Short car – for daring, stylish, sexual

short carEvery season fashion dictates
New conditions regarding haircuts, hairstyles and styling, but there are
haircuts that are always in trend, and one of them is short

Universal haircut that is perfect for absolutely
any type of hair, effectively emphasizes facial features and hides small
limitations. It is interesting to know that the traditional length of this haircut
always complemented by various variations, because this is the hairstyle and
did not go out of fashion.

Straight hair and bangs

Women’s haircuts, which are called the same, can look
completely different, which is very interesting. For girls with smooth
Hair can be made with a square bang. This hairstyle looks
very elegant and makes the image of its owner graceful and
strict. Beautiful female features – cheekbones, eye shape – will be
emphasize thick bangs. It is not so important how long it is.
it will be the main thing that it should be done with a blunt cut.

Now the elongated four of a kind on perfectly even hair is
downright stroke of the season. All who have straight, straight hair,
try to make just such a hairstyle to be in trend. And for
girls with an oval face shape, as you know, glamorous bangs – this
the main weapon of beauty. Moreover, if the thick bangs are sufficient
length, it can be very stylish pinned up to create more
one image to your collection.

Curly hair and square

Girls with curls should not despair that their hair is not
sufficiently even for a smooth car, because there is a suitable one for them
option – female hairstyles bob for curly hair. Wavy hair
can be stacked using special tools in several

For example, using a foam or hair mousse, you can simply
fasten curly hair, making hairstyle textured. May with
using the means of strong fixation, select each strand,
fixing it separately, that is, to create the effect of “wet hair”.
A short haircut will be voluminous, will give the image of freshness and

Four of a Kind

square without bangsShort women
haircuts are so good that they are very variable, that is, you can do
bob with bangs, but you can also without, you can on curly hair, but you can
direct. Short cropped hair without a bang attached to the image
refinement. Open face and loose hair always chained
looks of men.

It is interesting to know that women’s haircuts, such as bob without bangs,
will always look good both on even hair and on
cute curls. Stylish accent for such a hairstyle will be
curling-flattened hair ends that can be fixed with gel
for styling. It is very important to understand that for different face shapes and types
hair fit different shapes and lengths haircuts. Therefore it is better
consult a specialist who makes women’s haircuts and knows
what criteria to choose.

Graded and textured short bob haircuts

The short square on the leg is very popular this season, however
won the graded caret, when laying
which uses natural hair texture. Hairstyle will be
look very impressive if for its styling to use
modeling tools with strong fixation.

Short haircuts like this are good enough to emphasize
on different areas of the hairstyle, such as bangs or hair ends. Hit
season – the effect of negligence and easy jaggedness along with
elongated side strands.

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