Shatush technique, or the kiss of the sun

shatush techniqueHair care
laborious. Especially when it comes to staining them,
if the first gray hair is already visible, or if the color is not expressed
curls. And some women just often do not have enough time
in time to turn to the master and dye your hair. In such
If the output can be staining shatush. This is one of
variations of highlighting, and not the most simple. Therefore conduct
This procedure is best in the cabin, using proven
dyes of one line.

Preparation for painting by shatush technique

Prepare for hair painting begin long before the procedure
staining. Weeks for two or three weeks, you must regularly make masks –
oil wraps that improve the structure of the hair.

Training must be carried out before such a procedure as
shatush coloring It is better to paint in two or three days after washing
heads. If the curls are bold type, you can paint them and
a day or two after washing.

Why it is impossible to dye hair immediately after washing? Almost all
paints contain oxidizing agents or clarifiers, which is necessary for
improve the process of penetration of the dye into the hair structure. These
substances have a negative effect on the hair and scalp. Besides
In addition, the curls should be clean of products like gels, mousses,

To reduce the harmful effects of the elements of dyes can sebum.
Therefore, before dyeing the hair, in the days of preparation, it is necessary
comb your hair often. In case of highlighting, it is better to have a haircut before
painting. In all other cases, the ends are trimmed after
staining: split ends unevenly stained and
Give the hairstyle a sloppy, unkempt look.

If dyed hair is subject to the technique of shatush, before that
need to align color. To do this, a day or two before performing
Techniques of shatush curls should be painted in the base tone. Doing so
better with the wizard, who then will be engaged in technology

Today, hair dyes are made softer than elsewhere.
twenty years ago. But still the effects of paint can be
the most unexpected. Therefore, before applying dyes that
previously did not use, it is necessary to make a test on
allergic reaction. Do not be shy to ask for this
the procedure of the master, who is entrusted with coloring hair shatush. Experienced
the stylist himself must offer to pass such a test in order to
prevent possible negative consequences. After all, the skin reaction
dye can lead to seborrhea or other diseases from
which is not easy to get rid of.

Technology shatush

Highlighting the technique of shatush is so named because of the comparison with
a kind of soft cashmere, wearing a consonant name. Such
the type of painting is most suitable for thin, tired
hair, because the technique can be called gentle. Shatush coloring not
so damages the hair structure. All other types of highlighting with
the use of lightening and oxidizing agents are more

For dyeing hair by shatush technique, three or four are selected.
close tone paint. The task of highlighting by this method is
creation of natural effect of the strands which have burned out under the sun.
Lightening is done with a slight indent from the roots. it
also gives this type of highlighting a natural look.

Before painting, the hair is divided into strands, slightly combed them.
Then put paint. This creates the desired effect of darker (like
to regrown) roots. Foil is not used, curls do not wrap.
The order of alternation of strands of dark and light shades chooses
master, based on the type of client’s face, the structure and color of the curls.

Brighter and more interesting shatush looks on dark curls. Such
Brunette and brown-haired women can safely choose the technique. Harder to do
This technology on rich red hair, as in nature they are
burn out less than everyone else. Light curls have to
shade tones of a darker color scheme. Shatush coloring on light
hair often leads to amazing results.

Selection of colors for technology shatush

shatush techniquePaint when painting
Shatush must be chosen carefully. Should be repelled from
the main color of the hair. The color of the strands should be lighter and darker.
one or two tones. That is, first choose the base color, and then
to him pick up the tone.

Around the face strands make more light. With the technique of shatush
take into account that under the sun fade the top strands. And curls
neck burn out the least. Therefore, their painting should
be carried out in such a way to get a natural look of the burnt out

For brunettes, the shade lighter than the base color is not chosen from the line
blond, and from chestnut, red, golden hues. Sometimes good
look reddish strands. But remember that all this
variety should be close to natural shades.

Coloring hair that is already touched with gray is better
produce in a lighter tone than in a natural color scheme. Special
if skin color allows. Light curls conceal regrown
roots gray hair. In addition, light colors allow a woman
look five to seven years younger than the age specified in

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