarifier and paint.
They must be of high quality so that the hair does not deteriorate.
Home painting is unlikely to cost more than 1000 rubles.

Popular hairstyles with red shatush

Red shatush hairstyles

Shatush is a universal coloring that goes well with
any hairstyles. Hair can curl or straighten – both
options will look stylish. Also with such a bright painting
well combines fervent braids, high tails, complex

Of the haircuts, the red shatush goes well with cascading and
layered hairstyles. You can also pay attention to it.
owners of elongated car.

Hair care after the procedure

Red shatush care after dyeing

Colored hair, even if the technique was as gentle as possible,
need to provide special care. It is worth considering the following

  • Hair is worth buying good professional tools.
    Optimal series designed specifically for painted
  • Recommended nourishing and regenerating masks. Besides
    stores can use home.
  • To keep the curls healthy and radiant, it is worth
    minimize use of hair dryer, pleyok, irons and other
    thermal instruments.
  • Coloring should not be carried out too often. Enough to do
    this every few months.

Red shatush – a great way to diversify hair and make
its brighter, but still maintain healthy hair. Painting
suitable for those who are tired of constant visits to the hairdresser and wants
create a natural but at the same time stylish and unusual

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