Shaved temple – fashionable girl hairstyle

girl with pink hairHairstyles with shaved sides
known for a long time, but do not lose relevance now.

They become more diverse and unusual. Brave and
cheeky always strive to stand out.

But now their scope goes beyond the informal
crops to the masses.

  • 1 Advantages, disadvantages of such a haircut, and to whom
    will fit
  • 2 Symmetry and asymmetry
  • 3 Interesting species
  • 4 Options for haircuts with shaved temples for curly, short and
    long hair
  • 5 Iroquois
  • 6 bangs
  • 7 How to shave the temple yourself
  • 8 Care and styling hairstyles with shaved temples

Advantages, disadvantages of such a haircut, and to whom
will fit

In addition to the right appearance, the girl who decided to wear hair with
shaven temples, must have a bold and strong
character. Sensitive, gentle natures they are not
fit, although, having a fantasy, you can bring in such
extravagant style and romantic features.

stars with shaved temples

The advantage of this haircut is its versatility.
By experimenting with length, color and other details, you can
pick an image for any type of person. Haircuts with
shaven temple attract attention because their use
beneficial for those who want to stand out from the total

But the desire for originality should be moderate and
match age. Older women have this option
only suitable if it looks young enough.
The disadvantages include the inability to quickly change
image on the classic type, as the hair will need
time to grow. Keeping fit will also require effort and
frequent trips to the hairdresser.

Tip! Before you decide to change the style,
It is worth “trying on” an idea with the help of a photo editor.

Symmetry and asymmetry

One shaved temple girl allows you to make oblique elongated
strands, fringe or stuffed on one side. Asymmetrical species well
look at chubby girls, hiding unwanted volume.
Also, the four-sided elongation is suitable for the owner.
right features

one shaved temple

Two symmetrically shaved sides are combined with such hairstyles
like a bob haircut, bob and others. Sometimes in addition to them
the lower occipital part and the neck become bare. But not only short species
are made out in a similar way. This symmetry looks unusual with
preservation of length. It provides the ability to collect hair in
tail or braid in braid.

two shaved temples

Interesting species

The original effect of the shaved temple can be enhanced by diversifying
its interesting additions.

  • Patterns on the temple vary in degree
    difficulties ranging from simple plain waves, zigzags and
    finishing with thoughtful pictures with meaning.
  • Patterns on the temple

  • Shaved tattoos allow you to demonstrate
    drawing on the temple, which would otherwise be hidden curls.
  • Shaved tattoos

  • Coloring in this performance affects
    shaved part or vice versa remaining strands. Initial hairstyles with
    shaved temple were common among punks, and bright colors
    very much appreciated by this subculture.


Haircuts with shaved temples for curly, short and
long hair

For men, a hairstyle called boxing is suitable
almost all types. Female version of ultrashort haircut with
shaved sides combined with straight hair, but
for curls it is not suitable.

straight hair

For the fair sex with short wavy
curls fit variety in which the hairline
presented in the form of a vertical strip in the center of the head.

curly hair

Long hair, regardless of their structure
suitable version of the usual loose styling with a small
shaving at the side. This little detail can be easily hidden.
if necessary. In the guise of a girl saved

long hair


Photos of famous actresses demonstrate a huge variety
non-standard hairstyles. One of the most daring decisions: a mohawk for
girls with shaved temples. It has subspecies that differ in length
the hair bundle at the crown, the presence of hanging strands, the structure
and color.



The temples exposed on the sides do not exclude the presence of long strands,
falling on the forehead. Bangs can be long, short, straight, oblique
and not only. Such a detail should be considered by those whose frontal
the part is disproportionately large or has other defects.

shaved temple with bangs

How to shave the temple yourself

The shaving procedure is not difficult. But,
for the first time it will be more correct to entrust the matter to a professional.

Having a hair clipper, it can be done at home.

  1. Mark the boundary to which the cutting will be carried out.
  2. To make division into zones.
  3. The top strands are fixed at the crown.
  4. Looking in the mirror, the hair on the temples should be shaved off with a typewriter
    nozzle from three millimeters, trying to make even the bottom edge
    and the surface behind the ear.

Attention! Creating shaved whiskey in girls from two
sides, it is important to accurately determine the distance to the crown – it should
be the same.

Care and styling hairstyles with shaved temples

Many haircuts, even as short as pixies with shaved
temples require styling hair dryer. Important on time
adjust the model to ensure its safety. Besides
well-known procedures should take care of the hair, warning
their fragility and weakness. Original haircut types can lose
all your charm if the quality of the hair volume leaves much to be
the best. It becomes impossible to apply drawings and other spectacular

patterns on the shaved temple

Women’s fashion is in constant development, but there are samples
which always stand out against other trends, such as
shaved whiskey.

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