Short bangs – for and against

Short bangs is a very peculiar attribute
hairstyles Someone she is able to rejuvenate and beautify, and someone
ruin the whole image. If we take into account that short
bangs today again in fashion, it is clear the desire of many to do yourself
just like that. But let’s see who is this bang, and to whom
It should be abandoned in favor of other models. Also see
what options today at the height of fashion

In combination with long hair

Short bangs on long hair looks very extravagant,
This is a game of contrasts. This hairstyle is perfect for girls with
round face, because this combination extends well and straightens
face. Hair can be ideally pulled out by the iron, put special
lacquers to make them shine. This option is amazing
looks on brunettes, he gives mysteriousness and severity of the image.
But on blondes short bangs look more carefree and
fun, they can do another styling: hair along the entire length
straighten and curl at the ends in large curls inward. Bangs
also curl slightly or straighten completely. Both of these hairstyles with
a short bang perfectly refreshes the image and gives it

With short hair

For short haircuts short bang is very suitable. She is
complements the minimalist style, emphasizes the face, especially
brows. Very short bang goes to girls with square and oval
face shape. It goes well with haircut “under the boy.”
By making a slight ruffled hair and putting your bangs upright, you will
look very young and perky. But a short bangs well complement
and smooth car. In this case, the hair should be perfectly styled.
– hair to hair. Particular attention with this hairstyle
need to turn on makeup, it must be perfect.

Fashion trends

You already know that short bangs are in fashion now. But what her
new options today offer stylists? First, it is torn
short bangs She will add a little more to your new haircut.
mischief and youth. Of course, this option is more suitable for
short haircuts, better too multilayer, torn. Secondly, bangs
diagonally gaining popularity today, haircut, supplemented by such
bangs attracts attention. For her hair length does not have
Values ​​- this bang is equally suitable for both long and short
hair. The main thing is to always carefully lay it down so that it is clearly
visible cut line.

Who is recommended?

So, you already know that by choosing the minimum bang, you can
emphasize facial features, focus on the eyebrows, and just
rejuvenate and refresh face. Who should choose
on this hairstyle? First of all, these are girls with
certain type of face – square, oval, elongated,
heart-shaped. Owners of thick and straight hair should
take a closer look at haircuts with small bangs, because
These haircuts look just amazing. Well and of course
young girls practicing a sporty style in clothes – this
bangs for you!

Who should be avoided?

As noted above, short bangs will not everyone.
See if you are among these people. After making
yourself such a bang, you already hardly correct something – you have to
wait until it grows again, and this can take quite a lot
of time. So, short bangs are not suitable for girls with wide
cheekbones, high forehead, large nose, because it will further increase
such facial features, and this is hardly you need. Hair structure too
has the meaning. For example, with curly and unruly hair is better.
it also does not do, because it will be ugly to puff up and
give you a lot of inconvenience.

Some styling tips

When choosing a short bang, you should be very responsible to
her styling. After all, if you do not put it right, it will rise
up and ruin the whole image. Direct stack using hair dryer and
round combs. For torn options, just use
easy styling.

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